Male Servant and Charving Bhabhi Sex Story Part-2

Male Servant and Charving Bhabhi Sex Story Part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Male Servant and Charving Bhabhi Sex Story Part-2“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

In the first part of the story, you read that a boy with a fair body, tall stature, and tight gymnastic body was liked by a sister-in-law. That sister-in-law called him into the house on the pretext of work and trapped him in his net by showing his naked body. Both were enjoying bare oral sex on the bed.

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Aisha now pleaded with Mohit that now come inside first. Mohit further ignited his fire and by going down, spread his legs of Aisha completely open and once again inserted her tongue. The line got upset. Now she said to the tearful tears – don’t bother anymore, first quench the thirst of my pussy, put your tools inside.

Mohit also without wasting any time gave his pestle the full pelt in one stroke. Although Aisha’s pussy was very wet and she could not bear the shock of the new cock she screamed. Now Mohit started Pelumpal. Aisha was also giving her full support.

Mohit had made up his mind to fuck Aisha in every pose. He now took out the cock from Aisha’s pussy and made Aisha a mare and entered her pussy from behind. Mohit had tried to enter the ass, but Aisha flatly refused. Now clinging from behind, Mohit grabbed Aisha’s mother with her hands.

Aisha too was intoxicated; He continued to kiss Mohit by turning his neck. The sex of the servant mistress was at its climax. Aisha put Mohit down and climbed up on him! He set his pussy on top of the cock and started jumping loudly! Don’t know if the cock was fucking the pussy or if the pussy was fucking the cock.

Aisha was gasping, now her words were coming out – Mohit, have fun, man today! Today you made your memsaab happy. Today there will be only and only sex throughout the day.
Mohit also said – Yes memsaab, today I will give you that fun that you will also remember. After a few moments, Mohit put the line back down and this time started chugging with a full loud noise.

Now Mohit was saying- that came to the fun memsaab or should I go inside now? Aisha also said – My king, today you should tear my pussy … I too will eat your cock. The sound of whistles and fluff was heard throughout the room.

Mohit was about to happen now, Aisha had already happened. Mohit asked Aisha – I am going to be there, where should I get it? And Aisha didn’t even get sex without a condom, but she was not ready to take the cock out today. He clenched Mohit and said – take it out from inside. I will take medicine later.

Aisha’s pussy was filled with the thick material of Mohit. Today, after so many years, Aisha’s pussy got the goods. Both were lying on the bed relaxed. Then the doorbell rang. Maybe it was lunch delivery.

Mohit quickly put on his clothes and opened the door and took lunch. Kangana mem number 78 was coming from the front. She smiled seeing Mohit at this time. On this Mohit said – I am getting Diwali cleaned. Before she would ask anything else, Mohit closed the door and told the whole thing to Aisha.

Aisha, making a bad face, abused Kangana for her sister’s lewdness and got up and lit a cigarette for herself. Mohit quickly cleaned the room. Kangana’s phone was ringing on Aisha’s mobile, she again said that her sister’s daughter is not at peace.

But Aisha, talking to Kangana in a very sweet voice, took out her clothes from the cupboard and went to the bathroom. Mohit, anticipating that Kangana might not come, looked at the atmosphere of the whole house and did well. He opened the lunch by putting Aisha’s plate on the table.

Then Aisha came wearing clothes and said – have lunch immediately. That bitch will definitely come here sniffing! Both had lunch and cleaned the table. Mohit started handling the cleanliness of the clothes she wore. Now he had turned on the vacuum cleaner so that the sound would go out.

Aisha’s mind was now clear, she was kissing Mohit while coming from here and there. Then the doorbell rang. It was Kangana. Aisha spread on the sofa with Kangana. Seeing the opportunity, Mohit said to Aisha – you guys talk, I come after lunch, I will come in an hour. Now what would Aisha say… she said yes. Mohit is gone.

After an hour, Aisha got a call that Kangana had left, she was asking a lot about Mohit, so she would definitely call him too. Aisha tells Mohit that she should meet him at the intersection outside at 3 o’clock, he has to go shopping. What Mohit would say, Aisha had already booked her for the whole day… and then what happened between them today has made Mohit even crazier about Aisha. Then Kangana’s call came to Mohit!

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He asked- where are you? So Mohit said – I am in my room. Kangana said that tomorrow help in cleaning her flat too. Now how does Mohit refuse… he said – okay, I will tell you when I am free. Kangana fell behind – no, come tomorrow only. Mohit said a lot that this is not his profession when Aisha Memsaab said that he helped her.

But Kangana fell behind. After all, Mohit had to say that I will tell at night. At three o’clock, Mohit changed his clothes and sat on the steering seat in Aisha’s car waiting at the intersection. He smiled at Aisha and told her about Kangana’s phone. Aisha smiled and kissed him and said – go away… but beware if anyone gives a lift! Mohit laughed.

Both of them decide that tomorrow Mohit should go to Kangana or else she will go around Aisha’s flat again. Aisha asks Mohit to go to Gurugram. He was afraid that Kangana might not trace them anywhere. Aisha kept chuckling with tears throughout the way. Once he opened his zip and took out his cock and sucked it.

Mohit had to say that driving will not be possible like this. Both went to see a movie in gurgaon. In the movie, Mohit also pressed Aisha’s mother hard and both of them even left the teens behind in the kiss. Aisha was getting chubby.

While having dinner after the movie, Aisha hastily told Mohit that she would not be able to live without him tonight. Now there was also the fear that the guards at the gate might not come to know that Mohit had been inside the night and Monika could not know how at night.

While returning, Aisha took medicine from the medical store to avoid pregnancy. To avoid the sight of the guards, Mohit, wearing his morning tracksuit, sat in the trunk of the car before going from his room to the society.

It was ten o’clock at night. Aisha drove the spontaneous vehicle into the gate of the society. The guard greeted her and told them that Kangana Mam was asking her, and was asking whether she went alone or was someone else with her! Aisha smiled.

He did not take the car in the parking lot and took it towards his tower. In a corner where it was dark, he pulled Mohit out. Mohit had two big shopping bags in his hand. Those people had decided that if Kangana or any other person asks for memsaab, they will say that they had gone shopping. But fortunately, no one was found at Aisha’s flat.

Aisha also parked the car and came. Both entered the flat and as soon as they entered, they wrapped like a bell. Now Aisha didn’t want to lose any minute. But where is Kangana’s peace… Her call came on Mohit’s phone! Mohit picked it up and said – Mam I am sleeping. And yes tomorrow I will be there by 10 o’clock.

Kangana said – Children will go to school by 8 o’clock, you will come soon, and then work will be done by noon. You make breakfast at my house. Mohit said yes but told her – you go to sleep now, in the morning you have to help with me. Aisha entered the washroom with Mohit. Their clothes came off like onion peels. Both stood clinging under the shower.

Warm water from above… ignite pussy and tentacled cock below! Tonight was to be Mastani. Mohit chuckled and sucked Aisha’s mother under the shower. Aisha also sat down and kept sucking her cock like a lollipop. Mohit raised Aisha and supported her by lifting one leg and placing it on the spout, Aisha was standing holding her.

Mohit put his pestle in her pussy! The commotion started. Aisha was not able to move much… She had taken the support of Mohit. Mohit was kissing her lips with her lips. The fuck was happening, but it wasn’t fun. Aisha separated herself and wrapped a towel and came out. Mohit also came out behind.

Aisha made two small drinks. Mohit even said that he does not drink! But Aisha made him drink forcibly. Both went to bed again. Then the fight that started, ended late in the night. Meanwhile, Mohit chokes Aisha in every pose. Aisha also had amazing sex skills… She gave full support to Mohit! As much as Mohit pressed him and turned the paella, he also climbed on top of Mohit and rode.

Mohit heard such obscene language from Aisha’s mouth for the first time. He kept thinking that after all even educated women of the house can speak so dirty. Aisha instigates him by abusing him a lot. She kept saying – Hey, your dick has lost its power, you were becoming a big fucker during the day, Gandu… Now, where has your manhood gone to fuck your mother? come, my king…Tear off my pussy today! Quench my thirst!

When Mohit used to ruthlessly choke, he used to say – Sisterhood… is he fucking considering the goods of Haram? If my pussy is torn, will your father answer my man? Similarly, now Mohit was also speaking openly – yes, today I will tear you down. I will give such fun that every day I will call myself to kiss. I will fuck every day as a bitch!

Mohit finally killed Aisha’s ass by applying Vaseline. Aisha jumped a lot but Mohit kept tearing her ass. His tears came out. She was very nervous – I was forbidden to you, now I will not be able to move the whole day. Mohit also turned back and replied – All day I did what you wanted. Now if I have done one thing of my own free will then why are you making a ruckus?

But whatever the fuck was thoroughly enjoyed by both of them! The whole bedroom looked like a storm had come. The entire bedsheet was getting sticky from place to place with semen. The only thing that Aisha liked was to have wildness with her.

Let the pieces of cigarettes lie all over the room. Aisha had smoked tens of cigarettes today. Exhausted, Aisha clinging to Mohit fell asleep naked. Mohit’s eyes opened at four in the morning. He had to get out of society so he picked up Aisha.

He himself got ready and slowly slipped and came to the gate of the society. He knew that at this time both the guards were sleeping and the gate was also half open. He got up to the guards in a simple way and said – today I have come early, first I clean the car, then I will go to get milk. The guards also kept thinking that how did they get such a nap that he had come from outside and they did not even know.

But Mohit used to come early every day, so he also did not worry. Mohit cleaned the cars in an hour and came to his flat by 7 o’clock after bringing milk and giving it to everyone. Aisha’s flat that when she rang the bell, Aisha opened the gate and pulled her in. He licked his lips with tears! She was in the mood for sex. Then Mohit explained that Kangana must be waiting, what is the use of her coming here? Mohit fell asleep after coming home.

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