Fulfilled Dark Fantasy Under The Blanket – Bhabhi Fuck Story

Fulfilled Dark Fantasy Under The Blanket – Bhabhi Fuck Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Fulfilled Dark Fantasy Under The Blanket – Bhabhi Fuck Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

In the Bhabhi Fuck Story, I have told that I was attracted towards my Bhabhi from the beginning. I kept touching her under the pretext. Even Bhabhi did not stop me. Finally one day I fucked my Bhabhi.

This is a sex story of love between my Bhabhi and me.

I’m Amit and I am 22 years old and my Bhabhi is about 30 years old.

Bhabhi is my uncle’s son’s wife.

My Bhabhi’s name is Sana and she has a wonderful figure. her height is 5 feet 4 inches. She looks like a heroine of a film.

I find her ass and boobs the most amazing in her body.
My Bhabhi’s ass is quite prominent.

She got married six years ago and since then I wanted to fuck her.
After my Bhabhi’s marriage, I never missed any opportunity to touch her.

Due to these actions of mine or call it my brother’s busyness, Bhabhi had started leaning towards me.

But at the same time, I had to leave the city for my studies.
I was feeling very bad at that time.

I was very sad the night I had to leave the house.

That night perhaps something was going on in Bhabhi’s mind also.
She came to me at night.

At that time Mom and I were talking.
Seeing my Bhabhi suddenly in front of me, I became so happy and it felt as if perhaps Bhabhi had come to hug me. (Bhabhi Fuck Story)

She said to me – You are going outside now but will you remember your Bhabhi… or will you forget?

There were tears in my eyes and without caring about my mother, I hugged my Bhabhi.

She also held me tight in her boobs.

Without saying anything, we both kept feeling each other’s heartbeats for a minute.
Then I left the next day.

After that, whenever I came home, I would sit with my Bhabhi for hours and keep talking to her.
But not even once did I have the courage to express my feelings to my Bhabhi.

Whenever I used to go home, somehow or the other I used to take a look at my Bhabhi’s body.

Later brother and Bhabhi left the ancestral house of the village and both of them went to an outside town. Brother had set up his business there.

Here I got a good job and with the approval of my parents, I got a house built in the city.
Then the occasion came when I found my first love, my Bhabhi.

It so happened that 6 months ago, there was a housewarming ceremony at our new house, in which all the relatives were present. My brother and Bhabhi were also there. (Bhabhi Fuck Story)

Friends, now enjoy my Bhabhi fuck story that how Bhabhi opened her legs for my dick. When I saw Bhabhi coming home, I felt very happy that today I would get a chance to inspect her body.

Till now I could only think about exploring her body; I was not able to bring the thought of fucking her to my mind.

But how did I know that today I would get a chance to fuck my Bhabhi’s pussy.

What happened was that friends, after the housewarming ceremony was over, some people went to their homes but many guests also stayed at home.

The house in which I had Griha Pravesh has only two rooms, a verandah, a kitchen and a bathroom.

At night, when everyone had dinner and started getting ready to sleep, everyone in one room put mattresses under them and started sleeping.

Three aunts, my grandmother and my mother were sleeping in one room.

Bhabhi was lying with one of her children. His age is 4 years.
Brother had gone back, Bhabhi was going to stay for a few days.

She was sleeping on a bed placed in a corner of the verandah.

As soon as I got the chance, I went to sleep with her.
Bhabhi was sleeping near the wall, followed by her son.
I slept in the middle with the child on one side.

It was the month of January so it was very cold at that time.
Now I slowly started putting my feet in her blanket.

My foot reached her foot.
I realized that her saree was up to her knees.

When her feet started touching mine, a vibration started rising inside me.
My Bhabhi was sleeping deeply. She didn’t even realize that I was rubbing my foot on her foot.

I slowly covered my entire body in her blanket.
Then suddenly Bhabhi turned her face towards me and started sleeping very close to me.

Her lips came very close to mine and I started feeling her breathing.
Her hot breath started burning the fire inside me.

I placed one hand on her waist and started groping her ass.

There was a fear inside me that they might wake up.
But the tension that was created in my penis due to her touch, made me want something else.

I moved my hand forward and started going down through her Big Ass, caressing her thighs.

Then I lifted her saree to her ass. Now I went downside inside the blanket and started kissing and licking her thighs with my lips. My hands were on Bhabhi’s ass. (Bhabhi Fuck Story)

Then suddenly Bhabhi changed her side.
I straightened up in fear and turned away from them.

After some time, when Bhabhi again started looking unconscious, I placed my hand on her swollen boob and started pressing it slowly.

Then I realized that Bhabhi was probably awake but was not saying anything.

I thought that I might not get such a good opportunity again.
So I slowly started opening the buttons of her blouse.
Now her boobs were only in a bra.

I started lifting her bra without opening the hook.
But she has Big Boobs that the bra was becoming very tight.

I started putting my hand in it from under the bra.

My hand went inside her bra but it became so tight that her boob was completely pressed in my hand.

Perhaps because of this pressure, Bhabhi opened her eyes and held my hand. (Bhabhi Fuck Story)

Now my hand was neither coming out nor touching her boobs.
Bhabhi now opened the hook of her bra and removed my hand.

As soon as my hand came out, without wasting time, I pulled Bhabhi straight towards me and placed my lips on her lips.

At first, she was trying to escape, but I took my hand straight down. I started rubbing Bhabhi’s pussy over her panty.

This continued for some 5 minutes.
Then I felt her pussy juice starting to flow on my hand.

Bhabhi had now calmed down and started supporting me.
She had touched my mouth with one of her boobs.

I also started pressing her boobs into my lips and pulling them. Bhabhi was making erotic noises in a very low tone.

I said to my Bhabhi – Bhabhi, I…
She placed her hand on my mouth and with a hand gesture asked me to climb on top of her.

I climbed on her in the blanket and started sucking her boobs in my mouth.
Due to this, Bhabhi started getting very agitated and started putting both her boobs rapidly into my mouth one by one.

While pressing her boobs, I licked her stomach and reached her pussy.

I slowly removed her panty.
Her smooth pussy was in front of me.

I put my tongue in her pussy and started licking it.
Now it seems as if Bhabhi was in agony.

She started pressing my head into her pussy and started caressing my 6-inch penis by holding it over my pants with one hand. (Bhabhi Fuck Story)

I removed my pants and placed my legs on either side of Bhabhi’s chest and put my penis in her mouth.

Bhabhi very lovingly started sucking my penis in her mouth and after some time the penis came out of her mouth and said softly – Your penis is very thick and strong.

I said- Today is its opening. I wanted to open it with you only.
She also clung to me and said – I knew that you wanted to have sex with me.

After that, I kept enjoying getting my penis sucked by Bhabhi with full enjoyment.
Then Bhabhi said – Come on, put it in the pussy quickly, who knows, someone might wake up.

I folded both of Bhabhi’s legs towards her chest and inserted my penis into her smooth pussy.
Slowly I started inserting my penis into Bhabhi’s pussy.

As soon as my penis went inside, Bhabhi let out a sigh.
I started inserting my penis into her pussy.

Her pussy was very tight; I was having a lot of fun fucking her.

After some time, I made her sit in doggy style and inserted my entire penis into her pussy.
Moans started coming out of her mouth.

But some people were sleeping nearby, that is why she was very controlled.
I was fucking her hard from behind, holding her hair in my hands and rubbing her ass.

My penis was at full speed at that time and my semen was going to come out in some time.

When the time for ejaculation came, I took my penis out of her Tight Pussy and released all the semen on her ass.

Bhabhi felt a little bad.
She wanted to take the juice of my penis inside her.

I said- I will put her in the second round.
She smiled.

Then after cuming, I made her lie down on her stomach and rubbed all the semen on her ass and back.

After this, both of us adjusted our clothes and slept holding hands. At midnight, we both enjoyed sex once again and this time I sowed the seed of my penis in Bhabhi’s pussy.

Friends, now whenever I get a chance, I go to my Bhabhi’s house. Bhabhi also plays with my penis openly.

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