Hot Innocent virgin girl fucked by me | English Sex Story

Hot Innocent virgin girl fucked by me | English Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Hot Innocent virgin girl fucked by me | English Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Narayan lives in our locality. He has a twenty-five-year-old son Sandeep and a twenty-year-old girl Rachita in his family. Narayan has a clothes shop, both father and son sit at the shop and Rachita is a student of B.Com. Narayan is a very selfish type of person, so he does not have a good relationship with anyone in the locality.

My image is of a domineering and helpful person and Narayan once saved himself from a big problem with my help. Even though Narayan is a year older than me, still he greets me first.

One day Narayan came to me and told – me there is a boy named Ramesh who lives in C block, his mobile number is this. This boy is troubling my daughter Rachita a lot, and that’s why Rachita is not able to go to college.

When I asked, Narayan said – she is an innocent girl, and without thinking, she befriended her, and now she is troubling her. You are friends with all the policemen, tell someone to make it tight.

I said – Manwani sir, doing this sometimes backfires, let me talk to Rachita once, let me understand the depth of the matter, and then a solution will emerge. I promise that if Rachita does not want to continue her friendship with him, he will not be able to trouble Rachita, if he does, he will rot in jail.

Servant Ram asked – should I call Rachita now? So I said – she will not be able to talk openly in front of you. You will send it tomorrow morning. The next day at around 11 am Rachita came and I questioned her and the story came out as follows:

Last year Rachita had gone to recharge her mobile, where she met Ramesh and slowly fell in love. Both had gone to watch movies and eat in restaurants many times. Ramesh’s father is an officer in a government department, there are three cars in his house and he used to take Rachita for a long drives by changing the cars.

Gradually, Rachita came to know that Ramesh is only 8th pass and does not do any work, so Rachita started making distance from him, who is not tolerating Ramesh and gives threats of all kinds.

When I wanted to know the depth of his relationship with Rachita, Rachita told me that while watching movies, he used to rub my nipples and touch my breasts. When we used to go on long drives, he had sucked my nipples two or three times by parking the car in silence and once had made me suck his cock.

While questioning Rachita, my penis was erect and I started thinking about fucking her. I asked Rachita – this is all or has more happened, tell me the truth? Only then I will be able to treat Ramesh properly. Let the police tighten him and he proves you wrong by showing your obscene pictures.

“No uncle, he does not have any such picture. He has hundreds of photos of me that he has taken, there are also two or four selfies in which he is with me but there is no such thing as obscenity.

“Well, I trust you, but still I want to pacify, you to come here. When Rachita came and stood near me, I lifted her skirt up and told her to move the panty down. She hesitated a bit but when I told her again, she slipped her panty about four inches down, so that her pubic hair became visible.

Holding Rachita’s frock, I pushed Rachita down to her knees and asked her to spread her legs, she stood in a relaxed position. I put the thumb of my right hand in my mouth and wet it with saliva and put it in its burrow, it went away easily.

I said to Rachita – Son, whether you believe it or not, Ramesh has fucked you. “No uncle, I am telling the truth, she didn’t do anything. Was about to do it once but could not do it because of his aunt’s arrival.

Keeping my thumb in Rachita’s hole, I said – When and how did it happen, tell the whole truth? She started telling: One day Ramesh’s parents and brother had gone to Lucknow, and he was alone at home. I did not know this thing. As usual, she called me on phone and reached her meeting point. He was already waiting for me.

I sat in the car and he turned the car towards his house and said my mother wants to meet you, I will take you home. When he reached home, he opened the lock, so I said that the aunt is at home, isn’t she?

“She’ll be coming soon.” Saying that he filled me in his arms and started sucking my lips. Slowly he took off all my clothes and made me lie on the sofa. After this Ramesh took off his pant and underwear and climbed on top of me.

As soon as he put his cock on my pussy someone rang the doorbell, Ramesh asked – who? So it came to know that she is Ramesh’s aunt. Ramesh quickly dressed and left me near the backdoor of the house and said, get dressed and run away from here, will meet in the evening.

Just after this incident, I started doubting Ramesh that this man is not well. Slowly I gathered information about him and got away from him. I said – let’s agree, he didn’t do anything with you but your anger tells us that he has been fucked.

“No uncle, it used to be that whenever I used to come to meet Ramesh, I used to become uncontrollable and used to calm my anger with my finger after coming home. One day my eyes fell on an empty Fevicol vial, its size was exactly equal to Ramesh’s penis, I started using the Fevicol vial from that day.

In winter, I take a bottle of fevicol and enter the quilt and enjoy it all night. Taking out the thumb from Rachita’s pussy, I pushed her panty up and said – From tomorrow, Ramesh will neither call you nor will he see you on the way. Is your problem solved? “Thank you, uncle, thank you.”

I told Rachita – Now you will go home and enter the bathroom with a bottle of Fevicol, but what will happen to me? Saying this, I put Rachita’s hand on my cock. “Uncle!” While saying this, Rachita caught my cock in her fist.

I lifted Rachita in my lap and brought her to the bedroom, making her naked in the blink of an eye. Young naked girl Rachita was made to lie on the bed, she was lying on her stomach, and her bare butts were provoking my cock.

Standing near the bed, I held Rachita’s both legs and put them on my shoulders and put my mouth on her ass. Rachita was in Shirshasan posture, her head was on the bed and her feet were towards the sky. She was going mad after being licked, she slipped my lower down and jumped up and took my cock in her mouth and held my waist with both her hands.

The iron was heating up completely, I started rubbing Rachita on the bed and started rubbing my cock’s nut on her hole, and then she started trying to take the cock in the hole by raising her ass. I spit on my cock and spread Rachita’s pussy and pushed the cock. In one stroke, first the top and then the whole cock went into Rachita’s pussy.

When I started moving the cock, I saw that my cock was stained with blood, but it was surprising that Rachita neither screamed nor screamed. I started fucking, first slowly then with sharp thrusts and stopping in between, I was sucking her nipples, and while sucking her nipples, she would scream if she bit her nipples.

I was drenched in sweat while fucking Rachita. She also started panting, but don’t know why the discharge was not happening today, so I stopped. He let the cock lie in her pussy and started caressing Rachita’s tits.

Rachita said- Uncle what do you eat? “Why?” “just asked.” “Mean like this?”

“Nothing uncle, the fact is that Sunday is father’s holiday, I have been seeing for many years that father fucks mother every Saturday, my and father’s bedroom is next to each other, and brother sleeps upstairs.

There is a hole in the father’s bedroom which is on the side of the AC window, from there every corner of the entire bedroom is visible. For many years I reach there on Saturday nights and see the whole scene like a bioscope.

Papa comes, takes off mom’s salwar and panty, takes off his pyjama, shakes and erects his penis and puts a restraint on it and starts running his hands on mom’s pussy, sometimes fingering and then legs He comes in the middle and starts shaking the cock again and puts it in the pussy of the mother, the mother keeps lying quietly, the father starts urinating.

In a short while, he rolls over on his mother, and then his mother removes him and goes to the bathroom, father takes off the restraint and wraps it in paper and sleeps wearing pyjamas. Then mother also comes and falls asleep, that’s it. And you are not leaving me at all.

I said – Daughter, this is your own body, well you see, your mother must have kept something like a vial of Fevicol in the bathroom. After so many talks, I said – One good thing happened when your father’s mention came, that I remembered that I did not use a condom.

I got up and picked up the packet of condoms and asked Rachita – Which fruit do you like the most? So she said – Mango. I put the mango-flavoured condom on my cock and gave it to Rachita’s mouth saying ‘take the fun of mango’.

Sucking the cock, she said – Oh wow, this is amazing magic. I said – keep sucking. I held Rachita’s head and started fucking her mouth. When the cock went inside, she started moaning. I took out the cock from her mouth and put it in her pussy.

Kept both Rachita’s legs on his shoulders and made the bullet train run. The fountain had left my cock but the bullet train kept on running. At last, I took my cock out of her pussy and lying next to her started playing with her tits.

After that Ramesh was made to understand and Rachita continues to come to my place on the second and fourth day. That young girl’s pussy gets the land and I get a hot pussy! If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

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