I Seduced My Step Mom To Do Sex – Step Mom Fuck Story

I Seduced My Step Mom To Do Sex – Step Mom Fuck Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “I Seduced My Step Mom To Do Sex – Step Mom Fuck Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

In the Step Mom Fuck Story, I fucked my father’s second wife on the train, many times. There were 4 people in the first-class cabin, another couple was also engaged in sex.

Friends, my name is Parth. We are rich people.
The father is the principal of the school.

My father had married with two women. Both the wives were staying together.
A few years ago my Real Mother died.
Now I have my stepmother.

Let me tell you about my stepmother.
Mother’s name is Sana. She is a housewife and lives at home.

This Step Mom Fuck Story happened when we were going from the city to our village.
We had First AC tickets and were in the same compartment where there were 4 seats.

Mother had the lower seat and I had the upper seat.

After about two hours a couple came to our compartment.
Perhaps they were newly married.

On enquiry, it was revealed that he had come to pick up his wife from her parents’ house.
Now both of them were going to their home. (Step Mom Fuck Story)

Now the sexy activities of both of them had started.
They were talking sexy to each other and touching each other while talking.

Mother was feeling shy seeing all this.
Perhaps she was remembering her days.

I saw Mother biting her lips and when no one was watching, Mother also rubbed her Tight Pussy on the pretext of setting the saree.

I was watching them at that time.
As soon as he looked at me, I started looking here and there.

Now I could see their actions in the mirror above my Mother. Then the husband of the woman in front of me saw that I was watching both of them doing acts of love.

The man gestured to me and asked me to come out.
I came and he also came behind.

She said- Brother, I am newly married. If you guys do this, how will it work?
I said sorry.

So he said- No problem. Hey, I can’t control myself. What is your fault too… and the woman sitting in front, my wife, is explaining to her.

If you understand then you will do one thing for me. You sit with them. Give them company. We come here after switching off the lights.

There are still 5-6 hours to reach my station. After that, I will not get such an opportunity at home for 4-5 days. Brother, agree. Who knows, if that aunt gives you a chance, anything can happen. Have fun!

I told him- okay.

After some time, when we came inside, I did not go upstairs and sat next to my Mother.
Mother said- He needs privacy, you sit here with me.

Then he asked if should we switch off the lights.
I said- yes do it.

After that, Mother and I were sitting close to each other in the dark.
Now we could not see anything but we could hear the sounds of their movements.

My penis had become turned on after hearing the sound of their kissing and the sensual moaning of that girl. (Step Mom Fuck Story)

My hand was towards Mother.
I felt that Mother was putting pressure on my elbow with her boobs.

Meanwhile, Mother’s call came and the light came on.

We both saw that the woman was naked from above and the man was sitting on her lap, sucking her boobs. Mother disconnected the call in a hurry and put the phone in her blouse.

As soon as I placed my hand on her thighs.
I said nothing.

Then I don’t know why… Mother slid her hand and placed it on my penis and started feeling my turn on the penis. Mother was sensing my penis.

She tried to catch the penis.
Maybe she realized that it was my penis, so she immediately removed her hand.

Now my temper had risen, I took my hand back and placed it on Mother’s waist and from there I took out my hand and started massaging her stomach.

Mother whispered – Son, what are you doing?
I asked- what?
Mother did not say anything.

In the darkness, Mother again placed her hand on my penis.
This time she did not pick up.

I felt as if she was indicating that let us also do something.
I placed one of my hands on Mother’s Big Boobs and started pressing them.

Mother whispered in my ear – Son, this is wrong.
I whispered in Mother’s ear – Leave it Mother… who will know? Please, Mother, let me do it! Just once, I will neither ask nor tell anything to anyone after this.

Saying this, I started kissing Mother’s ears and her neck.
Her breathing was going up and down slowly.

The heat in the atmosphere was increasing.
I started opening Mother’s blouse.

Mother held my hand but I opened all the hooks of the blouse one by one.
Mother’s blouse had opened and her hand was still on my hand.

I understood that Mother is hot and this is the opportunity to fuck her pussy.

Now I started pulling Mother’s saree up.
Mother again held my hand but this time she did not stop me.

I lifted the saree and started caressing Mother’s thighs.

Mother was breathing heavily.
The sounds of ‘Hmm Hmm Hmm Son Son…’ were coming.

I went to the pussy and started caressing it over the panties.
The panties felt wet so I put my hand inside.

Perhaps Mother had cleaned her pussy only 2-3 days ago. She had short hair.
What a sweet feeling it was to caress her pussy. (Step Mom Fuck Story)

I could not understand her pussy lips.
This was my first time touching someone’s pussy.

She held my hand and inserted it inside and took my finger and put it inside the pussy hole.
Then She raised her ass and gave the signal to move it in and out.

I took out my hand from the pussy and started inserting two fingers in and out.
By then the sex had started on the front seat.
The sounds of a few blows were coming.

I got up and removed my pants and became naked.
Then I sat next to my Mother and started trying to remove her panties.

But Mother had already removed her panties and was lying down with her legs spread.
I lay down on my Mother.

Mother held my penis, set it on her pussy and asked me to push – push it!

As soon as my heavy penis went inside the pussy, Mother screamed – Ouch, I am dead, ah, do it comfortably!

Within a few pushes of mine, Mother became normal.
My penis was coming inside easily.

Now we also started making fuch fuch sounds.
Mother was getting her ass raised and fucked.

Now when I raised my hands to suck Mother’s boobs, they were naked.
Mother had already pulled up her bra.

I started sucking the boobs badly and was also biting them.

Mother was saying – Ah, don’t bite son… just enjoy sucking and keep pushing like this… it feels very good.

While pushing, I ejaculated inside Mother’s pussy.
Mother had also orgasmed. (Step Mom Fuck Story)

She held me tightly and started rubbing her shaved pussy.

We both controlled ourselves.
I hid Mother’s panties in my pocket.

We both remained lying with each other like this for a while.

Then when a station came, the windows started knocking – Tea Tea.

The man in the front seat went out and took tea.
My Mother also ordered tea from me.

The man was laughing and looking at me. He gestured to me.

Both of us went out on the pretext of getting water.
Coming out he said to me – Brother, you played well… what a wonderful game you have played. By the way, let me tell you one thing, she is not my wife, she is my sister.

I was shocked.

I said- You are a liar…does this also happen somewhere?

“Why doesn’t it happen? What did you do today? What do you think that I won’t know who is the person you fucked? I read your names on the chart outside! You were fucking your mother.”

Now I haven’t word to say anything.
I became sad and started wondering what had happened to me!

He said – Brother, why do you take tension, enjoy yourself, you have created such a big scandal! It happens like this in every family, just no one tells. Now watch me fuck my sister like my wife.

After pausing for a while he said again – We still have a chance. We’re just going to have one more shot before we leave here. (Step Mom Fuck Story)

By now my sister must have set your Mother’s mind. Now you will get pussy whenever you want, even if you don’t get it, you still have a chance. You can do whatever you want.

Now both of us boarded the train. From what my Mother and that girl were both of them were laughing and joking.

Then TC came to check the ticket.

Now the man said – Let me switch off the lights… don’t you have any problem?
I laughed and said – Yes.

When I started going to the upper berth, Mother said – Son, where are you going, sleep here next to me!

Now I was sleeping on the outside and Mother on the seat on the inside. There was less space, so both of us were sleeping close to each other.

Both of them had started again.
The sound of his sister’s bangles was echoing and the sound of her giggling was heard.

I was wondering what would happen now.
Should I do something again next?

Then the Mother’s actions started.
Mother started rubbing her ass on my penis.

I did not want to have sex again but this time Mother was giving me the opportunity.

Holding my hand, Mother turned it on her stomach, brought it down and placed it on her pussy.
Mother had lifted her saree and was trying to pull down my pants with one hand.

I got up and took off my pants and Mother held my penis.
She was making the penis tight by shaking it.

Mother was in a mood.
Now Mother was facing me and wanted to come on top of me.

I pulled Mother on me.
Mother opened the buttons of her blouse; The bra was already loose.

On top of that, Mother had become naked and was giving her milk into my mouth.

After some time, Mother also opened the buttons of my shirt.
I also took off Mother’s saree in excitement.

I was below Mother and she was above me.

Mother was making me suck her milk and she started moving my penis up and down in her pussy. I was pushing from below. (Step Mom Fuck Story)

The fucking continued like this.

After a long time, both of us ejaculated.
Mother kept sleeping naked on me.

We both slept in the blanket we had received.

Suddenly in the morning both of them woke us up.
His station had arrived.

We bid them farewell and locked the door.
Now both of us were sitting naked like this.

I saw Mother’s naked fair body for the first time.

Mother slept clinging to me.
We were looking at each other.

Mother told me – Parth son, look, no one should know what happened in the train… and assume it all ended here.

This will not happen even by mistake after getting off the train. Neither from my side nor from your side… Okay!

I said OK to Mother and started sucking her boobs.

Mother put her hand in my hair and started caressing me. One of my thighs went between Mother’s thighs and I felt the warmth of her pussy. I started rubbing my dick in Mother’s pussy.

Mother did not say anything.

I told my Mother – Mother, there are still two hours left for us to get off the train. Why not do it one last time? (Step Mom Fuck Story)

Mother laughed and said – You scoundrel, I knew that you would not agree to this.

Now both of us started kissing.
I was kissing and sucking Mother.

This was the last chance to fuck mom.
Mother was shaking my penis.

I asked Mother to suck my penis.
Mother stood up and started sucking my penis.

Ahh, it was so much fun.

I made Mother sit on the seat and spread her legs and started licking her pussy.

Now I was fucking Mother sitting on my lap.
Then I started fucking Mother in doggy style near the window.

Mother was holding the bars of the window and taking the penis inside by shaking her Big Ass.
It was a great atmosphere.

Mother did not have such a wild look even at night.
I was fucking Mother from behind by making her stand and bend over.

I made Mother sit down and showered my semen on her and filled her entire body with my semen. We both panted and fell asleep on top of each other.

Now I had to fuck Mother more but Mother was a man of her word.
She never lets me fuck her outside the train. (Step Mom Fuck Story)

So how did I impress Mother and when did I have sex next?
I will write all this in the next story.

Tell me how much do you like my Step Mom Fuck Story.

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