I Convinced My Sister To Have Sex – Sister Anal Sex Story

I Convinced My Sister To Have Sex – Sister Anal Sex Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “I Convinced My Sister To Have Sex – Sister Anal Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Sister anal sex story is about fucking my distant sister’s virgin pussy and ass. We both met at a wedding. She had become very sexy. I talked to her.

Today I am going to tell you all my true sex story. I hope you all will like this sister anal sex story.

Let me introduce you to the main characters of this story.
There are two characters in this story, I and Monika.
Monika is my distant sister.

Today her age is 24 years but looking at her figure it seems that she looks a little older than her age.
Her figure is 32-28-34, her complexion is dark, height is 5 feet. She is very beautiful and very sexy.

She looks so sexy that anyone can get excited to fuck her just by seeing her for the first time.

Monika had proposed to me five years ago.
I refused her saying that we both are brother and sister and you are many years younger than me. How can we do this? I ended the conversation by saying this. (Sister Anal Sex Story)

Then after 3 years, we both met at a wedding. She had completely changed at that time and had become very sexy.

Seeing her boobs, I started drooling.
Seeing her, I thought of fucking her right here, but the relationship was coming in the way.

Everyone at the wedding was looking at her. We were together the entire time at the wedding.
I had touched her like this many times. Sometimes I touched her big boobs, sometimes I touched her big ass, sometimes I pressed her buttocks.

Then a day before the wedding there was a women’s sangeet program. Everyone was watching the dance.

Me, my brother and friends were having drinks in the parking lot.
I drank too much.

I came back near the stage and was sitting.
Then Monika came and sat near me and started talking to me.

When I was drunk, I told her that a few years ago you had proposed to me and I had refused you. But now I feel very sorry for my mistake. Seeing you, I have started drooling. In fact, you have become sexier than ever before, anyone’s mind would be shocked to see you.

Monika told me- Brother, you have had a drink today.
I said- Yes, I drank a little. (Sister Anal Sex Story)

He said that I want to talk to you about something.
I said- say yes.

Monika- Not here, somewhere else we walk and talk alone.
Me: Yes then let’s go to the hotel room.

Monika- No, someone will come there. Everyone is coming and going.
Me: Okay, then let’s go to the roof of the hotel, no one comes there.

Monika- Yes, okay. First you go… then I will come secretly.
Me- Okay. I am leaving, you come quickly.

I went to the terrace. There was a bench lying there. I sat on it, lit a cigarette and started smoking.
After some time a smile appeared.

Monika- Brother, you have drunk too much today.
Me: Yes friend…it has become too much today, but please tell me…what were you saying?

Monika- Brother, I am speaking directly, don’t misunderstand.
Me: Yes, tell me… I will not misunderstand. (Sister Anal Sex Story)

I had a desire to fuck her, I felt like holding her here and fucking her. That’s why I called her to the terrace.

Monika- Brother, hug me. I feel like kissing you, that’s why I called to meet you alone.
Me- Just kissing and nothing else?

My mind started bursting with joy… I thought that now I will definitely fuck her.
Monika said shyly – No, that’s all I have to do.

Then I took advantage of the opportunity and held her tightly and placed my lips on her lips and started sucking her lips vigorously. Then I started sucking her neck and started pressing her towards himself.

Monika- That’s it brother, now I have to go down… leave me.
Me: Hey where will you go now my love, wait let me make you have fun today.

Monika- How did you enjoy it brother?
Me: You just keep watching.

I took off her top and then removed her bra. Her big boobs were in front of me. I was blown away after seeing her boobs.
I have fucked so many girls, but no one’s boobs were so big and round. My penis became fully erect.

I started pressing her boobs with my hands. Really, friends, her boobs were so soft that I really enjoyed them.

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Then I took one of her boobs in my mouth. I was not able to get even one of her milk completely into my mouth, only half of it was coming into my mouth.

I was sucking her boobs vigorously and she was making sensual moans – aah aah brother aah and suck… aah it feels very good and suck it hard, suck it hard… it is enjoying a lot.

I sucked her boobs for 15 minutes and after that, I removed her jeans; Then removed the panty also.

When I saw her smooth pussy, my heart was filled with joy.
It was really a big silky Tight Pussy… it looked fun.

I put my tongue in her pussy and started sucking; He started licking the clitoris of her pussy with my tongue and started moving the clitoris with the tip of my tongue.
Due to this, Monika suddenly got heated and started moaning loudly and moaning – Unh aah aah aah aah brother, just leave it… just do it… something is happening to me… just do it.

I didn’t listen to her and just kept licking her pussy. (Sister Anal Sex Story)
After a few minutes, I released her pussy, a lot of water was coming out of her pussy.

Then I put my tongue on her ass.
I started kissing and sucking my sister’s ass.

Her ass was so big that if anyone saw it, they could put their penis straight into her ass. She had such a nice ass.

Then I removed all my clothes and made her sit down, put my penis in her mouth and asked her to suck it.
She started sucking the penis vigorously.

When she was sucking my penis, her hot voice sounded so good that what can I say… My sister was giving me great pleasure.

Then I made her lie down there and started inserting my penis into her pussy.
But she said- Brother, wear a condom.

I said- I don’t have that… don’t worry, nothing will happen. Trust me!
He said- Okay, but be careful. (Sister Anal Sex Story)

I said yes and started inserting my penis into her pussy.
I gave a blow and she screamed

I was suddenly scared and even the penis did not go inside the pussy.
I asked her- What happened… are you taking it for the first time?
She said yes while groaning.

I was shocked as to who massaged my sister boobs, which made them so big.
Well…this was her first time. She had never had sex before.

I stayed for a while, kissing and caressing her. Then hit another blow.
She started shouting again – Ahh I am dead, don’t sigh brother… take it out… don’t put it in, it is hurting a lot.
But I did not listen to her and hit her again.

This time my entire penis went inside.
She started crying and said – Don’t do it, I will die.. it’s hurting a lot brother… let out a sigh.

My sister was shouting a lot. I stopped for a while.
After some time her pain subsided; She started moving her waist.

I slowly started giving jerks. (Sister Anal Sex Story)
She just kept moaning for a while. He was still not enjoying it completely.

Blood was also coming out from her pussy. I had broken the seal of her pussy, so blood was bound to come out.

After some time she also started enjoying it.
She also started getting fucked with pleasure and started moaning – Ah ah… Brother, I am enjoying it now… Ahh, fuck me… fuck me harder… it feels very good.

I increased my thrusts and started fucking her hard.

After some time, I made her stand like a mare with the help of a bench and inserted my penis into her pussy from behind.

She shook her ass cheerfully and I inserted my entire penis in one stroke.
She moaned again.

I started fucking her.
After five to seven thrusts, her pleasure increased.

I started fucking her hard while pressing her boobs and in between I was also abusing her – Aah, you bitch… fuck me, my sister’s dick… today you enjoy my cock… I have broken your seal today… you bitch today. You are my whore, you motherfucker. (Sister Anal Sex Story)

I was jerking vigorously.
She was also saying in fun – Yes brother, fuck me… I am your bitch… ah, push me harder, ah ah, you have become sister’s dick today… ah, tear your sister’s pussy.

I became excited and the sex reached its peak.
Then her pussy released water.
My entire penis got wet with her water and now the sound of pach pach started coming from the pussy.

I was fucking my sister like a bitch.
After a few minutes of her ejaculation, my water was also about to come out.

I took out the penis from the pussy and turned it over and made it sit down. I put my penis in her mouth and started sucking it.
She also closed her eyes and started sucking the penis as if it were a lollipop.

I released my semen into her mouth…she drank my fluid and cleaned my penis by sucking it.

After some time, both of us wore our clothes and came and sat near the stage.

We both were together for two days. We fucked four more times.

Really friends, I enjoyed fucking my sister a lot. (Sister Anal Sex Story)

After marriage, we both came to our respective homes.

After a few months, she felt like having sex with me again.
When her call came, I called her to my house.

My wife and I both lived in the house.

My wife was going to her parent’s house for a few days.
I told my sister- Your sister-in-law is going to her father’s house this Sunday. you come!

After a few days, Sunday came and my wife went home.
My sister Monika came home.

Now our fucking started openly.
Monika came home an hour after my wife left.
That evening Monika and I had a drink.

I told her- Now today I want to fuck your big ass.
She said yes.

Now I was going to fuck her ass. (Sister Anal Sex Story)

Without wasting any time, I quickly removed her and my clothes and separated them.

Then I put alcohol on her boobs and started drinking it.
She was also feeding her intoxicating boobs with her hands.

I sucked her boobs for a few minutes. I sucked both her boobs and made them completely red.

Then I started licking her pussy and playing with her clitoris.

She was having a lot of fun getting her pussy licked. She was saying that four months ago you broke my seal, after that I got fucked by many boys, but I did not enjoy as much in anyone as the one who came with you… Ahh darling, take out all the water from my pussy and drink it.

I did exactly this.
Removed all the water from her pussy and drank it.

Now I put my penis in her mouth. She sucked my dick a lot and released her semen into her mouth.
Friends, I was having a lot of fun.

We drank two more pegs.
Then I sucked her ass and fingered her hole.

She started jumping due to pain but she was drunk so she did not feel much pain.

I applied oil on my penis and applied oil in her ass hole.

Then inserted the penis into the ass.
She screamed and started struggling a lot. Started trying to run here and there.

But I had decided that today I would fuck her soft and big ass.

I inserted my entire cock into her ass and fucked her.
After twenty minutes I released all my fluid in her ass.

After sister anal sex, we both started drinking again and after smoking a cigarette each, we went to take a bath.
Then slept without clothes.
After two hours I felt something on my penis and saw that my sister Monika was sucking the penis.

That night I fucked her twice again.

Until the wife came back. Till then my sister kept quenching the thirst of my penis.

So friends, how did you like the story of my desi sister’s sex? You all must tell me.

I will tell you more about this when you tell me how you liked my sister anal sex story.

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