MILF Aunty saw me when I watching porn and she fucked me

MILF Aunty saw me when I watching porn and she fucked me

Hello, Guys I am Sofia Khan from Udaipur, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “MILF Aunty saw me when I watching porn and she fucked me“. I am sure you all will love it.

Hot MILF Aunty Sex Story a new family has moved into my neighbourhood. Aunty’s full body used to make everyone’s cocks stand erect. How did that aunty take my cock in her pussy!

Friends, this is the true story of my life. This Hot MILF Aunty sex story is about those days when there were no mobile phones in small towns and villages 18-19 years back. In those days, having a colour TV, fridge, cooler, cable connection and a landline phone at home was considered a sign of prosperity.

In those days, only one or two houses in the locality used to have landline phones and the whole locality used to run from that. At the same time when I was a student in 12th standard, then a new neighbour came to live in front of my house with his family, his family consisted of a husband and wife and four children.

The husband’s age was about 40 years and the wife’s age was about 35 years. The husband was a truck driver, so he used to stay at home only for 2 or 4 days a month to one and a half months, in the rest of the time the wife alone took care of the four children.

Our new neighbour Aunty, being young and alone without a man, had become the centre of attraction for all the men in the locality. Almost every man in the neighbourhood used to flirt with those hot MILF aunties on some pretext or the other and used to find excuses to get close to her.

Aunty’s complexion was fair to dark, and their big eyes and face were normal. His height was normal and his body structure was also almost normal. But the size of his tight curvy chest was about 36 to 38 which used to add charm to his youth. 

Often Aunty used to roam in the open courtyard of her house and on the terrace in a petticoat and blouse, in which her open waist, shapely breasts and body bulge were clearly visible, which forced all the men of the locality to sigh.

Apart from this, often aunty used to roam outside the house in a maxi or deep neck blouse and loose fitting saree, in which many times her curvy breasts were exposed when the pallu of the saree slipped or her chest bulged from inside the maxi or her curvy breasts were eager to come out of the maxi. Used to visit often.

Every man in the locality had become crazy about this style of Aunty. In those days only our house had a telephone connection in the entire locality. Aunty’s husband used to call 2 or 3 times a week, due to which Aunty used to keep coming to our house often.

Many times Aunty used to sit for a long time after talking to her husband on the pretext of talking with our family members. Once upon a time, it was the month of June, my mother and younger brother had gone to Nani’s house and in the afternoon I was all alone as my father had to go to the office.

Taking full advantage of my being alone, I was watching a blue film on the CD player in the afternoon. Then suddenly the light went off and the CD of the blue film remained inside the player. At the same time suddenly a call came from Aunty’s husband.

So I called Aunty to talk. Aunty entered the house in her familiar style in her loose-fitting saree. Aunty hung up the phone after talking to her husband Dev for a while. After that he asked me – what happened, your mother is not visible, is she resting?

I told them that mother has gone to grandmother’s house. On this she said smiling – So it means you are alone in the house? I smiled and nodded yes. On this, he immediately asked me – So what are you doing at home alone?

I said in reply – It is very hot outside, so I was resting. Meanwhile, while talking, she told that her children have also gone to visit their grandparents, so she too is alone at home. While we were talking, the light came on.

The screen was off because the TV could not be turned on by the remote, but the CD player was on and the disc was playing. I had forgotten other things that the CD player is on. But suddenly Aunty’s attention went towards the CD player, in which the play timing of the disc was being shown on the display screen.

On this, she smiled and said – well, it was relaxing, watching the movie alone! As soon as he said this, I lost consciousness, my forehead was covered with sweat and my heart beat very fast. I was horrified for fear of my theft being caught.

That’s why he asked – which movie were you watching? To this question of his, I replied in a stuttering voice – Just like that… The friend had given me the CD and was looking to pass the time. On this, she said spreading a crooked smile – Come on, I was also getting bored alone at home, let me also watch the movie.

Anyway, I haven’t seen any movie for a long time. Saying this, he picked up the TV remote. And whenever I tried to say something, he pressed the power button. Here my whole body was drenched in sweat, my hands and legs were trembling terribly and my heartbeat was so fast that it seemed as if I would just fall out.

As soon as the TV was switched on, a scene with a doggy pose was playing on the screen. On seeing this Aunty dropped the remote from her hand and fell on the ground she kept both hands on her face and shouted- Hi Daiya… were you watching all this? I thought you were very simple. and you …

I immediately turned off the TV by picking up the remote from the ground and then holding her feet with both hands started crying loudly and begged and uttered only one rut – please aunty, don’t tell mummy anything!

She said angrily – No, let your mother come… I will definitely tell her about your act. After all, they also know! Hearing these words of her, I started crying loudly and she kept on saying good and bad things to me.

After about 15-20 minutes, she woke me up and said – first stop crying and washing… and come after washing your face. Still, I begged and said – please aunty, don’t tell anything to mummy! Saying this I went to the bathroom and washed my face and sat in front of him.

She said in a strong voice – since when have you been watching all this? I spoke in a very slow voice – just aunty today was the first time. This, she kept telling me a lot of wrong things, and I kept listening silently to all her words.

Slowly her voice softened while talking she said – Today I am forgiving you, but if you have done such an act again, please understand! I started holding his feet and asked him not to do this again.

She picked me up and made me sit beside her and said with a smile – I have forgiven you, but there is a condition, from today onwards you will have to obey everything I say. After listening to him, I added yes to his yes.

On this, she came close to me and slowly put her hand in my vest and started caressing my chest. I was surprised by his action. I could understand something… Before that, she pushed me and made me lie on the bed and started sucking my lips by pressing her lips.

And I was absolutely speechless. I was in a strange mix of fear and excitement. Every pore of the whole body was pulsating with excitement and thrill. But due to the fear of Aunty, he was completely unable to speak or respond on his behalf.

After sucking my lips, Aunty removed my vest and while kissing my chest, started sucking the knobs of both breasts one by one. Due to this action of his, electricity ran through my whole body, this was the first experience of my life, so I was trembling badly.

After this, Aunty opened the hook of her blouse, removed her white bra and completely freed her big breasts. The one whom the whole locality was eager to see, today he was standing in front of me with his head raised bare.

Seeing this scene, I was crazy, everything seemed like a sweet dream to me. Aunty started rubbing both her huge breasts vigorously on my chest. Now I have just become insane; Now I could not stop and I started caressing her fat butts with both my hands from the top of her back and saree.

After this, due to intense excitement, I jerked the aunty down and started sucking both her breasts in a fit of rage. Hot MILF aunty got furious about this and slapped me hard and said – have you boiled too much? You are not taking mine, but I am taking yours. That’s why just do as I say!

I was horrified by the behaviour of Aunty. Aunty made me down again and sat on top of me and in one go took off my shorts along with my underwear. While caressing my penis, she took it in her mouth and started sucking it hard.

Aunty’s action got me excited once again, but without reacting to Aunty’s fear, I kept lying quietly. After sucking cocks for some time, Aunty removed her saree and petticoat. Aunty was not wearing panty under the petticoat, so Aunty now became completely naked and lying next to me started moving her two fingers in her vagina.

After coaxing me for a while, Aunty asked me to lick her vagina. At her saying, I silently started licking her vagina. At this Aunty, sobbing grabbed my hair and started pulling and said screaming – and licking loudly!

I also started licking Aunty’s wet pussy loudly. Aunty’s eyes were closed and she was sobbing very drunk. This was my first experience so I was also enjoying it very much, I was thrilled with joy.

After licking like this for a while, Aunty removed my head from her hands and then lying straight and spreading her legs asked me to put it inside. Without delay, I came on top of her and put my cock on the lips of her pussy and pressed it slowly, she went completely inside in one go with a hissing sound.

I was jerking quickly by keeping the elbows of both my hands near her breasts. Our thighs were hitting each other. Aunty was smiling and taking sobs by closing her eyes. I was also enjoying it amazingly.

Both the mountain breasts of Aunty were shaking vigorously. I was very tempted to rub and suck them but I was calm due to the fear of Aunty. After doing this for a while, Aunty removed me from her top and asked me to lie down. I lay straight on the bed.

Aunty came on top of me, took my cock with her hand and took it inside her and kept both her hands on my chest and started jumping on me. I was enjoying a lot in this position, both the boobs of Aunty were swinging up and down badly.

The sound of Aunty’s sobs had become louder and Aunty had also increased the speed of shaking. She was now moving towards extreme happiness. After driving at high speed for a while, both of us fell down.

After that Aunty separated from me and started wearing clothes. But because this was my first experience, I kept lying on the bed like this for some time. I felt as if someone had squeezed me like a lemon as if there was no life in my body!

After lying like this for some time, I also got up and put on my clothes and aunty went to her house. How much did you enjoy reading this hot MILF aunty sex story, dear readers? Tell me in the comments. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

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