Awesome Sex With My Sister-in-law | English Sex Story

Awesome Sex With My Sister-in-law | English Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Awesome Sex With My Sister-in-law | English Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Read in the sex story that after my marriage, when I went to pick her up from my wife’s house, I called her to my room at night. But what happened?

My name is Ashok, I am from Jaipur. I do body massage for women. I am a regular reader of Free Sex Story. Right now my age is 27 years. By the way, many incidents have happened in my life, which I will keep telling you one by one. This sex story is just a few days ago.

I had only been married for three months. One day the wife insisted on going to her maternal home. There was a new marriage, and I did not want to send her… but I had said yes to her happiness. The next day his elder brother came to pick him up.

His brother’s age must have been 38 years. They got married four years ago. The reason for getting married late was that it was very difficult to find a girl of his choice. After my wife left for her maternal home, I started taking bookings for the night as well. Cocks were getting new pussy to fuck every day, so I did not feel the lack of a wife.

But ten days later an epidemic engulfed the whole country. Due to the Corona, my work also stopped. Now I started craving pussy. Wife also could not come due to the lockdown. I was feeling bad. Just like that, forty days had passed without pussy. Now the cock wanted a pussy anyhow.

I called my wife and said – I am coming to pick you up by bike at night. He said – ok, but come carefully. I left home at 3 o’clock in the night for my in-law’s house to pick up my wife. When I reached my in-law’s house at 7 in the morning, I was warmly welcomed.

My mother, father, brother, and sister-in-law were in my in-laws’ house. Sister-in-law’s age was 26 years. She was very beautiful but shy. As I wrote above that it had been four years since their marriage. But they didn’t have any children.

Most of the things happened throughout the day. I told my wife to sleep with me at night. Wife – This can’t be done… go home and get it done, it won’t be possible here. My penis was on fire. I said – I don’t know, just do whatever you want and come to my room at night.

She too was probably burning in the fire of lust, so she said – ok, I will come on the pretext of giving milk. When it was night, I went to my room and switched off the light, and lay down. I was awake for the whole last night, so soon my eyes fell.

After an hour there was a sound of someone coming. I woke up and felt that my wife had come to fuck me. My cock got erect with the hope of getting pussy. I dragged her to the bed in the dark. Before she could scream, I put my lips on her lips and started sucking. But my wife was not supporting me, she was just trying to get rid of me.

I got angry. I said – since so many days without your pussy cock is on fire… and you are not wanting to fuck. Saying this, I kept his hand on my long and very thick cock and said- see, how is he standing…let me fuck just once…then go away. Who is going to know in the dark that we are having sex? Your pussy is also thirsty for cocks, so don’t deny it, man.

She didn’t say anything, but after touching the standing cock, she definitely got a little loose. Then I inserted my tongue in his mouth and started sucking his tongue. I was having a lot of fun. Was drinking tongue juice after so many days. Then I started kissing and licking like crazy on her neck.

Intoxicated sobs started coming out from my wife. She was diving into the fun as if I am kissing her for the first time. Then I removed her blouse. It was dark in the room, so he could not see anything… But his eyes seemed a bit too big. Might have been 38 inches.

I thought that my wife is not so big, it is not coming in both hands. Once I thought that I am not fucking anyone else. But the cock was on fire, so I thought it better to cool the cock first. But once there was a suspicion of a second marriage, then I started groping her everything. Within no time, I understood everything that she is sister-in-law.

They are feeling that I am going to fuck them considering them as my wife. Sister-in-law is very shy… Maybe she was not able to speak because I am your sister-in-law and not your wife. It could also be possible that the sister-in-law is taking advantage of this mistake. She must be trying to fuck with my fat cock without knowing it.

It had been four years since their marriage, no child was born, this could also be one of the reasons for kissing another man. Maybe because my brother-in-law is 38 years old, he is not able to satisfy the youth of 26 years. That’s why sister-in-law wanted to fuck me today.

Whatever the reason, I was getting a new pussy to fuck. I had also decided that today I have to give my sister-in-law full enjoyment of my experience. Thinking this, I removed the blouse of sister-in-law and also opened the bra. I started pressing his boobs with both my hands.

Sister-in-law’s boobs were very fat. I could not see my sister-in-law’s milk because of the darkness. But his musculature was wobbling with great fun. Sister-in-law was also enjoying a lot in getting married to the harsh hands of a man. Now intoxicating sobs were coming out of his mouth. I took one of her milk in my mouth and started enjoying by rotating the tongue on the nipple.

Sister-in-law was having fun and was taking out her suppressed sobs by saying ‘ahh… uhh..’. He was afraid that if I come to know that she is not my wife, then I will leave her without a chode. Their muffled voices were indicating that today sister-in-law was trying to quench all her thirst.

Now I took Bhabhi’s other nipple in my mouth and started sucking it with pleasure. On the other hand, I was also pressing my sister-in-law’s nipples. Then I put my one hand inside the panty of sister-in-law’s saree and put it on her pussy. Sister-in-law had a lot of hair on her pussy.

I started inserting one finger of my hand into sister-in-law’s pussy. Sister-in-law’s pussy was so tight that even the finger was getting inside slowly. Sister-in-law used to hold the bedsheet with her hands saying ‘aaaah..’ and sometimes she used to wet the pillow.

Today I wanted to drown him in the ocean of work. While inserting the finger in the pussy, I started rubbing the grain of the pussy with the thumb. At this time only the woman who has done all this can feel the joy of sister-in-law.

One of my fingers was in sister-in-law’s pussy and my thumb was on the grain of her pussy. To increase the fun, I started sucking with one of my sister-in-law’s boobs in my mouth. Started pressing his other boobs with an empty hand.

Now imagine a finger in pussy, rubbing of thumb on the grain of the pussy with sucking and manly… which woman would not enjoy it. This is what happened… Sister-in-law was suffering like a fish without water and was throwing her back. Intoxicated sobs in his muffled voice were describing the height of his joy.

After some time I inserted my tongue in sister-in-law’s navel and in the depth of that heady hole I started licking my tongue. Sister-in-law’s increasing sobs were filling me with enthusiasm. Now understanding the delicacy of time, I removed the saree petticoat of sister-in-law and came between her legs.

I removed her panty. As soon as I started sucking her pussy, she let out a loud moan. I put my cock in her mouth after being in 69 and now I started licking her pussy with my tongue. Sister-in-law was also sucking my cock like ice cream as if she will eat it today or she will not get cock later.

I thought that it is not right to delay much… The brother-in-law or my wife may come to know. That’s why this shy sister-in-law should be fucked now. I opened both the legs of sister-in-law and started rubbing the cock on the pussy.

Sister-in-law holding the cock with her hand started pressing it in the pussy hole of the pussy. Without delay, I also put half the cock in her pussy. ‘Ahhhh… died..’ had come out of his mouth. Was it yearning because of pain… or was it because of sweet pleasure. Women who fuck with thick cocks can understand this in a better way.

My cock felt like he was fucking a virgin pussy. Really very tight was going in the pussy. After some time I put both his legs on my shoulders and started thrusting the cock in and out.
Sister-in-law was also flying in the sky of sex while swinging her waist in boundless joy.

To tell the truth, after so many days I was blessed with a pussy that was too so tight that I cannot write the pleasure I was having in taking out the cock and putting it inside. Friends, if I wanted, I would have taken advantage of the opportunity and hit my sister-in-law’s ass as well, and she would not even refuse.

But I wanted to give them love…not pain. I fucked sister-in-law for a long time and removed the water in sister-in-law’s pussy. She also took her clothes and went to the bathroom, then came out wearing her clothes.

In the morning, the wife brought tea. She said- Sorry dear… I could not come. I said – no problem man, I can understand. Sister-in-law was also coming towards my room at that time, so I thought this is the right time to speak. Hugging my wife, I said- Honey, I know you must have tried to come near me… but could not come at night.

I knew that sister-in-law was listening to all this while standing at the gate. Now they also knew that I knew that sister-in-law was fucking under my cock at night. Then sister-in-law came inside and asked me what would I eat for breakfast. I smiled and said – whatever you want to feed.

Sister-in-law was shy of my smile. That’s why my wife said – I will cook today’s breakfast. Both of them left the room. I had met my sister-in-law, but could not talk to her about the night. Then in the evening, I came back home with my wife.

Ten days later, my wife told me that she had received a call from the house that my sister-in-law had not menstruated. When the test was done with the test kit, she became pregnant. Everyone is very happy. I also talked to everyone. Congratulations to sister-in-law. She said slowly – Congratulations to you too.

Saying this, he hastily disconnected the call. I understood her meaning that she was congratulating me for becoming a father. But could not speak because of shyness.

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