A wonderful night of sex between dad and his daughter Part-2

A wonderful night of sex between dad and his daughter Part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “A wonderful night of sex between dad and his daughter Part-2“. I am sure you all will love it.

You have read so far in this dirty incest sex story of father-daughter fuck that I Ridhima was fucking my father.

Now onwards:

Father was a sure player of fuck. The more I jerked and took the cock inside, the faster he used to slam my butt on the post. Due to this, there would have been a sound of a thump. Father was enjoying mashing my boobs with both his hands. I also wanted to massage my body more. Every part of me was swelling.

He started sucking my nipples while holding my lips in his mouth. sex was also looking fun. I was feeling that Father should suck my lips and take out all the juice. At the same time, he was spoiling the condition of my pussy by pushing his butt from below.

Father’s cock was not taking the name of falling. With every push, it seemed that the cock was getting bigger and thicker. With every push of Father, my pussy was expanding further. Dick was giving a little pain along with every expansion of the pussy.

I was on the verge of leaving now. Father put the weight of his entire body on me. Now taking my ear completely in his mouth, Father increased his speed. I was also supported with full enthusiasm. That’s why both people simultaneously fought with arrogance. I clung to Father.

He got up and took me in his lap and took me to the bathroom. I wanted to take bath on my own, but Father was showering all his love on me. Father bathed me with his own hands and wiped my body with a towel. Then came out and said – I have cooked food. Your carrot pudding is also in it, eat it. I’m going to the hotel.

I was worried all day that Father is very good, then why do you fight with Mother? Father returned early in the evening. They came back to the hotel with their subordinates leaving the same boy in whose thoughts I was lost yesterday.

As soon as I saw her, I hugged her. He started loving me passionately. Today he did not come drunk, I liked it. Handing over the pills that could not get pregnant in his hand, he said – eat this. Swallowing the pills, I asked – Father, why do you fight with your mother after drinking alcohol?

He said – how much do you speak? Then being sad said – Where do I drink alcohol, I must have drunk just one sip at times, everything else is a drama. I have saved all the money. Now don’t ask anything further, let the secret reMothern a secret… otherwise, you will hate Mother.

Me- Father, did Mausa ji have a fight with Mother? Father got scared by this unexpected question. Then shaking his head said – Yes. Once I had seen red-handed, instead of accepting the mistake, the sister-in-law started saying that my brother-in-law and sister-in-law does a little too much.

I said that does not work after marriage. I never took account of what happened before that. But now it will not work. But she smothered firmly on her insistence. Which broke my heart. Since then she seemed to me nothing more than a cheater. No one is at fault, but this argument of his had broken me to the core.

From then on, alcohol became my friend. I was left alone, alive only for you. You know, you are lucky to me. My hotel has been doing well since you came. I said nothing. Father- Now let’s go to the market today. I got ready. Seeing the purchase from the market, it seemed that Father would buy the entire market.

Bought a salwar Kurti for me, for me, for my mother at my request. Then said – I always wanted to see him in this. I felt that Father is not wrong anywhere. My love for him was growing. After this, Father and I’s relationship started getting better day by day. Mother had not come yet.

That’s why now whenever I felt like it, I used to get fucked by Father. Sometimes even in the afternoon she would call Father and call him. When asked, she would have made some excuse or the other. After fucking one afternoon, Father took me to show a piece of land and said – Do you know son, if you had not had a fight with your mother, we would have had our house here.

Already told you that you are lucky to me. When you were a child, you were so engrossed in playing on this ground that you were not taking the name of leaving. After that, I bought this land only. When I looked at Father, he said – no problem, I will make a new beginning from now on if I have found you. I have saved a lot of money from the hotel business.

There were still a few more days left for Mother to come. But in so many days Father had transformed the house. Curtains, bed, mattress, and kitchen set all had come into the house. He said – I always wanted to have an orderly house. No matter how poor I may be, I liked to keep everything neat and tidy. Now your mother must be surprised to see all this.

On the fifth day, I said to Father – Father, I am fed up with getting fucked like this, don’t do something new. Give me a little more pain, won’t you? The bed also has to be inaugurated. My father was a strong player, he understood as soon as he listened to me. He said – Sister-in-law will come into your hands after bursting… Think about it.

I said – Father, don’t say that there is no strength left in your cock… I don’t have the guts to go inside piercing my ass hole. Father also got excited on this matter and said – sister-in-law is so fond of getting her ass busted, so come and see, the wonders of your Father’s cock.

Stripping me naked, pouring glycerine in my ass, he said – When you were young, he used to put glycerine in your ass, so that you could easily do potty… and today this will be helpful in taking cock. When the glycerine melted from the heat of my ass, two fingers literally came in and out with ease.

Father applied a lot of oil on his cock. Then bowed down to me and said – become a bitch, see the wonder of the dog’s cock. Keeping the cock on my ass hole, pulled the foreskin in front of my cock and stuck the betel nut inside the ass with the help of the back and finger. Then holding my waist tightly, pushed his cock straight inside with a little force.

In the first push, only Supada could go inside. Due to this, there was darkness in front of my eyes. I screamed. Father – It was fun! I mumbled and said- Uhm… Father, it was fun… but it was hurting… umm… ahh… hi… yah… have some mercy… let my ass get used to it a bit.

Father started laughing and gave me relief from pain by mashing my nipples. After this, Father again gave another push with all his might, which stopped somewhere in the future. My ass was ready to take only half cock. Respecting her completely, Father started kicking her ass while taking out as much cock.

Bending a little more, holding my nipples, started churning me. I was being attacked by pain, one in the ass… the other on the teats. Father was squeezing my teats while pulling them as if milking a cow. But it was fun. My ass hole was completely spread. Due to glycerine, the penis was moving inside and out. It was hurting too, but the fun was doubling from that.

Then slowly the whole cock started going inside, the harder he hit, the more forcefully I would swallow the cock. Me- Ah… Father, do it louder, no? Don’t you have the guts? Till now Father was doing it slowly so that there would not be much pain, but as soon as the green signal was received, the attacks intensified.

The sound of yes, yes, yes, yes on every attack was intoxicating the atmosphere. Father had turned my teats red by mashing them. Oops… what an experience. Then all of a sudden he brought his one hand on my pussy and first started rubbing her knob and in a short while he inserted his thumb in my pussy and spread it completely.

Till now the nectar of the pussy which was stopped started flowing. Now the attack was happening simultaneously at three places. The dick was not letting the ass rest, so the thumb was doing wonders in the pussy, on the third side Father’s one hand was rubbing my tits.

My whole body was sweating profusely. My pussy had started throwing its nectar. After that, there was not enough strength left in my legs to become a bitch and stay for a long time. I lay face down on the bed. Father’s cock was stuck in the ass. Father fell on my back and there was tremendous pressure on his cock.

He whined and said – bitch… she will sterilize my penis. I only said that – Father will not be with me now. Then I raised my butt a little and said – Father, do it quickly. He quickly increased his speed and dropped a lot of semen in the ass.

Father lay down next to me after kicking my ass. Pulled me on top of him and put me to sleep. He started running his fingers through my hair. Showered kisses on the forehead, above the eyes. Father loved me a lot for an hour. He said – all the days I stayed away from you… today I am compensating for that.

The next day I announced that today would be a day of rest. Father said while spreading a crooked smile – right thing… today complete rest… my cock is also hurting because of your ass kicking. Just sitting close and loving each other will fall asleep.

After dinner, it was time to sleep. There was a soft mattress on the new bed. It was fun sleeping on it. Even in the morning, I slept for an hour more. While sleeping at night, Father started making chess moves. Said that it is a day of rest, but can sleep naked… can sleep by sticking it.

After hesitating for some time, I agreed. Being naked she lay down clinging to Father. He kept caressing my whole body. My whole body was shivering. The blood was running very fast in the body. Body heat started forming the mood. Father has now made another move.

While turning me towards him, he kept caressing my hair, face, shoulder, my breasts. After some time, he said with complete innocence – If he had got some milk to drink, he would have slept comfortably. No matter how much I refused, but finally I agreed that Father would sleep only with milk in his mouth.

Father took my teat in his mouth, but due to its heat, it started melting slowly. Father stuck his knee on my pussy keeping one of his legs between my legs. He was also rubbing my pussy lightly with his knees. Put my teat in my mouth and was sucking it slowly.

Sex’s heat was taking my whole body in its lap. Due to the pressure of Father’s knee, nectar started coming out of my pussy. Sensing my situation, they understood that I cannot protest any more.

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