One Night Stand With Indian Hot Girl | Indian Sex Story

One Night Stand With Indian Hot Girl | Indian Sex Story

Hello friends, today’s story of Ritu ji is in the words of Rohit, thank you Ritu ji, you gave me an opportunity to present my stories. Hello friends! this is my story. I hope you’ll like it.

Hi buddies, Rohit here from Delhi. I am back with another true sex story that happened to me in the most unexpected manner. It’s a bit long but I hope you would like it.

I had just arrived at the airport after a long journey from Delhi to Delhi. As I stood in the check-in queue, I saw a beautiful woman in front of my face. The woman was wearing a tee shirt and tight jeans. Her genitals were round and inviting. I was astonished at her beauty and began to work hard.

Her face was clearly visible when she entered the queue. Her mid-30s must have been her age, but her boobs and ass appeared to be perfectly proportioned. She must have been 5 feet 9 inches tall. She wasn’t too skinny nor too bulky. I have a thing for tall women, so I began praying that she would get a seat beside me.

We heard her announce that the flight had been delayed due to technical issues and she couldn’t check in yet. Her frustration was evident on her face, as well as the faces of all those who were seated nearby. I took a seat beside her. I was aware that I had limited time so I needed to break the ice quickly.

I began the conversation by criticizing the airline’s chaotic management. My comment was answered by her and she said it would be very late when we reach Delhi. We met and introduced ourselves, but I was unable to continue our conversation in any other way than formal.

The airline informed us that the flight had been cancelled after half an hour. They are now accommodating us on the morning flight and have made arrangements for a night stay. We were all furious but we knew that it was not worth wasting our time.

I offered to take her along to the hotel, and she readily accepted. We sat together in the back of the taxi and I could sense the hotness of her next to me. I began to picture myself folding her boobs and kissing her neck. I began to get a little irritable and she didn’t seem to notice.

We arrived at the hotel and checked into adjacent rooms. We went into the lift, which was too narrow to fit our luggage. I deliberately brushed her boobs as I made space for our luggage. It was so smooth and heavenly. I apologized, to which she said, “No problems.”

When she realized she had lost her key card from the reception, she got up and walked to our rooms. I asked her to come to mine and call reception to get the key card. After a moment, she came back in.

I gave her water, and we brushed our hands while she handed me the bottle. She looked at me and nodded. While I was seated on the sofa, she headed to the phone.

I asked her questions about her family while waiting for the bellboy. I asked her about her family. She replied that she was married, and that her husband was in another city. She was alone in Delhi. I was thinking about how unfortunate her husband was for not being able to bang this sex bomb every evening because of some stupid job.

My name was not mentioned to her, so I replied that I am married. She was curious to know why. I shared with her my incompatible marriage, and how much I miss being loved in my own life.

I told her, and she said that I was sorry for making it so personal. She assured me that she didn’t need to apologize for my feelings and that she was sympathetic.

Soon the bellboy arrived with her card, and she stood up to go. I went with her to the door and she said as she was leaving, “Why don’t you come and have a drink in mine room so we can continue our conversation.”

I thanked my stars and accepted her offer. We settled down on the sofa in her bedroom and began to have casual conversations. After 3 pegs, she became a bit high and suggested that we call it quits.

I looked into her eyes, and as I was rising, she grabbed my hand and said, “Or maybe you can leave, I have been noticing that you stare at me since the airport and I know what I want.” I’m hungry for sex, too!

I was shocked at her directness and couldn’t believe what I heard. I quickly pulled her towards me, giving her a deep kiss.

My hands began to move all over her body. I began to press her stomach, which was being teased at me for many hours. I sat down on her lap, and she began to unbutton my shirt. I pulled her shirt up quickly and she was there – a perfectly smooth body with her boobs covered in black bra.

I tried to unhook the hook with my hand, but she grabbed my hand and whispered, “Slow down Tiger.”

As she pushed me onto the sofa, I felt super sexually charged and began to kiss my naked chest. She also unbuckled my jeans. I was rubbing my bareback on hers and clinging to her boobs with my body.

We separated for a moment to take off our pants. I grabbed her and carried her to the bed. My tool was piercing over her pant and I was standing on top of her. I began to eat her boobs, and she unhooked her bra.

Her boobs were firm and she had black nipples. Her husband was not doing enough for them.

I took the pieces in my hands and began pressing hard. She started to moan. I was simultaneously pressing one and eating the other. After doing this for about 10 minutes, she began to moan and asked me to fuck him.

Too excited, I took out my underwear and her pantie. She felt my penis at her pussy and began to adjust herself. She gave me an angry glance and I deliberately avoided inserting it. I responded, “Wait! My tigress!”

I turned her around and began to kiss her back, while pushing my penis into her ans crack. It was a pleasure and she began moving her genitals.

I stated that I wanted a blowjob. She stated that she had never done one. “You will do it today,” I replied.

I pulled her up so her face was right in front of mine, without waiting for her response. Kritika Bakshi looked at me and took the penis in her mouth. Although it was her first time touching me, she was still stroking my neck long and deeply. She was a pro in 5 minutes and the pressure was building.

I pulled out my penis and put it in her vaginal area. I put my entire penis into her vagina without warning and she began to cry. I wanted to be brutal and began to pound her. I couldn’t stop the moans from her in the room.

I turned her around and started to fuck her in doggy fashion. When I felt like I was cumming, she was made to sit on top. She jumped and got maximum insertion from that position. After a few more strokes, she was deep within me and crashed on me.

For a while, we slept in the same way with my penis in her. She then said to me that I should go back to my bedroom.

I asked her for her mobile number, and she replied that there was no need.

She was a strange woman, and I decided to not push it any further. I left for my room after one final deep kiss.

She had already checked out and left an earlier flight when I woke up the next morning. She probably didn’t want me to meet her after that night. I too respected her decision, and we moved on with some hot memories.

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