I got fuck by my teacher | School girl sex story

I got fuck by my teacher | School girl sex story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “I got fuck by my teacher | School girl sex story“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “wildfantasystory.com

I was disturbed by the chattiness of the chute. I always wanted a penis. For this, I had got the penis of the principal sir. In his office, I entered under the table and sucked his penis. After drinking the juice of the penis, he had set them to fuck his pussy. That day I had gone to my house, but I was sure to get his penis.

Now onwards:

Now the next day I went to his office again. Today he told me to latch the door and come here. I latched the door and turned towards him. He got up to kiss me and came close to me and started kissing my juicy lips. Sir started pressing my nipples with both his hands.

Then Sir took off my shirt and bra and put them on the side and started drinking my nipples with his mouth. After sucking the chicks for some time, Sir also removed my panties and made me lay on the table. Opening my legs, I lay down, spreading my pussy. Sir started licking my smooth pussy. After licking the pussy for some time, Sir lifted his dhoti and took out the penis and started sucking his penis from me.

I wet my head by sucking the penis. He put me upside down on the table and started licking me by pelting his penis in my pussy from behind. I started getting relief in my pussy and I started enjoying the sex of teenage with fun.

For almost half an hour, I chudied in his office completely naked. Sir emptied the water of his penis into my mouth and asked me to put on clothes and leave the office. I had the pleasure of penis after many days today. I came to class wearing my clothes smiling.

Now it has become my daily routine. Sometimes the principal used to fuck me in his office, and sometimes he used to fuck me in his room built in the school itself. Sir used to openly fuck me at both places. A few days later Umesh sir also came. So now I was getting the pleasure of the sex of my teenage with two penes. My boobs had started increasing in size. I also brought a new dress for myself by taking money from Umesh sir.

One day after the morning prayer in our school, an important thing was told that the coach of National Kabaddi has come. They will select and feed some students. This camp is held in our school for a month. Any students who want to give their name for this game can give it.

The coach who had come sir was from Chennai. His Hindi was not good. He told all of us in English that any student who is interested can learn to play Kabaddi. This is free. The one who learns well will be fed outside. The last thing he said is that it is only for girls. Just after hearing this, I started playing kabaddi. I made up my mind too. I went straight to the sports room after the prayer. There he was sitting. I took the form from him and filled it out.

He told me that to play this one will have to take a white T-shirt and a white lower. And every day after the holiday, practice will be done. Since I had now seen a new penis, I told myself to stay in school late for this game at home. My mother didn’t say anything. I went to the market in the evening of the same day and bought both the fitting things. The shirt with it was a bit long, so I got it cut and got it made slightly above my waist.

Then the next day after kissing Umesh sir and principal sir in school, I changed my clothes after everyone went to my class and went to learn kabaddi. There were 3 more girls there besides me, who had come to learn Kabaddi. Today coach sir introduced everyone and told them about himself. He was a Kabaddi National Champion and hailed from Kerala.

Then he first taught us all the bets and asked us to play. We all held each other and started practising playing Kabaddi. Any one of us who made a mistake, the Sir himself would come and tell him. When I felt it, I found that the coach sir was paying a little more attention to me than the rest of the girls. He was even more attached to me.

Everything went on like this for two days. Then on the third day, I was changing my clothes in class while on vacation. As soon as I took off my clothes, I heard something near the gate. I went to look towards the gate without wearing clothes, meaning only in a bra and panties.

When I went there, I saw that there was a peon, who used to give water to everyone. He was shaking his penis out of his pants. I was surprised to see his penis. What a wonderful penis his penis was… fuckin was a full eight-inch penis. Once upon a time, seeing his penis, my saliva also dripped.

But I lied and started scolding him. I told him – what are you doing… I will complain to you. He was not scared of my threat at all and came into the class correcting his pants. I also came to class. Till now he had not put his penis inside, maybe he was trying to woo me by showing me his stuff.

Peon- Look please don’t do this… my job will be lost. If I lose my job, my wife and children will starve to death. Me- If you are so afraid of losing your job, then why do you keep doing such work? The peon, staring at my mother in my bra, said – what should I do… My wife does not allow me to do anything at home and who will kiss a poor lady like me outside? I can never fuck cool stuff like you in my life, that’s why I calm myself down by shaking a penis after seeing these sexy moms of yours. I do this every day… but today I don’t know how you saw it.

Hearing this from him, there was some trepidation in my burrow. Till now I was standing only in a bra and panties. He didn’t even put his penis inside. His penis was still standing. Looking at my nipples, he further said – once you are completely naked in front of me… just let me move my penis. I can’t fuck like you, so at least looking at your body, I should move the penis.

Saying this he looked at me. I didn’t say anything to him, so he came after me and untied the hook of my bra. By the time I spoke to him, he took off my panties too. Now I was standing in front of him completely naked. Now he lowered his pants and started moving his penis vigorously with the help of the table. I stood silently and started watching all this.

Seeing no opposition from me, the very next moment he put another request of his – can I touch your mother? By the time I told him something, he started mashing my nipples in both hands and started caressing my ass.

I sighed and took out hissing, then he started pointing fingers at my pussy. As soon as his hand touched my pussy, my body ran like a current and I went on getting in his bus even though I didn’t want to.

Then he grabbed my hand with his hand and put it on his penis and started shaking. He put his mouth in one of my teats and started pulling. I caressed his penis with pleasure, then he made me sit on the table and spread my legs and put his mouth in my pussy.

Now, this act of his had completely handed me over to him. He straightened up after licking my pussy for some time and placed his penis in front of my mouth. His penis was smelling very bad, but he grabbed my hair and put his penis in my mouth and started moving. As soon as his fat penis entered my mouth, my breathing stopped.

I tried to remove him. But he had put his fingers in my hair and applied so much pressure that it was difficult to get rid of it. After putting a penis in my mouth for some time, he grabbed me and laid me on the table. And as long as I could handle it, he crossed his entire penis through my pussy in one stroke. My life was lost due to pain.

But maybe he was fucking me thinking that I had met him for the first and last time. He was making bosom of my pussy at full speed. My sensual hissing voice was echoing throughout the class. He misbehaved with my teenage for a long time mistaking me for a street scoundrel. I was in a very bad condition. I had fallen twice in kissing his penis. My legs were starting to tremble.

After some time, it happened to my growling and pulled the penis and took out all my stuff on my ass. Then he got dressed and went out. I cleaned her semen from my ass and came out of school wearing clothes. Till now there was no time to play Kabaddi. My pussy played kabaddi. I came straight home with staggering steps.

The next day was a Sunday, so I got up late in the morning. While I was having breakfast, someone called on my phone. When I talked, I came to know that he was speaking to my coach sir. He asked me where were you yesterday. I pretended that there was some work, that’s why I had come home. He immediately started scolding me and said – if you want to learn properly, then you have to come daily… or else take your name back.

When I said sorry to him, he said – well you have to come today or else your name will be cut tomorrow. I said – okay sir, I will come to you in half an hour. I had a quick breakfast and took a bath. I knew that the coach would be angry with me today, so I started thinking about what to do to convince Sir.

Then I decided to give them the juice of my teenage. I did not wear undergarments today. Just came out of the house wearing a T-shirt and lower. When I was walking outside, everyone was looking at me because my milk was moving too much without a bra. It was clear from my shaking moms that I was not wearing a bra in a fitting T-shirt. Then my nipples were also clearly visible from above.

My stuffed ass was also looking very cool from the tight lower from behind. I also walk with my ass on purposefully. In this way, I came to the school all the way, making tents for everyone’s pants. I saw my coach doing pushups. Seeing me, she said – I have come… let’s warm up.

I came in front of them, spread my legs, bowed down and started showing them my velvet ass. Then when I would raise my hand to stretch from the front, my full stomach was visible due to my T-shirt being small. All this I noticed that my coach sir was watching me secretly.

Then he asked me to play kabaddi. I started I would deliberately always get caught in his bet and then he would tell me how to get out of this bet. Because of this, his hand was sometimes pressing my ass, and sometimes it was coming on my stomach. Many times they even grabbed my nipples. By doing this, now his penis also stood up. I could feel and see his penis in my ass.

He had pressed his penis with the upper elastic of the nicker, but for how long he would hide. Then once I lost my balance while dropping him… and when I started falling, my hand caught his penis. I fell down slowly. After some time, when I realized what I had caught, I immediately withdrew my hand. Coach sir also did not say anything.

Then when they had to stop me in the next bet, I went ahead. He grabbed me and pulled my T-shirt. My t-shirt was small, due to which it was on top and his hand fell directly on my navel. A shiver ran through my body. They also did not leave my stomach and I also tried to move forward to touch my feet without releasing them.

Then he put his hand inside my T-shirt and first held my boobs with one hand and then held it in the other hand also. Due to this, my efforts started loosening a bit and he started making his grip on my body stronger. Slowly now he was caressing both my moms and I was having fun.

After a few moments when I turned to rescue him, he came under me and I climbed on top of him. But even now he was holding one of my teats with one hand and he inserted his other hand on my pussy from inside the lower and put his full two fingers in my pussy. This took my mind off.

Sir asked – did you have fun? I rolled my eyes seeing them. Now the game of Kabaddi had turned into a game of teenage. Sir climbed on top of me and started sucking my momma by putting up my T-shirt and then stripped my clothes and made me naked. Sir put his tongue in my pussy and started enjoying pussy licking.

After a few moments, Sir also took off his T-shirt and took off the lower and threw it away. Now both of us were completely naked. His 8-inch penis started snickering to enter my pussy. I saw that the penis head was very thick. He came forward and started sucking my penis. I was also enjoying sucking my coach’s penis.

After sucking my penis for some five minutes, he spread my legs and climbed on me. Sir put his penis in my pussy and started banging me. I also started shouting out loud – ah fuck me… ah sir fuck me fast, please, After a while, he licked my ass hole very well and putting both my legs on his shoulder, the penis started entering my ass.

Till now the seal of my ass was not broken, so I started feeling a lot of pain. But he broke the seal of my ass in three blows. Tears started coming out of my eyes. Because of the seal of the ass, blood was also coming out of my ass. But the coach was putting his penis inside my ass at full speed.

After some time he stood up again and removed all his semen from my boobs. Coach sir said in English – do you like it? I smiled and nodded my head yes. Although my ass was hurting. Sir gave me medicine for the injury, which I got him to put in my ass.

Then after kissing him, I went home from there. Similarly, till the time I studied in that school, Umesh sir and principal sir were my daily friends. Coach sir also fucked me very fiercely for a month from both sides. Then he took my number and went away.

While leaving, the coach sir said – if I come here sometimes, I will call you. I smiled and bid him farewell.

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