Hot encounter with my virgin sister-in-law | Sali Sex Story

Hot encounter with my virgin sister-in-law | Sali Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Hot encounter with my virgin sister-in-law | Sali Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

I inaugurated the virgin sister-in-law’s burrow by tearing it apart. She came to my house two months after my marriage. I warmed her by showing my cock.

Hello readers, my name is Punit. My age is 24 years. I was married two months back to a girl named Poonam, whom I adored fiercely. Now I was thinking of fucking a virgin girl because till now I had broken the seal of 7 to 8 girls. I used to enjoy fucking virgin girls for the first time.

When splatters of blood were found in my tights, my happiness knew no bounds. I enjoy fucking girls only once. I go to the gym, I’m 6 feet sexy. I trapped most of the girls with my tights. I used to keep the red stripe on my tights over my jeans in such a way that the tights were clearly visible.

Seeing many girls had expressed their desire to kiss me in front. But after breaking the seal, I did not have sex with that girl again. It was 2 months since my marriage, and now my cock was fluttering to break the seal of some new girl’s burrow!

Coincidentally my sister-in-law who was 19 years old, and whose name was Rachita, came to my house to give her exam. Seeing her in my cock started fluttering. As soon as I saw her, my heart fluttered, and at the same time, I decided to fuck my hot sister-in-law Rachita’s ass.

But if I tear apart the virgin sister-in-law… then how? That’s why my wife said to her younger sister – Rachita, wash your hands and feet. Must be tired, change. Then my brain started working, I also took off my clothes and stood in only blue tights. My cock was fully erect inside the tights, its rise was clearly visible outside the tights.

My wife became happy after seeing my cock, and said – stop now, my sister has come! How did he know that my cock was not ready for you but for his sister-in-law? Then sister-in-law came. I was standing in my tights, seeing my six-pack and standing cock, and she kept on looking.

To feel his mind, I started moving my hand over the bulge above the cock. Due to this, my pre cum started coming out, then the tights became completely wet on the cut of urine. My sister-in-law was staring at my penis bulge. Deliberately I was acting as if I am not paying attention to my sister-in-law.

I was turning my hand on the bulge of the cock. That’s why the sister-in-law said – Are you going to take a bath? I said – Yes, I was waiting for your sister. If he gives me my towel trunks, I can take a bath! That’s why the sister-in-law said – brother-in-law, you go to take a bath. I’ll give you your trunks and towel in the bathroom!

I said – ok. But I have to take off my tights because in the morning the tights will not be dry. I had understood that the sister-in-law has become hot, she wants my cock! So I was testing it with tights. My sister-in-law ran to the kitchen and said to her sister- Sister-in-law is standing to take a bath. You don’t care for Jiju at all.

You wash their underwear late. His trunks are not dry, what will he wear? You don’t care for Jiju at all. I was listening to all this secretly. My wife said – But he has 10 tights kept in the cupboard. He must be joking with you. Go give her his towel and tights from the cupboard.

Rachita came to me but brought a towel, and did not bring tights. She said to me – brother-in-law, take off these tights and give them to me. I dry it in the fan. I understood that my arrow had hit the right target. I took off my tights in front of my sister-in-law and stood completely naked.

My sister-in-law neither saw nor saw… took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it hard. I also started fucking her mouth hard. After four to five jerks, I left my entire material in her mouth, which she drank. Cleaning my cock with her tongue, she said – Jiju, it was fun. Sister is very lucky!

And started licking my tights. Where my goods were kept, he cleaned them by licking them. When my wife’s voice came, I ran into the bathroom. When I came out after taking bath, I saw that Rachita was standing with my tights. Seeing her, my cock stood up again.

I dropped the towel down and said – Sister-in-law, now make me wear tights too! Rachita put on the tights with her hand and adjusted my cock by putting her hand inside. But the cock was standing like a tent inside the tights. Then I asked him to bring my pants.

So Rachita said – Jiju, you are looking cool in tights. I said – ok. When my wife saw my erect cock, she said – guests have come to the house. I said – she is a sister-in-law. And how hot! Rachita said- Yes sister, brother-in-law is saying right. Jiju is so handsome! My wife said – Don’t look at my husband!

We ate food. That’s why the neighbor’s aunt was about to have a child, so my wife went to her house. I got my full chance. I caught my sister-in-law and made her lie on the bed and sitting on her chest put the cock in her mouth. After sucking cocks for a few minutes, I made her completely naked.

Then after giving two to four jerks in her mouth, to break her seal, put the cock on her pussy and with a slow jerk, inserted the cock halfway into her pussy. She started crying out in pain – Jiju, please leave! I said – just wait.

I jerked so hard, the whole cock entered her pussy. She started crying loudly. My cock turned red with blood. She kept on crying. I increased my speed. Till now my sister-in-law’s pussy was torn. He was having fun. That’s why I was about to fall, so he said – brother-in-law, please leave it in my mouth! I left all the goods in her mouth, she became very happy.

Then he said – brother-in-law, please urinate in my mouth! I urinated in his mouth. Sister-in-law drank my entire urine. Then she took my cock in her mouth again. My cock got erect. Meanwhile, my wife came. I immediately opened the gate wearing tights and brought her inside and fuck her too.

The next day sister-in-law asked for a gift, so I immediately gave her my tights which I was wearing. She happily took my dirty tights and said – Brother-in-law, when I remember your cock, I will work by smelling it. 

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