I Hired Escort To Fulfill My Lust & Sexual Desire | Prostitute Sex Story

I Hired Escort To Fulfill My Lust & Sexual Desire | Prostitute Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story of a boy that’s named “I Hired Escort To Fulfill My Lust & Sexual Desire | Prostitute Sex Story“. He will tell you his story, I am sure you all will love it.

Read in prostitute sex story that I never had sex. With a man, I went to Escorts. What did I say to him there and what did he do to me?

Friends, how are you all? I hope you all are fine. In the sex story I am going to present to you today, I will tell how I made a prostitute my bride.

Before starting the prostitute sex story, I want to tell you about myself. My name is Mukul. I am from Udaipur. I am 28 years old and my height is 5 feet 11 inches. My penis size is 7 inches and it is 3 inches thick.

I used to work in a private company. One day for some work, I had gone out of company work with my office driver. This driver was very open with me. He started talking about fun.
There was an atmosphere of some colourful things.

Talks of promiscuity and sex started happening. At the same time, I told him – I want to have sex, but I have not done to date. That driver said – Hey, let’s go, sir, today I will get your wish fulfilled. I agreed.

Now that driver took me to a house. It was a Pune Escorts house. Before going to the escort’s house, I put a handkerchief on my face so that no one could recognize us. When he went inside the house, that girl came in front of him.

She was looking fine to see and this was the 22-23-year-old’s cool stuff. There were strained boobs and raised asses. If there was a bitch on top, then there was also style in the eyes. She started looking at me with intoxicating eyes.

Seeing her, I also became crazy about her figure and came near her. I didn’t know what to talk about with him. Then he started speaking whatever came to his mind. I went to him and said – are you free?

She laughed and pressed her lips and said – Yes, don’t tell me what you want to get done? This frankness of his made my ass explode. Then I said with some care – you have to take it. She said – yes take it no. When have I refused?

I asked him – well… what do you take to give? She flaunted making a roll in her hair with her finger and shaking her waist she said – I will only take as much as I take. I told him – I will give you more than that, but you have to please me completely.

She started looking at me. Then she said – I did not understand sir? I said – it means that you have to make me happy in the way a wife makes her husband happy. She said to me – ok, come inside.

She took me to her room by holding my hand for prostitute sex. I went and sat on his bed. So she went inside and came after some time. I just kept looking at her. She was standing in front of me wearing a saree just like an Indian woman.

Along with wearing a saree, she had also put a fake mangal sutra around her neck. She had applied dark red lipstick on her lips, which made her look like a very beautiful bride. She came to me and said to me – My king, are you feeling fine now?

I look like a married woman to you, don’t I? I said – yes cool. She sat down near me and said – I have come prepared for you with so much heart. Praise me with love. I told her – you are looking like an Indian woman. You look exactly like you got married today.

She happily said – Yes, it was good my king. Sit a minute more, I just came. She went inside again. After some time she came from inside and brought a glass in her hand, which had boobs in it. He handed over that glass of boobs to me and asked me to drink it.

I finished that glass of boobs in one go. Then grabbed her and pulled her and made her lie down on the bed with him. At that time she took me as my wife for some time and I started kissing her while talking to her like a wife.

I put my lips on his lips and started sucking. When I started kissing her lips, she also kept sucking my lips in her mouth. She was sucking my lips very desperately and I was sucking her lips by pressing them in mine.

Along with sucking her lips, I started rubbing her big boobs from the top of the blouse. She said to me – Wait a minute Raja. I stopped. She first took off her mangalsutra and started taking off my clothes.

I asked him – why did you bring it down? She said – I will tell you later. I fell silent. Now he first unbuttoned my shirt and removed my shirt. Then he also removed my jeans, so that I came in front of him in underwear.

After taking off my clothes, she started taking them off her clothes. I was looking at her and to open the buttons of her blouse sensually, she was passing her hands over the top of the blouse on the mamma.

Seeing her like this, the tension of my cock was increasing. Then first she opened her blouse and after that, she slowly removed all her clothes. She was left in front of me in a bra and panty. She was looking amazing in red-coloured bra panty, and my cock started moaning.

Friends, if I tell you about his body, then the faith of your readers will be shaken. I extended my hand and filled her in my arms and started sucking her juicy lips while lying on the bed.

After that, I started kissing her body. At the same time, he started moving his hands on her body. This awakened the bitch inside her and she grabbed me and hugged me. Started caressing my cock with my hand over the underwear.

When his hand touched Lund, Lund Babu also got ready to fight. She started smiling caressing my hard cock. He once looked into my eyes and put his hand in my underwear. Taking out the cock inside, she started doing back and forth.

Today for the first time a girl’s hand touched the cock, so I was feeling very sensational. She started sucking my cock while keeping it in her mouth. When she started sucking my cock by keeping it in her mouth, I woke up sighing and holding her head started sucking cock.

I slowly started taking out the cock in her mouth, along with pressing her breasts from the top of the bra. He indicated removing the bra. I unbuttoned her bra along with rubbing her breasts over the bra. As soon as her bra opened, her very hard boobs came out in front of me.

Friends, really what delicious teats were… Perfectly round and smooth like butter. This was not the case at that time, but later it was understood how could the boobs of a prostitute remain so hard and in shape.

She was not a market whore and had only been fucked a few times. Now I took out the cock from her mouth and made her lie down, held both her breasts in my hands and started pressing them.

Cool sexy sounds started coming out of her mouth. Along with rubbing her breasts, I started sucking a boobs nipple by pressing it in my mouth. She was pressing my head on her boobs, due to which I was enjoying it a lot.

I kept sucking both her breasts one by one for a few minutes. She kept on sucking her mummy while making intoxicating sounds of ‘ah ah oh ui…’. Then I spread her legs and inserted my tongue in her pussy.

She got excited by the touch of my tongue and started rubbing my pussy by holding my head. She was rubbing her pussy while pressing my head. I also inserted my finger in her pussy, which made her moan in an intoxicating voice, ‘ah ah ui maa ui maa…’.

Now while making sexy noises, holding my hand, she started thrusting inside and out of her pussy. Her intoxicating sounds were increasing my passion and I started moving my finger in and out of her pussy fast.

She said to me – my king, don’t torture anymore… Quickly insert your cock into my pussy. She was completely hot and started yearning to take my cock in her pussy. Then I put my cock on top of her pussy and rubbed it on top of the pussy for a minute.

She was having fun shaking her ass and was enjoying rubbing her cock in the slits of her pussy. After some time, I gave a strong push, due to which my cock went inside her pussy. As soon as my cock went into her pussy, she started moaning and loud noises started coming out of her mouth.

Hearing her hissing, I got more excited and by speeding up the speed of bumps in her pussy, I started taking cocks inside and out. She also raised her legs in the air and started getting cocks inside and out.

I was holding and pressing her moms with a forceful push in her pussy. I was having a lot of fun. When I would push hard in her pussy, she would jump and start making sexy sounds of aah ‘ah ui me maa… aa aa aa si ui ohh…’.

She started enjoying my bumps by lifting her ass and was answering every blow of mine by lifting her ass from below. I understood that today she is fucking while having fun and according to my saying, she is giving me complete pleasure.

Maybe that’s why he had removed his mangalsutra so that he could give me complete pleasure like a cool whore. After some time I made her sit on my cock and she started cuddling down on my cock.

When she started moving up and down on my cock, her breasts started moving up and down in the air. I grabbed both her breasts and started rubbing them and kept one in my mouth and started sucking it; At the same time, I lifted my ass from below and started pushing in her pussy, due to which my cock was about to come out in no time.

I took out my cock from her pussy and started sucking cock by putting it in her mouth. She started sucking my cock, due to which my cock released its water in her mouth. She licked the cock and said with a smile – did you enjoy it?

I kissed his mouth and said – It was a lot of fun. She said – when will you come again? I said – soon. She said – I will wait. Then I put on my clothes and he put on his. Friends, that day that rand had made me happy. I also happily gave him some more rewards.

My driver was waiting outside. After coming out, I said to him – it was fun today… I will come to pick it up again for a day or two. The driver said – Hey sir, I will get better goods than this. Will you keep taking only one key every time?
I said – it’s okay. But there is a desire to take it once again. He said – ok sir. Now both of us left there. After that day’s fuck, I fucked her many more times in many ways and enjoyed the fuck.

Friends, how did you like my prostitute sex story? Let me know by mail. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “wildfantasystory.com

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