My boss fucked me the first time and tear my pussy

My boss fucked me the first time and tear my pussy

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story of a boy that’s named “My boss fucked me the first time and tear my pussy | First Time Sex“. He will tell you his story, I am sure you all will love it.

Dear friends, my greetings to all of you! My name is Poonam and my age is 24 years. I am from a village in typical Punjab’s Moga district. I did my studies in computers, so I got a job as a teacher in college. But I was not happy with this job.

I wanted to do a web developer job but my family members did not want to go me away. Then I somehow convinced all of them and I went to Chandigarh for the job. Now let me tell you about my body. My height is 5 feet 7 inches.

The complexion is as fair as milk and my body is full. Even when I was a teacher, I used to wear suits and in Chandigarh also I used to wear suits only. After this, I got a job offer from Delhi. Here I was getting a very good salary.

I talked to my home members, but they were not agreeing. Somehow I explained to him and convinced him. I came to Delhi for the job. The company also got me a room to stay. Another girl used to live with me. She was also a Sardarni of Delhi. She was 26 years old and she was very beautiful.

Till now I was wearing only suits, but my companion here was very modern. She used to wear very short clothes many times. He also got me used to wear short clothes. I didn’t tell you her name, her full name was Simran Kaur, but everyone used to call her Simran.

We both used to wear short skirts in the room. Now seeing her, I started getting waxing done on my whole body. All the girls in my office were very turned on. My boss, who was 30 years old, had a very well-built body. He used to watch me very carefully.

But I never gave him a chance to move forward with me. When I told them the same thing about Simran, he said that he must have wanted to be friends with you and nothing else. Slowly I became friends with my boss and he started talking to me on the phone as well.

One day Simran said to me – have you and your boss done anything till now or not? I got very angry after hearing these words from Simran. I said – there is nothing like this between us, we are just friends.

Simran said- Your boss has befriended you just to fuck you. My anger increased after hearing this, I said to him in a huff – I am not like you. On this, Simran laughed and said – Whatever you wish, he will accept it only after inserting his dick in your pussy.

I also said – I am a Punjabi Sardarni. No one can even touch me like this. That’s why Simran said – I know many Sardar’s girls like you, who used to show tantrums like you earlier, but now they take the dick in their hands and put it in their pussy.

I didn’t think it right to argue with him any more. Our talk is over. A few days later my boss asked me to have dinner at a hotel, so I said yes. I went to dinner wearing a backless suit. That day Simran said to me – today you are looking amazing, stay away from your boss.

I saw myself in the mirror. My nipples were very tight and my butts were also coming out completely. Somehow I was feeling proud of myself. I went to the hotel for dinner and I realized that my boss was looking at me with work eyes.

There were other friends of his as well, all of them had come there with their girlfriends. He was joking a lot with me. Then one of the boss’s friends said to me – My birthday is coming, you must come to my party. I said – ok.

After coming from the hotel, I told Simran the whole thing. Also told to go to the birthday party of the boss’s friend. He told me – you must go to the party. After this, on the day of the birthday party, my boss gave me a gift and said – this is your party gift, today you should come wearing it.

When I opened the gift, it was a cross-back cami dress, it was very sexy. It was accompanied by a white bra and a G-string style of tights. I wore the dress in the evening on the day of the party. My full legs were visible in it and my back was also visible.

My boss picked me up and as soon as he saw me he said- Wow you are looking very sexy today. I laughed and said thanks to the boss. The party was at his friend’s farmhouse, where only his friends and their girlfriends were present.

Everyone was wearing very sexy clothes. The party started and his friends came to me with drinks. I refused to drink alcohol, but he persuaded me and made me drink some drinks. Then we all started dancing. I was dancing with my boss.

It was 10 p.m. While dancing, my boobs were touching her chest. My thighs were touching his thighs. We were both drunk. Then he started caressing me lovingly on my back. Now I was getting excited.

Then I saw that one of his friends took his friend in his lap and took her to a room upstairs. Meanwhile, my boss pulled me towards him and hugged me tightly to his chest. Due to this, a tremor started happening in my body. All my boss’s friends were looking at us.

I got very angry, but I thought this is my boss. If I say something, then the work can be spoiled, and I can also face problems in my job. The boss started caressing his hand from my back to my buttocks. I thought come on, I can tolerate this much. I was having fun too.

Then he lifted my dress, which exposed my panty. All his friends were staring at my white tights. Seeing my fair butts, his friends started saying – wow what a lot. That’s why my boss said to me in my ear – I love you.

Saying this he connected his lips to mine. This was my first kiss. I could not understand anything. I was still assuming that nothing more would happen than this. After kissing for some time, I said – everyone is watching.

Then my boss lifted me in his lap. Even then I was thinking that he will kiss me by taking me somewhere else. I closed my eyes and he took me upstairs to a room. He put me on the bed and closed the door. When the door closed, then I realized.

I started remembering God – Oh God. … Today my seal will be broken for sure. Before I could say anything, the boss climbed on top of me. He started kissing me. I also started liking his company in the trance of intoxication.

In no time, both of us were engrossed in sucking each other’s lips like crazy. After some time he started sucking my cheeks. He pressed my cheeks with his teeth and drank all their juice. After that, I didn’t even know when he made me completely naked and he also became completely naked.

When I opened my eyes and saw his dick, I was surprised. Boss’s dick was very thick and long. When a girl becomes naked in front of a man. After that nothing is left in the hands of the girl. Then it is the wish of the same man that for how long he fucks the girl.

I put my hands on my pussy. My boss was smiling. He could see my boobs, they were tight. That’s why he started squeezing my moms in his hands. I started taking narcotic sobs loudly. He was lovingly biting my nipples by pressing them with his teeth. Sometimes bites nipples, sometimes sucks them.

Till now my mind was also filled with lust. Everything was happening very fast. There was a beautiful virgin Sardarni in the hands of the boss. He was scratching my body like a hungry wolf. I could not do anything now, I could feel the marks of his teeth on my body.

After a few moments, he turned me upside down and started sucking my butt. I had lost my senses. The boss lifted my legs and started sucking my pussy like a flower. As soon as I felt the boss’s tongue on my pussy, my whole body started trembling.

My voices started coming- ah… ah… uh oh iui! After sucking my virgin boob for some time, he lifted my legs and told me to hold them. I don’t know in which item I caught hold of both my legs. After this, the boss started rubbing his dick on my pussy.

I told the boss – please don’t put it inside. He said – Nothing will happen my dear… I will just do it above, I will not put it completely inside. I got convinced that the seal of the pussy will not be broken. He was rubbing his dick on my pussy.

The more he rubbed the betel nut in my pussy slit, the more intoxicated I was getting. My heart rate had become very fast. I started to understand that today he will tear my pussy apart… What Simran had said, the same thing was happening.

Perhaps in some corner of my heart, the desire to get my pussy lace cut had started getting stronger. Boss also wanted to fuck me. That’s why I stopped thinking too. Since I was also having fun, I stopped disturbing destiny and started thinking that whatever has to happen, I will let it happen.

Boss was trying to insert his hard dick inside my pussy. But his thick dick was not able to go inside the virgin pussy. The boss put his hand on my lips and pushed the dick hard inside my pussy.

Tears came from my eyes due to this attack of fat dicks. Half the dick had gone inside. I started writhing in pain. Seeing my condition, the boss stayed for some time. Then she slowly started taking out half of the dick inside the pussy.

I had just fainted. After some time I regained consciousness. I saw that blood came out of my pussy and was on the sheet. When I put my hand down, drops of blood got on my fingers. I understood that my pussy has turned red.

Due to some greasiness in the pussy, the dick was now moving in and out quickly… My seal was broken. The boss had pushed his entire dick inside. I also started feeling less pain. After about 10 minutes, I also started having fun. His entire dick was going deep inside my pussy.

Then the boss held my mom tightly with both hands and started pushing her hard in the pussy. He had made my teats like pudding by mashing them, my teats had become bad. But due to this, I was feeling less pain due to my sex.

Now intoxicated sounds started coming out of my mouth – ummah… ahh… hih… yah… died… ahh… After this, my boss left me and made me a mare. Then by pulling dicks from behind, he started fucking me hard. I felt that the sensuous sounds of my fucking were going out of the room as well.

This was my first fuck, but my boss did not pity me. He was hitting me so hard that my stomach and legs were trembling. In all this, the pain was nothing in front of the fun of taking dick in her pussy. I was having fun too. At the same time, I was feeling as if some dick had already entered my pussy.

My heart was doing just keep my fuck going like this. What fun dick gives, it is known only after going into the pussy. The boss slapped my fair butts and made them red. Then I saw that my mother’s call was coming on my phone.

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I picked up the phone my mother said – why were you not picking up the phone? I replied that I had fallen asleep. Mummy said – Why are you short of breath? I said – my eyes are open now, I was dreaming… and maybe that’s why it happened.

During this, the boss’s dick was inside my pussy. Now I was feeling pain as well as having a lot of fun. That’s why the boss slowly started taking the dick inside and out. I was controlling a lot so that mummy might not get suspicious of my voice.

My mother was asking about my well-being. She was praising me a lot, but how did she know that her daughter is getting her boss fucked. Then my boss increased his speed and the sounds of Pachak Pachak started coming.

My mother said – there is some sound in the middle, what is this sound? I said nothing, the person with me is indicating to sleep. Mummy said – Ok son, take care of yourself bye. 

As soon as I disconnected the call, I said to the boss – Friend, you did not even have patience for some time… you have a naked Sardarni lying in front of you… she is ready to give you fun in every way. What would have happened to me if Mother had come to know, now whatever you have to do… do it quickly.

The boss slapped my buttocks hard and said – what do you think, I will leave you like this. My life has just been up all night. I will fuck your pussy all night and make it into a meatloaf. Anyway, virgin Sardarni’s pussy is not available every day.

Saying this, he started jerking loudly. My pussy was getting used to it, it had shed twice. For about two minutes, the boss fucked me at high speed and removed all his semen from my pussy.

He said while flinching – for some time we rest … and then we will start fucking you. He was talking to me about sex. He said – did you enjoy it? I said – yes, it was a lot of fun, but there was a pain too.

He said – When I saw you for the first time, I had thought at the same time that I will tear the pussy of this Sardarni. I have fucked many Sardarni in the past too, but the taste that I got in the fuck of a virgin Sardarni, was not found in those already fucked.

Only then it came to my mind that this man is a hunter, he has hunted me. Now I could not do anything. My pussy was now of his dick. My pussy’s blood was on the bed. I never thought that my first kiss would be like this.

He kissed me and said – I was infatuated with your round butts and round breasts. I was listening to him. He further said – You were looking like a commodity at dinner, that’s why I had made a plan to fuck you. Now your ass and boobs will be bigger than before.

I was just having fun. The boss said – Now you have to make my dick stand again. Take the dick in your mouth. He cleaned his dick with cloth and gave it in my mouth and took my pussy in his mouth. His dick was very thick. He became very hard due to my sucking.

Then he picked me up and made me lie to him. Again put my dick in my pussy and again my fuck started. Now the pain was also reducing and I was enjoying the first sex too. Boss closed my lips with his lips and started a hard fuck.

The voices of Pachak Pachak were echoing throughout the whole room. My pussy was now wide open. The boss was pushing me very hard. Meanwhile, his dick came out of my pussy, then I put the dick in my pussy with my hands.

At the same time, I remembered Simran’s words, when he said that like you, she puts dicks in her pussy. I smiled to myself. After some time the boss stood up and lifted me in his lap and started fucking me. That night my boss fucked me on many rugs.

He was playing with me like a toy. Sometimes he would fuck me upside down, sometimes he would lift my legs and start fucking hard. The boss hurt my mom so much, but my nipples so much and pressed them with his fingers that I forgot their pain.

Because I was drunk in my fuck. My pussy was numb. I didn’t even know how many times I had fallen till now. In between sex, the boss made me drink pegs several times, which used to make me conscious. As soon as I regained consciousness, my sex used to start again. He kept fucking me all night.

My sex stopped at 3 in the night. He had filled my pussy with his semen. The boss hugged me tightly to his chest. I didn’t have any senses, I just knew that today my pussy has become a Bhosda. Now it will never be the same again.

We both slept sticking naked. The next day at 10 in the morning when my eyes opened, I saw that the boss was already up. When I looked at myself, it seemed as if all the juice had been squeezed out of me. My breasts were in pain… they were very red. My pussy was swollen. When I started walking, I felt pain all over my body.

I saw myself in the mirror. My whole body had turned red. The boss made me feel bad by fucking me all night. Then my boss came into the room. He picked me up and took me to the bathroom. I was having pain even while urinating.

I looked at him with a feeling of dread, then he said – don’t worry, it happens the first time. He also applied a cream on my pussy. That day my stomach also got upset. I had to take pills to prevent pregnancy.

The boss dropped me in my room and came. When Simran came and saw me, she said- Hey, your boss has drunk all your juice. After that, I changed a lot. Now my boobs have grown and my bum came out.

Boss now started taking me somewhere every Saturday and used to fuck me a lot. How did you like my virgin pussy fuck story, must tell. Thank you. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

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