Boy fucked his mother-in-law after divorce | mother sex story

Boy fucked his mother-in-law after divorce | mother sex story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan from Delhi, I am here to tell you the story that’s named “Boy fucked his mother-in-law after divorce | mother sex story“, I am sure you all will love it.

Friends, my name is Tarun and I am a divorced man of 40 years. I got divorced just 4 months ago. Right now I am completely single and alone, so if there is a needy woman or girl, then she can contact me. Ha ha haha, well that was a joke.

Actually I want to tell you the story of my divorce. Now you will say, man, what is new in the story of divorce, there are many people of the world. But after listening to my story you will say, Man, why did we not have the same fate as you, then listen. It is said that when I was only 42 years old and till then I was not married.

In fact, I was in a big government position, and because of this I had relations with many ladies of my own office and other offices under me. The simple thing is that I work in the education board and I do the transfers of the teachers. So in lieu of stopping their transfers, many madams used to offer themselves to me many times.

Now the talk was made with two or four, then I played many other madams through them. There was a maid in the house, who used to clean and cook food. She was already set with me. So there was no shortage of Bhonsdi. The salary was also good. Bai used to give double money from her salary, so she also did not take the name of leaving.

Whatever girl was my girlfriend, I also brought her to my house and Bai also knew that I was enjoying my youth very much. Many times he would bring a new madam to the house in front of Bai and openly beat her bosom, Bai had seen me many times beating other women. so bye, oh man her name is Shushmita. So I have done a lot of sex in front of Shushmita.

Now it happened in such a way that I changed a girl from our own city. I did not know her but that girl Maya came to meet me through one of my known madam. That girl of about 35-36 years old, fair complexion, normal stature… But I found her very naive to see.

Now if he has been transferred out of the city to the village, then it becomes difficult for him to come and know. He talked to his friend, she was his friend and so was my friend. He did the setting with Maya and both of them came to my house one evening. Now Aisha had come with me, so I thought Maya must have come from home with a mood.

But when I asked Aisha, Aisha told that the condition of Maya’s house is very bad, she has a brother who is a drug addict, a widowed mother, and all the responsibility of the house is on this girl. That’s why he hasn’t married yet. I asked – so are you still a virgin? Aisha said – Maybe it can happen.

I said to Aisha- Man Aisha, you know that I play freely, you have suffered me, will this also be able to bear me? Aisha said – I will talk to this in detail and I will tell you after asking. But I had told this much that if you want to stop your badli, you will have to loosen the pulse of your salwar. And for that it agreed after some confusion.

Means Maya was ready to kiss, but till now she did not know from which bull she was going to fall, who kneads the girl lying under her like dough, makes her cry, tortures her. Well, I told Aisha to explain the whole thing to Maya, after revealing everything to her, then after knowing her opinion, asked to tell me, and sent it. And also assured that I will get her replaced, wherever she says, there.

After two days I was walking in the market when suddenly Maya appeared in front of me. After Namaste I asked him- Hey you have come here to get something in the market? She said – No sir, this is our house, nearby! And she took me to her house.

The house was nice. At home I also met Maya’s mother and brother. His mother will be around 52-55 years old. The fair chitti was beautiful in appearance, used to dye hair, so she looked young. The brother did not even know who had come to his house. Seeing me, he went out.

Maya made me drink tea, and told the whole story of her life. Hearing her sad story, my heart sank, but this thought was coming again and again in the bastard’s mind that both mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are tremendous, if I can beat them, then whom should I impress.

Both mother and daughter had water in their eyes, but my cock started leaving water. After that there were many such occasions, when I got a chance to go to Maya’s house, gradually both of us came closer to each other. I first got Maya’s brother admitted to a drug de-addiction center. And when he got well, arranged for him to go to Singapore.

Now only mother and daughter were left in the house, so I openly made every effort to impress Maya and I was successful. One day while having coffee in the hotel, I proposed to Maya and she agreed. Very soon both of us got married.

After marriage, Maya came to my house as my wife, so along with my mother-in-law also came in dowry. Well, I had no problem with mother-in-law because she used to sit in her room all day doing bhajans. Used to be with us only for dinner.

My house is two storey, so one room on the top floor belonged to mother-in-law and the whole house below was with both of us. So after marriage, I had a lot of fun with my wife. At night, when mother-in-law would go to her room and sleep, we Mian Biwi would roam around the house naked and have sex everywhere.

Now because before marriage, I was only chudid, so until the woman did not make a fuss while getting it done, I did not enjoy it at all. So I slapped my wife very vigorously like a scoundrel, and gradually got used to making noises and saying hello while kissing her too.

In the excitement of a new marriage, we both forgot that there is another woman in the house, whose youth has not left her yet. And I came to know about this one day, how to listen to that. I used to go on tour many times outside my office work. And my wife had a nine to five job. One day I had to go on a tour, but that tour got canceled at the last minute, so I thought it was appropriate to come back home.

When I came home, I saw mother-in-law sitting at the back of the house washing clothes. But that was not the only thing. The nightie she was wearing was completely drenched, and her large neck was slung forward, giving a view to her stomach. Seeing the two hanging but still big and fair mummies, my heart also swelled. But not only Mama, because of which he had lifted his nightie down to his knees, because of that his fair, thick fleshy thighs were also visible bare.

At first I was watching this view from the window, but then I thought why not surprise my mother-in-law a little bit, see how she reacts when she sees me right in front of her. So I opened the door very comfortably and went to him – Hey, you are doing laundry here, why? Wouldn’t Maya wash on a holiday? Seeing me mother-in-law was a little shocked, but not as much as I thought. Nor did he make any special effort to fix his clothes.

At that moment a bell rang in my mind that why a mother-in-law is so slow to hide her nakedness from her son-in-law. Does it matter to her that her son-in-law is watching more than half of her body naked? Or she is careless just because she treats me like her son, but mother hides her nakedness even from son. Or she intentionally wants to show me all this.
This third thought shook me from inside.

I thought that in the night that I lick my wife like a scrubber, and the noise she makes, all that must be listening to my mother-in-law. So does mother-in-law’s youth also fluctuate, she changes sides at night, yearns to kiss, the fire of lust burns in her body too.

At that time, my mother-in-law was finding me more sexy than my wife. But mother-in-law got up from there and got up and went to the kitchen and started cooking for me. Of course he saw me staring at his bare body, but he didn’t react, it was just normal. But in my pants, my penis agonized.

Of course, I had seen mother-in-law many times before with thirsty eyes and had measured her body with my lustful eyes. But today as mother-in-law was also wishing that no matter son-in-law, look at my body as much as you want. When mother-in-law brought a plate of food, she had cured her nightie’s throat. But still his nightie’s throat was big and when he bowed down and placed the plate of food in front of me, I could see both of his mummies, nipples, stomach and thighs.

My bastard mind told me that the old lady is on the flame, and that’s why she is performing so much organ. I started thinking what to do, eat food first, or should I catch my mother-in-law. The taste in my mouth got worse. I chewed a couple of mouthfuls of roti, but I was not having any fun in roti. Work was on my mind.

My heart was wanting to go and tear the mother-in-law’s nightie, and make the old lady naked and smother her. I was in great trouble. Then mother-in-law came from the front, holding a glass of water in her hand, came and placed the glass in front of me.

I stammered and said – Mother….ji, today I am not in the mood to eat bread. She said – then what else will you eat?I said- you… you! I told it… but my ass was torn. Mother-in-law looked at me and got up and left. I became more restless.

Then I put the morsel of bread on the plate and got up and went after mother-in-law, suddenly took her in his arms from behind. Mother-in-law shocked – Hey son-in-law, what are you doing, leave me. But work was on my head, I grabbed both of their mothers and mashed them and said – no… Komal… don’t stop me today, let me take care of my mind today. And I grabbed mother-in-law’s nightie by the neck and started tearing.

The thin cloth of the nightie got torn by my slightest force. Then I tore his entire night and separated it from his body. And my dear mother-in-law was lying naked on the floor in front of me. I unbuttoned my pants, took off my shirt, and completely naked lay down on my mother-in-law.

She was lying a little crooked, so I started to rub my cock on her ass and holding her mum and kissing her face started licking. “Oh…my sweetheart…my dear Komal, since when I was longing to drink the juice of your beauty, today my vow has been fulfilled. Oh… my… dear, my sexy mother-in-law… what a cool body is yours, full round ass, fat fat momma, you are the goddess of sex!” Saying this, I put my hands all over his body.

She kept refusing me lying down – no son-in-law, you are like my son, you do not commit this sin, you touch my feet by calling me mother, be the husband of my only daughter. You should not do this. I said – I know that I should not do this. But Komal, this is your beauty, if you have not tasted it, then what is the use of my life, don’t stop me now, let whatever happens happen.

And I made my mother-in-law lie down straight… and more… opened her legs. The old lady… seems to have been cleaning her pussy’s hair often, that’s why her fringes were very few. As soon as possible, I put my taut cock on his udder and then pelted it inside. The old lady’s pud was also wet, so my penis slipped inside very comfortably. In the second push, my whole cock was in my mother-in-law’s puddle.

I grabbed both the hands of my mother-in-law and pulled her back and then sucked hard on her lips, cheeks, chin, shoulders, mother, mother-in-law bites her teeth, chews on her nipples. The old lady was very in pain and because of these misdeeds of mine, her lust for sex also flared up.

The woman who was just stopping me, she was lying comfortably with both her legs spread and was supporting me equally in kisses. Now his words had changed, instead of ‘leave it son-in-law, leave son-in-law’, ‘fuck me son-in-law, and harder’ started saying.

The sexiness of his waning youth was adding to my zeal as well. I got up and took my mother-in-law by the hand and took her to my bedroom and dropped her on the bed. “Komal, on this bed your daughter makes me kiss everyday, today you will also give me your eyebrows on this bed.”

I fell on him and he quickly opened his legs and held me in his arms. “Now there is no daughter, no mother, no son-in-law or mother-in-law… it is only us now. Only two of us are in love… and nothing else. My mother-in-law grabbed my cock and put it on her pussy.

I drank the cock again. And this time blessed mother-in-law. Because my style was that of power play, so I also treated it mercilessly like a scoundrel. When I got off my mother-in-law’s ride after half an hour of long sex, my thick white semen was sucking out of her puddle.

There were marks on his mummies and on many parts of the body due to my lip-sucking and tooth-biting. Mmmm and bum were reddened by the beating of my manly hands. She had become like a robbed woman who was robbed by her son-in-law.

I got up and went to the bathroom, came back after taking a bath, then mother-in-law had already set my bed again. I quickly picked up my car and went back to the office. Going to the office, I thought a lot that what I did today, whether I did it right or wrong. But the pleasure of fucking a foreign woman is something else, and I too got immersed in this pleasure.

I started coming home often to eat food. I used to eat food later… First, I used to fuck my mother-in-law. She would also wait for me, on my request, she would feed me completely naked, entertain me while I was eating, show me dancing and dancing naked, if I ate bread, she would suck my cock under the table.

Within a few days, I even opened my mother-in-law’s ass with my cock. I wish there is some chance when i can have fun with my mother-in-law even at night. But now that the whole in-laws were with me, there was no question of going to my wife’s maternal house.

For 5-6 months this work of both of us went very well. Mother-in-law had accepted me as her husband with her whole heart. When we were alone in the house, she would talk to me as if she were my wife. He used to talk less than me only in front of my wife. But often after happiness comes sorrow.

One day when I came home to eat, my mother-in-law lovingly served me food. Now when the sex program was there, both of us had already removed our clothes. Both of them were sitting on the table barefoot and eating together when my wife came in from the front.

We had this that she would come after 5 o’clock. But how did this happen, how did she come back? When he saw our condition, his volcano of anger erupted. He abused both of us a lot, he told a lot of lies. Rather, in anger, he even tried to commit suicide, but I explained a lot to him. Of course the wife’s anger cooled down, but she demanded a divorce from me.

I also thought that now this relationship cannot continue, so I also agreed. Divorced, both mother and daughter left my house and went to their old house. I was lonely again. But one day I found my mother-in-law in the market. I talked to him. At first she didn’t want to talk, but I convinced her.

We both sat in a coffee shop and I talked to him for a long time, explained to him a lot. After that we both started meeting again. Then one day I brought mother-in-law to my house, and that day I again fucked her. Perhaps she also wanted the same, her thirsty for months, her pussy released a lot of water.

When she started leaving after sex, she said – Neeraj, now I cannot live without you, I miss you day and night. You and Maya are divorced. Could it be that you marry me and we will be united again. I asked – and what will you do with Maya?

When I was Maya’s husband, my greed got me to make a chutiyapa that I used to fuck my mother-in-law. Tomorrow when you will come as my wife and my ex-wife will become my daughter, then what will you do if my mind becomes dirty on her? Maya has been my wife, I have suffered her too much, have fucked her in every way, want to fuck her again, or if we have a re-setting somewhere, then what will you do? Maya could not see her own mother becoming her sister.

Will you tolerate if your own daughter becomes your sister? Mother-in-law thought something – because she was your wife earlier, and you have experienced her, then if the relationship between you two is established again, then I will not mind.

After some time mother-in-law left. I started thinking how it would feel to have both mother and daughter in the same bed with me. 

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