I Convinced My Sober Mausi to Enjoy Sex – Mausi Fuck Story

I Convinced My Sober Mausi to Enjoy Sex – Mausi Fuck Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story of a boy that’s named “I Convinced My Sober Mausi to Enjoy Sex – Mausi Fuck Story“. He will tell you his story, I am sure you all will love it.

The cousin sister of my mother gave me the pleasure of a hot mausi fuck story. When I went to my maternal uncle’s house for a wedding, I met her there. How did I prepare her for sex?

My name is Seeraj. My age is 24 years. I am a normal guy weighing 58 kgs and live in Delhi. I look after sales and purchases in a company.

Without making the story too long, I will write in brief.
This hot mausi chudai story is about the sex relationship between me and my mausi.

mausi’s name is Ashika.
Before that, I would like to tell you all about my village. My village is in Uttar Pradesh.

It was about February 2019, when I went to my maternal uncle’s house for a wedding function.
Then I met my youngest mausi Ashika for the first time. She is the daughter of my mother’s cousin’s sister’s daughter.

Ashika Mausi’s complexion is not very fair but she is very beautiful and attractive in appearance.
Her figure is 32-28-34 and she is 2 years younger than me i.e. 22 years old. She was not married till then.

As soon as I saw Ashika, I felt like fucking her… and why not… She has such an innocent face and a killer figure.

My attention was going again and again on her intoxicated Big Ass that came out in round shape.
In the beginning, we did not talk much, but after living together for a day or two, we both became good friends and because of our age, I started calling her by name.

We both started spending almost the whole day together.
While talking together, sometimes they used to go to the market together and started spending their time laughing and joking.

If there was a marriage function, more relatives had to come.
Due to more relatives, 5-6 people used to sleep in one room.

She also used to sleep in the same room as mine.

One day she came to sleep with me and fell asleep talking to me.

It was 12 o’clock in the night, and everyone was asleep, but I couldn’t sleep because my dear Mausi was sleeping beside me.

At first, I was a little scared, then with great courage I put one hand on her breasts and started caressing her lightly.
When she took a turn, I got scared and removed my hand.

Then when she fell asleep again, I pressed her Big Boobs lightly.
After pressing like this for some time, I started moving my one hand over her salwar and over her pussy.

After doing this for some time, I also fell asleep.
Then the next day all the same laughter and fun started. (Mausi Fuck Story)

After doing some work etc. the day ended, everyone had to eat dinner and went to sleep in their respective rooms.

Both of us also came to our place and even today she came to sleep with me.
Then the same thing happened.

mausi fell asleep after talking for some time.
After she slept, I started doing the same thing again.

This time the fear was over, so I put my hand in her salwar and started fingering her pussy from the top of the panty.

After some time, a sigh came out of her mouth, listening to which I came to know that she was acting while sleeping.

I openly started fingering her pussy. I said softly in Mausi’s ear – Mausi, I know you are awake. If you are having fun then join us. We can enjoy this moment better. (Mausi Fuck Story)

So she opened her eyes and started looking at me.
I started licking her lips without delay.

After some time she also started supporting me.

Seeing the opportunity, I again put my one hand in her salwar and started caressing her pussy from the top of the panty.

mausi’s breathing quickened and she became more excited and started sucking my lips.

Then I separated a little and said in her ear that we go outside, if someone gets up here there will be trouble.

Ashika agreed to this and we went outside. Looking around, we came out and went to the bathroom.
After going there we both hugged each other, started sucking and biting each other’s lips.

Looking at her, it seemed as if she is thirsty for cocks for a long time.

While sucking her lips, I put my hand inside her shirt and started pressing her breasts.
Due to this, she started getting more enthusiastic. (Mausi Fuck Story)

Then she caught hold of my five-and-a-half-inch long and two-inch thick cock from the top of the pant… and started rubbing it.

I took off her bra along with her suit and threw it on the side and started pressing her breasts, filling my mouth and sucking it.

Her sobs were getting louder, she started making muffled sounds of ‘Aah hmmmm oooh…’.

She immediately said – suck my boobs. (Mausi Fuck Story)
I pressed one of her milk in my lips and pulled the nipple and started sucking.

She started sucking her milk from me with sweet pain.
In the same way, I sucked both her moms alternately.
Her nipples had turned red.

Slowly I started kissing and licking all over her body, making her more excited.

I also took off her salwar and put my mouth on her pussy hidden between both legs.

Unaware of this pleasure, her body started trembling and I started moving my tongue in and out of her pussy. (Mausi Fuck Story)

Now she could not stand it, so I made her lie down in the bathroom and quickly took off her clothes.

I have reached the age of 69.
Her pussy turned towards my mouth and my cock towards her mouth.

Ashika was so excited that as soon as I put my cock towards her, she started sucking it.

She was not looking very expert in sucking cocks but was able to do the job.

We both must have sucked each other’s cock and pussy for about 10 minutes. Then she said – the sun is no longer going, please put it inside quickly. I was just waiting for this.

On hearing this, I straightened up and came between her legs and started rubbing my cock on her pussy.
Cries like Aaah Hmmm Ooo were coming out of her mouth.
I was having a lot of fun.

I started pressing on her pussy with my cock and a little cock (upper part of the cock) went inside.

Her pussy was tight, so she started moaning slightly with pain.
Maybe it was her first time.

Then I pressed her lips in mine and pushed the cock completely into her pussy with 2-3 bumps.

Tears were coming from her eyes, so I stopped for a while.

I waited for her to become normal and kept kissing her.

After some time she lifted her Tight Pussy from below and shook her waist.
She started trying to take my cock inside and out.
From this, I understood that now the time has come to fuck.

I also started taking the cock inside and out but comfortably and with great love.
After about two minutes I started increasing the speed.
Along with this, she also started pressing and biting her breasts.

She was getting fucked in full fun.
Then suddenly she started pressing me hard towards her and started saying- make the sun more intense, I am about to come ah… just like that… more intense hmmmmm!

While saying this, she started ejaculating and started pulling my cock inside her pussy.
She fell.
I kept my speed fast and kept on fucking.

Then I asked her to come in the doggy position, so she quickly came in the doggy position.
I put mine in her pussy from behind and started fucking.

Now the sound of Fuch Fuch started coming from her pussy.
I was kissing her on the back while fucking her from behind.
Just like that, we had sex for about ten minutes.

Then I made her stand up and put one of her feet on the table kept there.
I started fucking by putting cock in her pussy from the front.
She fell once more in this condition.

Now my time was also about to happen, so after fucking her in the same state for some time, I made her lie on her back again. Coming between both her legs, I started fucking her.

By now it was too late for us to fuck.
After fucking for some more time, I was about to ejaculate. (Mausi Fuck Story)

I asked – where to take out?
So she asked to be taken out.

I put 10-12 more pushes and took the cock out of the Pink Pussy and spilt all the juice on her pussy.
I lay down on top of her.

The satisfaction she got from this sex could be clearly seen on her face.
She also said – I will always remember this fuck.

Then after some time, we cleaned each other and after getting dressed, I carefully looked outside the bathroom.
Seeing the way clear, we both went to our room and slept.

The next day she told me that for the first time when I put my hand on her mom while she was sleeping, she got up only then but she did the act of sleeping.

After that I did Hot mausi Chudai many times; Once even went to her house and fucked her.

Now she is married and even now whenever we get a chance, we fuck.

So friends, how was my and my hot mausi fuck story? Do let me know by email.

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