I Got Satisfaction by Newly Married Aunty | Mami Sex Story

I Got Satisfaction by Newly Married Aunty | Mami Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “I Got Satisfaction by Seductive Married Mami | Mami Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Mami Sex story of my first sex with Mami. I used to stay with my mama for my studies. Mama’s new marriage had taken place. Read how I fucked Mami. Friends, I am Nitin, a resident of Lucknow and a regular reader of Wildfantasy.

I have read many stories in Wildfantasy, so I also thought that I should also share my story on Wildfantasy with all of you. This is my first Mami Sex story in sublimation. I hope you all will definitely like it.

First of all, let me introduce myself to all of you.

I am 25 years old, 5’10 in height and my penis is about 7″ inches. From the very beginning, my interest in sex has been more than that, and more than that my luck has been kind to me. It is about those days when I was staying at my mama’s house for 12th standard studies.

My mama was a lawyer by profession, so he used to be busy with court work all day and I used to stay alone at home. In the second year, my mama’s marriage was fixed, so I also went with everyone to see the girl.

I liked the girl so much that for a while I forgot that I had come to see the girl not for myself but for my mama. His height was 5’4″ and his complexion was milky white. He was wearing a suit of light blue color and put a scarf on top. Her boobs were erect but of normal size adding to her beauty.

After about two months mama got married and Mami came home. I used to get on well with my Mami. It was winter and I used to go to Mami’s room to watch TV as usual and used to watch TV lying comfortably on her double bed.

One day I fell asleep watching TV just like that. Mami came to her room after finishing her work and without disturbing me went to the other side and lay down. I didn’t know when I went towards him after turning in my sleep. When I woke up, the entire quilt was ablaze with the heat of Mami’s body and the heady scent of her body was emanating from the entire quilt.

Then for the first time, I realized that there is hardly any other natural heater in the world that is hotter and better than a young woman. When I saw that Mami was in deep sleep, my mind got aroused to see Mami sleeping. I slipped closer to Mami and started trying to touch Mami’s feet with my feet.

Mami was wearing a saree. I tried to slowly move my Mami’s saree up with my feet. But inside I was also feeling a little scared because till now everything was normal between us… This means we were just like good friends. When I felt that Mami was still sleeping in a deep sleep, my courage increased and I kept my hand on her waist and started groping.

And I was doing all this with my eyes closed so that even if my Mami woke up, it would appear as if I am pacing in my sleep. Mami’s body was very smooth and soft like butter, and with that touch, my breath became more intense and the cock became like an iron rod. But that day I did not have the courage to do anything more than this, so I got up and went to another room and fell asleep.

The next day back when I was watching TV I started pretending to sleep as soon as Mami came and after half an hour when I felt that now Mami is asleep then I started my activities again. Today Mami was wearing a gown. I slowly moved her gown upwards. He was not wearing anything from inside today.

I thought in my mind that today the lottery has happened. I looked at Mami again and with courage started moving my hand on her white thighs and slowly took my hand to her pussy. There was very light hair on her pussy and the pussy was burning like a hot furnace. I dared a little more and started moving my finger on Mami’s pussy and Mami’s pussy was slowly being caressed.

Little by little sticky water was seeping from the pussy, due to which my infatuation flared up and I got excited and caressed my cock with one hand and Mami’s pussy with the other hand. After some time the Mami swore a little and the pussy got drenched with water.

Because at that time I neither had that much knowledge about a woman’s pussy nor had that much experience that what and how happens in the extreme pleasure of women.
That’s why he could not even understand how did Mami’s pussy become so watery. I was just enjoying playing with her pussy.

After extracting my mother’s water, when my water also went out, I also slept comfortably. After all this, I was also afraid that my Mami might not know. And if I came to know that my Mami said something to my Mama, then I would be shocked. But neither my Mami said anything to me nor did my mama say anything, so it was confirmed that I am safe.

But now Mami’s way of talking and her behavior with me seemed to have changed a bit. As I told you my mama was a lawyer by profession, so he had to go out for two days in connection with some case.

Now my Mami and I were going to stay together for two days and three nights because my mama had gone saying that you should put your bed upstairs. I’m going out of work for two days. If you need some goods, bring them from the market.

After listening to my mama’s words, I was feeling as if the mama is saying that for 2 days mama is only yours, so take good care of him. The day just passed by. At night, my Mami and I came to my Mami’s room after having dinner and I started making my bed. Mami saw me putting on the bed and said – why are you sleeping there? Sleep on the bed itself. On one side you sleep and on the other side, I will sleep.

I was just waiting for this and immediately came to bed without delay. I said – Mami, you go to sleep. I’ll watch TV for a while. So Mami said – no problem, let’s watch TV together today. Put whatever you like. I like Hollywood movies so I put an English movie. It was full of romantic scenes.

While watching the movie, he asked- Have you ever done anything with anyone or do you get entertained only by watching romantic movies? Mami talked about Sex, then I said in reply – I never got such an opportunity. If I ever get a chance, I can do better than this movie.

As soon as I said this, she said fiercely – what were you doing that day? Take advantage of the opportunity. And smiled. I kept saying that, that, and that… and could not say much.
Mami said – Do you have the courage to fulfill the incomplete opportunity that was left that day?

Now I had got the green signal, just the long drive was left to go. As soon as Mami spoke so much, I came close to Mami and put my lips on Mami’s lips, and slowly started kissing Mami’s juicy lips. Now Mami had completely opened up and was giving full support to me.

His lips were so soft that even today I can feel them on my lips. After this, I took off his gown. Mami’s nipples were not very big but very beautiful. Without delay, I filled a teat in my mouth and started sucking hard, then Mami said – do it comfortably, now you have been lying all night, will you eat?

When I took the other hand on Mami’s pussy, I realized that this time Mami’s pussy was completely clean and much wet than before. I caressed the pussy with great love. Mami said – take off your clothes too or will you do everything only? I quickly took off my clothes and threw them here and there because I was in such a hurry that it was not possible for me to stop even for a moment.

As soon as I took off my clothes, Mami started moving back and forth by holding my cock, due to which my cock got stretched and came in full size. When I could not resist, I started trying to put my cock in Mami’s pussy. The top of the cock was so swollen that it was slipping from the pussy again and again.

Mami said- wait… let me do it. Then Mami widened her pussy and said – Now pour! With great difficulty, the cock must have gone inside only 2 inches, then the mother’s sigh came out and she said – take it easy, it hurts.

I said – you get fucked every day, still, it is hurting? Mami said – Yours is a little bigger than hers, that’s why it hurt. I was so excited that I could not contain myself and I collapsed within 2-3 minutes. After about 10 minutes, my cock was erect again, so I said to my Mami – I want to do it from behind i.e. in the doggy position.

So Mami gave a murderous smile and bent forward and turned her ass towards me. Friends… what a sight it was! Mami’s ass was absolutely fair and smooth. A small pink hole in the middle of whose crack… I was feeling like putting my cock in the same hole!

But I thought that her ass is so cute… I will fuck her again with great satisfaction. Then I put my cock on Mami’s pussy slowly put the whole cock in Mami’s pussy and started fucking with full force. Mami’s sigh was coming out with every blow which was making me intoxicated.

This time I kept on fucking for about 20 minutes and during this Mami ejaculated 2 times, which Mami later told me herself. That night we had sex 3 times and slept naked hugging each other. When I woke up in the morning, Mami was making breakfast in the kitchen. When I went and held my Mami tightly from behind, she said – brush your teeth, breakfast is ready.

And winked and said – Eat and drink well… Have to work hard today. After that fuck my life changed, now almost every day I fuck my Mami’s pussy and became a staunch player of pussy. After that, I also fucked Mami’s sister, which I will tell you about in my next story.

Friends, how did you like my Mami Sex story? Do let me know by mail. I look forward to your response. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “wildfantasystory.com

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