Me And My Hostel Maid’s Daughter – Maid Girl Sex Story

Me And My Hostel Maid’s Daughter – Maid Girl Sex Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Me And My Hostel Maid’s Daughter – Maid Girl Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Maid Girl Sex Story is of the virgin daughter of my hostel maid who lived there. I liked her and dreamed of fucking her. How did she get fucked?

My dear readers, My name is Yogesh and I am from Bhopal.

I was preparing for a government job by staying in a hostel in Bhopal.

A maid used to work in our hostel and lived there with her son and daughter.
Her daughter was a 19-year-old girl and her name was Maya.

Maya was very beautiful, if you look at her then your penis will also become erect.
Her boobs were very big. To help her mother, Maya used to sweep our floor and also bring our lunch boxes. (Maid Girl Sex Story)

I liked her from the beginning and I used to dream of fucking her.

I slowly started befriending her by giving her chocolates or small gifts several times.

One day, I jokingly held Maya’s hand forcefully, but she smiled and gave the green signal to my courage.

After which I used to touch Maya jokingly many times and also make double-meaning jokes.

Normally, I used to take a bath in the bathroom of the back verandah of the hostel.

One day I hurriedly entered the bathroom wearing only underwear to take a bath and kicked the bathroom door, which opened the latch of the bathroom door and opened the door.

Maya was taking a bath in the bathroom.
There was not a single cloth on her body, she was bathing completely naked.

Her back was towards me. Then I thought that today I would fuck her and so I immediately turned the doorknob and closed the door.

I told her- You are very beautiful.
She felt shy which boosted my courage and I came and stood close to her.

As soon as I came closer to her, my penis in the underwear became more erect and she looked at my thick big penis enclosed in the underwear and made a face with surprise.
Her eyes widened and she felt a glow on her face. (Maid Girl Sex Story)

I went near her and started kissing her lips.
At first she opposed but then she also started supporting me.

Then I started pressing her boobs hard with my hands due to which she started moaning.

I put one of my fingers in the Tight Pussy of that young girl and started moving it in and out and sucking the boobs.

Due to the excitement in her pussy, she became hot and while supporting me, she hugged me tightly and started sighing.

When the water came out, we both took a bath together and went towards our respective rooms.

She said- My brother has gone to school and mother will go to the doctor’s house to sweep as usual. When she leaves I will come to your room. I understood that the young girl is desperate for sex.

After some time, Maya came to my room after getting ready and closed the door of the room.
I was sitting in just a vest and underwear and reading a book.

Maya came and sat on my lap and started playing with my hair with her fingers.
I kept caressing and kissing her over her clothes, due to which she started drowning in lust.

Now I made her lie down on the bed and started kissing her vigorously. (Maid Girl Sex Story)

We both started kissing each other to our heart’s content, it seemed as if we wanted to bite and eat our lips. Both of us had turned our lips bloody red while kissing.

While kissing Maya, I removed her shirt.
She was not wearing a bra under her shirt.

I started licking her Big Boobs and in between started biting her nipples hard.
She was very much engrossed in lust and started moaning loudly while clinging to me.

Then she took off Maya’s salwar and started caressing her thigh.

Slowly I started licking her thigh with my tongue.
Then I took off her panty, spread her legs and started licking her pussy.
A salty taste was coming from her pussy.

Then Maya took off all my clothes and started licking my entire body like ice cream.
She was troubling me by biting the nipples of my boobs with her teeth.
During this time she was shaking my penis vigorously. (Maid Girl Sex Story)

After some time, both of us came into the 69 position.
I was tasting her pussy and she was sucking my penis like a lollipop.

Maya put my entire penis up to her throat several times and made my entire penis wet with her spit.

Due to the spit from her mouth, not only my entire penis but also the wetness had dripped to the hole of my ass.

During this time, when I was licking her pussy, she was so engrossed in sexual lust that she pressed my entire mouth between her thighs and my entire tongue entered inside her pussy, feeling the softness of her pussy.

Then we straightened up and started kissing again.
After some time, I placed my penis on the mouth of her pussy and pushed.

The penis had just gone inside a little and she screamed – Ah… do it slowly, it hurts a lot.
But I ignored her and pushed slowly and inserted my entire penis into her pussy.

She clung to my chest like a small child and started digging her nails into my back.

When she started tolerating the pain and started enjoying sex, she spread both her legs to give easy passage to my penis.

Maya repeatedly raises her waist and then lowers it, which means that she has started enjoying sex. Then I fucked her in two-three styles.

At last, I made Maya lie down under me and put my full weight on her and started fucking her with full force with my penis. (Maid Girl Sex Story)

When my penis came out after measuring the depth of her pussy, a thumping sound was heard due to our friction. The enthusiasm of both of us was doubling due to that voice.

When I felt that my penis was about to release its semen, I placed it on Maya’s mouth.
Maya started sucking my penis like a lollipop and swallowed all my semen in her mouth.

Even after all the semen had come out, Maya kept moving her tongue on the head of my penis for several minutes due to which I was feeling a strange tickling sensation.

We both remained lying clinging to each other for some time.

After some time, Maya massaged my penis with copra oil.
Then I came in 69 position and started massaging Maya’s pussy and Big Ass with oil.

When my penis became erect, Maya started sucking it and making Qutub Minar.

I also started sucking her pussy and massaged her ass and started warming it up by inserting my finger in her ass.

Now I made Maya sit in bitch style and inserted my penis into her pussy.

I fucked her pussy for a short while and after pouring a lot of oil on her ass, I started opening her ass hole with the favstick lying nearby.

She was slowly moaning as the Favistick went in and out of her ass hole and during that time I was moving my finger in and out of her pussy with the other hand.

When I felt that Maya was ready to get fucked in the ass, I applied a lot of oil on my penis.

I placed the tip of my penis on Maya’s ass hole and started rubbing it on her ass.
Seeing the opportunity, I inserted the head of my penis into her ass.

During that time I felt a lot of pain and Maya also screamed in pain.

Without any fear, I slowly inserted my entire penis into her ass and kept caressing her pussy with one hand. (Maid Girl Sex Story)

Maya was moaning in pain and due to this pain, she was pulling the entire bed sheet.

I also gradually increased the speed of thrusts, so I started feeling less pain and Maya also started feeling comfortable.

When the penis entered the ass, the room was echoing with the sound of fuch fuch and Maya’s moans were also accompanying that sound.

Now my cock was fucking Maya’s ass at full speed and Maya was also taking advantage of the pleasure instead of the pain of fucking her ass.

After fucking Maya’s ass for a few minutes, my penis also became calm and wanted rest.
I increased the speed of the thrusts and my penis poured all its contents into Maya’s ass at full speed.

When I took my penis out of Maya’s ass, I saw that her ass hole was wide open and filled with my semen.

As soon as I took out my penis, Maya immediately lay down on the bed because her knees were hurting due to the bitchy style and she was tired.

After getting her ass fucked, Maya slept on my bed for three hours and took a nap.

When she woke up, she gave me a very long kiss and said to me – Today I have got the greatest gift in the world. I always want you to keep giving me pleasure like this and now I am yours only, my hero!

How much my Maid Girl Sex Story thrill you, please tell me by e-mail because I am curious to know your qualities too.

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