Losing virginity with my schoolmate girl | English Sex Story

Losing virginity with my schoolmate girl | English Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Losing virginity with my schoolmate girl | English Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Virgin School girl sex story I have told how I befriended a new girl in my class and proposed to her. Then after getting a chance, tore his burrow.

Friends, my name is Paras and I am a resident of a small village in IndoreMy height is 6 feet, age 19 years, my colour is fair and I am the owner of a seven-inch penis. Because of working in the fields since childhood, my body is also very attractive.

This Virgin School girl sex story is about sex between me and my girlfriend. There is only one higher secondary school in our village, so all the boys and girls of the village go to the same school for education. I also got my admission done to the same school.

In 12th, when I went to my class with my friends on the first day, we sat on the third-row bench from the front. After talking for some time, a beautiful girl came to our class.
Her figure seemed to be 34-28-36. In the tight school shirt, I was making her boobs amazing.

I went crazy seeing her boobs. My cock started hissing from inside the pant. I was thinking that he would come and sit on the seat next to me, but it did not happen. She went and sat on the seat far away from me.

After some time my teacher came and started teaching us. I was not concentrating on reading. My mind was somewhere else. I was waiting for lunch so that I could go and talk to him. After waiting for a long time, the lunch bell rang, so I went to him.

She was looking a bit upset. I told him- Hi, I am Paras. In return, she told me her name was Ridhima. When I asked him the reason for his problem, he told that his father is the manager of a government bank. Earlier those people used to live somewhere else.

Her father has been transferred to the bank here and today while coming to school in a hurry she forgot to bring her tiffin. He was very hungry. Hearing this I felt as if I had won the lottery, I immediately offered my tiffin to him.

At first, she refused, but on my insistence, she agreed. She said that I will not eat tiffin alone. We both have to eat together. What was my point in this, I immediately said yes? We both talked for some time after having food.

Then lunchtime was over and I sat on my seat. When we were on leave, I came out of the room and asked him the address of his house. I came to know that his house falls on the way to my house. I asked her to go with me and she agreed because she didn’t even know anyone in this village.

In this way, I also saw his house and on the way, we exchanged each other’s numbers. Now we started talking on the phone as well and both of us used to go home together every day. It went on like this for some days.

Then one day I proposed to her and she agreed. At the same time, I kissed her on the lips and she also supported me. Now, this has become our daily routine. Sometimes I would caress her tits, sometimes I would rub her ass.

Since the girls’ uniform in school was a skirt top, I used to easily lift her skirt and rub her butts and ass. She also used to get hot and caressed me by holding my cock. We also used to have sex chat every night.

Now she was desperate to fuck. He told me – now I want full fun. I told him – ok, I will make some arrangements for the place. I had a friend whose father and mother both used to go to work early in the morning. When he and his brother used to go to school, his house used to be empty.

I talked to him and took the key to his house. Then called Ridhima and told her to be ready the next day. I told him – tomorrow you leave home for school and come to the square before school. From there we will go together. She agreed.

After that, I immediately went to the market and bought condoms and sex-enhancing pills. After coming home, I ate a tablet. The effect of this tablet starts after an hour and lasts for 3-4 days. The next day she was waiting for me at the square well before time.

I took him to my friend’s house. As soon as I entered the house, I closed the door and went back and started smooching her. After kissing for a few minutes, I took her in my lap and brought her to the bedroom and made her lie on the bed.

She was getting fucked beyond limits. She was repeatedly pulling me on herself. Without delay, I quickly unbuttoned my shirt and threw it aside and climbed on top of it. She hugged me with her boobs and I started kissing her face.

Along with this, he started rubbing her nipples with his hand from the top of the shirt itself. She also started enjoying kissing me. After some time I took off her shirt and started sucking and biting her boobs from the top of the bra.

She started sobbing- ah ah… fuck me quickly my life… there is a big fire in my burrow. I said- Yes my queen… I will make bhurji of your bad today. Wait a while, Then slowly I came down and removed her skirt. Now she was lying in front of me only in bra panty.

Along with his clothes, I had also removed my vest and pants. Now I lay on her again and started licking her ass from the top of the panty. At the same time, her nipples also started rubbing.

After some time I took off her bra panty and underwear. That mother-in-law was lying naked in front of me. I again attacked her burrow and started licking her naked burrow with my tongue. She had become very hot and was begging for fuck.

But I wanted to enjoy her to the fullest, so I inserted one of my fingers in her hole. Due to this, she started chirping and I slowly started fucking her ass with my finger. She fell down in no time and went to the bathroom to wash her face.

After she came, I asked her to suck my cock. After some reluctance, she agreed and started licking my dick with her tongue. I slowly inserted my entire cock in her mouth and holding her hair started fucking her mouth. She got hot again and started asking for sex.

Now even I was not able to tolerate it, so I took out his cock from his mouth and lay down on him. I asked her – Are you ready Ridhima? She said – I am lying naked, now what do you want permission for?

I took out the cream from the dressing table of the bedroom and spread the cracks of her hair and rubbed the cream on her. Then I asked Ridhima to wear a condom, she lovingly put a condom on my cock. At the same time, she herself set my cock in her burrow.

I said to him – It is very fun to abuse during sex, so if I abuse you, do you have any problem? She said- I have to fuck… I don’t have any problem. As soon as I gave the first push, only my dick went in. But she started shouting and started pushing me from above.

I stopped and started sucking her tits. After some time she calmed down. After that, I put my entire cock in his hole in one stroke. she fainted. My cock got drenched with her blood.
I splashed water on him and brought him back to his senses.

She was crying a lot and begging me for mercy. I quietly inserted my cock and started rubbing her tits. After some time I started pushing slowly. Now she also started enjoying and she started sobbing in fun. She started saying- ah ah… fuck and fuck me… ah… Paras is having a lot of fun… fuck me.

I also started abusing her- Yes, you whore, today I will fuck you to the fullest… I will make you a concubine, sister… I will fuck your mother’s as well. He said – A young girl is lying naked, you scoundrels and you are worried about that old woman. First, fuck me sisterfucker… make me your whore.

I enjoyed hearing abuses from his mouth. I started pushing with all my might and started abusing her – yes my whore, I will fuck you in the middle of the square, mother’s naughty bitch. I will fuck everyone’s cock for free… I will get your ass killed… and I will sell you at the brothel.

Our sex continued with such abuses. It fell off after some time but my work was not done, so I continued. But after some time he started having pain, then he said to me – man is jealous… you take out your cock. I make your cock work with my mouth.

My mind was not doing it but I thought that on the first day, it was not right to force so much. Who knows, don’t give pussy for the second time. That’s why I agreed and started fucking her by inserting cock in her mouth without a condom.

After some time I fell in his face. After that, we both went to the bathroom and cleaned each other. I entered the hall and sat naked on a chair in front of the dining table. She wanted to wear clothes but I stopped her and made her sit on my naked thigh.

Then we both finished our lunch boxes and went to the bedroom and fell asleep hugging each other. I thought that after some time I would get up and enjoy one more round of sex.
But don’t know how I fell into a deep sleep and when I woke up, it was time for our school leave.

I also picked up Ridhima and we both put on our clothes. Together we fixed the bedroom and left. So friends, how did you like my sex story “Losing virginity with my schoolmate girl”, please mail me and tell me. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “wildfantasystory.com

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