Hot Encounter With Virgin Girl | Jija Sali Sex Story

Hot Encounter With Virgin Girl | Jija Sali Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Hot Encounter With Virgin Girl | Jija Sali Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

My name is Jatin, I am 28 years old and I am from Saket. I am average looking and the size of my penis is six and a half inches. I am a software engineer and I am married. This Jija Saali Sex Story is based on a true incident of January before the lockdown, which happened to me. Remembering that incident, I still shake my cock.

This sex story is the story of sex between me and my sister-in-law. My sister-in-law’s name is Maya and she is 23 years old unmarried girl. The height of Maya is about 5 feet 4 inches. His complexion is very clear and the figure is 30-28-32. Maya is so beautiful that my cock stood on seeing her for the first time. As soon as I saw him, I thought that how to do it anyway.

In January my sister-in-law came to stay with us. She is of a very friendly nature and is a bit bold too. She loves to wear short clothes and mostly she stays in T-shirt and shorts. I have secretly seen him taking a bath too, what hot stuff really is. Seeing his fair legs and thighs, I have shaken the cock many times.

Now brother-in-law and sister-in-law keep having fun. That’s why I used to sleep with her many times… and she didn’t even mind. One day I told him – you are so cold, if someone falls behind… then you will have to give to take. She said – who will fall behind?

I said – the meaning will go ahead. She started looking at me in amazement and said – What are you saying, everything is coming out of me. I said – if you want to understand, it will pass from below. She started blinking at the owls. I laughed and told him- Really you are ‘C..’. She said – now what is this ‘C..’?

I said – can I tell you openly? She said – yes tell me jiju? I said – don’t you mind? She said – I will not agree … if you say so. I said – I mean pussy. She got furious and said while clapping her fist at me – that means you called me a Chutiya. I laughed and said – yes you are a Chutiya. She said – how was that?

I said – you do not understand anything. He said- Jiju, don’t you explain to me properly, then I will understand. Then my wife came and I turned things around. One thing I noted here is that Maya had also changed things completely. My wife asked- Is there any talk of explaining to brother-in-law’s sister-in-law? He said- There was a maths question, Didi. Jiju was not coming, so I was saying that explains.

I was stunned by her smartness of Maya. She was smiling and looking at me. When the wife went back to the kitchen, I looked at her with admiration. She said slowly – now tell me who is it? I laughed and holding my ear, I signaled to him to give up. She said – Hey Jiju … I understand everything, only you do not understand.

I put my hand on my cock and started looking at him with lust. She said – nothing will happen just by turning your hand. I understood that the prisoner is ready to kiss my cock. I had just opened my mouth to say something to him that he called my wife – what are you doing alone there, may I come? My wife’s voice came – yes come.

She became furious and my cock stood up. I let myself loose by going to the bathroom. Maybe he saw me going to the bathroom. When I came out, he pinched me – did you wash your hand jiju, let’s eat hot snacks. Due to these two-meaning words of his, a fire was set in me and I had thought that at the first opportunity I would tear it apart.

She started talking sensual things to me now. One day I also kissed her in private, on which she ran away saying that have some patience. Who was the patient now? But got the chance. That day my wife had to go somewhere for urgent work, so she left in the morning. He was to come by evening.

So I thought this is the right time to rub my sister-in-law. When I came back after dropping my wife off in the morning, my sister-in-law was sleeping on the bed. I also entered his quilt and took him in my arms from behind. His soft ass was hitting my cock, due to which my cock had become very hard. I was pressing his mother with my hands.

As soon as he pricked my cock and her ass back a little. Due to this, my cock was pressed hard on her ass and she was immediately ahead. This scared me that he did not accept my bad behavior. But when she did not say anything and kept sleeping after pretending to sleep. So I thought this is a green signal from its side.

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I grabbed him again but didn’t do much out of fear. After a while I came from there to my room and naked in the quilt started shaking cock in his name, also watching porn. I was so happy that I did not pay attention to the time. She got up and was standing at the door of my room.

She was looking at me with teary eyes. I saw him and shuddered. She too went away with her eyes closed. I thought that my sister-in-law should not tell me everything about my wife. I gathered courage and went to his room. She was sitting and was immersed in some thought.

I knocked on the gate, then she said – Hey jiju, you come in, don’t you! Me- You came to my room, was there some work? Maya- No, I just came to ask for breakfast, but you were busy somewhere else. She smiled saying this.

My mind rang. I said- yes, I was only in your thoughts. Saying this I went and sat beside him. Maya said- Well, what were you thinking like this, which… I cut her point and said – that’s what can happen to such a beautiful young Girl.

Maya- Well what do you want to do? There was a gleam in his eyes and his breath became heavy. I said – whatever you want. Saying this I became closer to him. We were so close that we could feel each other’s warm breath. There was an intoxication in both of our eyes.

Maya- But it will be cheating with Didi, how can I do all this? I will be deceived only when he comes to know. Saying this, I filled him in my arms and put it on my chest. His warm breaths were hitting my chest and I was stroking his hair; was rolling his fingers around his neck.

We were both out of control. Just like we both wanted now. I put my lips on his trembling lips and kissed. Lust had overtaken me and that too. Without delay, I untied his clothes and my own too… In the next few moments, both of us were glued to the quilt. The hot breaths of both of us were colliding.

Then I pressed one of his mummies, so he held me tighter in his arms. I used my marriage experience and got down in a jiffy. I showed the wonder of my tongue by going between his legs. I kissed her smooth pink pussy and started licking it slowly. In no time, his back started to stiffen as if a current had run through his body.

She grabbed my hair tightly with her hands and started pressing my head in her pussy. I sucked his pussy for about 10 minutes. She shivered during this and later started enjoying herself. After a while, he released his water, so I sucked the juice and kept her lips wet with the juice on his lips.

When he opened his lips, I put my tongue in his mouth and kissed him. After some time, Maya said in my ear – now it’s my turn. So I was happy and gave my cock in her mouth and she started sucking cock with pleasure. I was in seventh heaven. I was playing with his ass and ass while licking.

After sucking the cock for a while, she said – Jiju will you fuck me? I said – good and ask. I immediately took him down and put the pillow under his ass. I set the cock by putting him in the sex position and in one shot took the cock off the pussy. In her virgin pussy, she woke up with a fat cock and started screaming. But the lust was so heavy on me that I could not stop. He started giving loud shots of cocks in his pussy.

After a while, she also came to the rhythm and started supporting. The whole room was ablaze with our fucks. Then I asked him to come on top of me. She rode on my cock and was chugging on my cock by tossing her ass. I pressed and sucked her cool boobs I was really enjoying my sister-in-law’s virgin pussy fucking.

Then I banged him in doggy style, grabbed his hair, pulled him, and started putting a shot on the shot by pelting the cock in the pussy. She also started filling intoxicating hiss – ah jiju … faster and more … fuck me … please ooooh jiju … please do more. While doing this, she collapsed.

Now I was also about to fall, so I asked – where should I extract the juice baby? She got up and sat down on her knees and opened her mouth. I also put my cock in his throat and started licking his mouth. I threw all my belongings around his neck. We both fell onto the bed gasping.

Later it was seen that the seal of his pussy was broken and the droplets of blood had spoiled the sheet. He quickly changed the sheet and smiled. Friends, this was my Jija Sali Sex Story, how did you like it…

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