I fucked my aunt while my uncle was not at home

I fucked my aunt while my uncle was not at home

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story of a boy that’s named “I fucked my aunt while my uncle was not at home“. He will tell you his story, I am sure you all will love it.

My dear friends, my name is Rakesh, and I am a resident of Bhopal. My complexion is wheatish and in appearance, I am a boy of normal height. My penis is 6 inches and I am full of sensuality. On seeing the boobs of any girl, tension starts coming in my dick and I have to sit shaking my dick with my hand.

My neighbour’s aunt lives in her house with her husband and children. Due to the aunt being dark, the uncle often stays outside the house in the affair of fair girls and women. That’s why aunt stays alone in her room at night.

Now, uncle was MashaAllah in the affair of pussy, then Aunt also became SubhanAllah for dick. When her pussy was not getting dicks, then why does any woman start trying to fuck outside. This was one of the reasons why she used to lash out at me a lot.

I also like him very much. He used to dream of fucking them. When aunt used to come out shaking her ass in front of me, my dick was on fire. I liked her ass very much. I used to visit his house often, I used to go inside without making a sound.

One day aunt was alone in her house. His children had gone out to play. It was the afternoon time. I had gone to his house to buy some things. I went inside and saw that she was sitting wearing only a blouse and was naked from below.

The cord of her petticoat was open and it was lying scattered below the waist. Auntie was busy cleaning her pussy hair. They didn’t know that I had come inside and was watching them clean pussy hair.

A few moments after I reached it, I saw that the aunt had cleaned her pussy hair and was wiping her pussy with her half-open shadow. Today, because of my aunt’s petticoat being open, I was seeing her ass very clearly with my naked eyes.

She is dark in complexion, but her figure is very sensuous. The size of the aunt’s boobs is normal, but the ass is very prominent… full of sensuality. Seeing aunt naked like this, my dick was tight and wanted to come out.

After making the fringes, the aunt stood up and put on the tights and wore the shadow properly. She came out wearing a blouse petticoat, and her saree was hanging on the other side.

Aunt was coming there to wear a saree. That’s why aunt blushed completely after seeing me. As soon as the aunt saw me, she quickly pulled the saree hanging on the rope and while doing it on her mother’s side, she started laughing like giggling at me.

I knew that she also had a lust for me, but how could she say all this from her mouth? I used to understand this. But after seeing today’s scene, I got very excited. At this time I could not understand the difference between right and wrong.

I went ahead and held my aunt’s hand. She released her hand from me and went to the room. Here one thing was to be seen on holding my hand the aunt did not say anything good or bad to me, rather she just went inside the room with fast steps.

I also went to the room after them under the control of lust and came inside and started seeing Poonam aunty. Aunt was tying her saree, and at this time her ass was in front of me. I had already become sensual after seeing her cool ass.

Then my courage also increased when my aunt did not protest. I stood behind them and just started looking at the aunt. Then I remembered something and played a blue film lying on my mobile.

The aunt turned to look at the sound of the blue film playing, so I turned my mobile towards her and started showing the video. She blushed after seeing the blue film. Seeing the redness of shame on his face, I understood that there is a green signal from the aunt.

I kept the mobile in my pocket and went ahead and held the aunt tightly. I forcibly showed her the sex video by taking her in my arms and also kissed her vigorously. At first, the aunt protested a little… But she stopped trying to get rid of my stronghold.

Now she was also getting drunk. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I did not delay even for a moment and extended my hand and opened the buttons of her blouse. Aunt did not wear a bra inside, due to which her cool boobs started bouncing in front of me.

I turned her towards me and started drinking milk by putting my mouth in one of her teats. She got very intoxicated as soon as she found my lips on her mother. Pressing the other teat of an aunt with one hand, I opened her saree with my other hand.

The aunt also joined me in the fun of feeding me her milk. I hastily removed the aunt’s sari and loosened the pulse of her shadow. Aunt’s shadow fell on the ground. I also pulled down the tights which were wet with the water of her pussy.

The aunt herself cooperated and removed the tights from her feet and threw them away. Now she was completely naked in front of me. I quickly made aunt sit down, took out my dick, and put it in her mouth. She was not taking the dick in her mouth.

When I forced her, she started kissing my dick. His mouth was not open. She was kissing my dick with her closed lips. Pressing the nipple of one of her nipples in my two fingers, I pushed hard, due to which a moan came out of the aunt’s mouth and her mouth opened.

At that exact moment, I put my dick in my aunt’s mouth. There was a compulsion to suck dick in front of aunt due to dick coming in my mouth. I was feeling that maybe I have forcibly put the dick in his mouth.

But the very next moment aunty started sucking my dick, I understood that aunty is a staunch dick sucker, just because of hesitation she was not taking dicks in her mouth. Now, aunt had started sucking my dick very well.

I was also hot and was wildly fucking her mouth. After some time the aunt removed the dick and lay down on the bed. I understood her lust and along with him I also came close to the bed.

Aunt was lying with an open mouth. When I opened my aunt’s pussy, I saw that her pussy was completely watery. At first, I wanted to fuck her ass more than fuck her pussy. So I turned her upside down and started licking her ass.

Aunt was having fun. Without wasting time, I also lubricated her ass with spit. Aunty chirped for a moment as soon as she found my finger in her ass, but the very next moment I thrust my dick into her ass.

A moan came out from the aunt. But I was surprised to know that my dick had gone sliding into the aunt’s ass without any hindrance. Aunt had left her ass loose. She understood my wish. She didn’t say anything and started licking my dick by spreading her ass.

After inserting the whole dick, I wildly started fucking her ass. She too was so engrossed in getting her ass fucked that she could not even know what was happening. Just aunty was getting her ass killed by making sensual sounds.

I wanted to fuck her ass for many days, but now I got lucky to go and fuck her ass. Aunt was dark in appearance, but her ass was very black, which was giving me a different enthusiasm at this time.

Someone kept on licking aunt’s ass for ten minutes. I was about to fall now, so I thought that I should remove the water in the aunt’s ass. I took a deep breath and deposited my entire seed in her ass.

My aunt’s ass was fucked, but as everyone knows that the fire of the pussy does not end by beating the ass. That’s why even aunt was not going to agree. He was addicted to dicks. After two minutes the aunt lay down in a fit of rage and started pulling me towards her by spreading her legs.

When I saw his lust, quickly wiped the dick with my aunt’s petticoat and gave the dick in his mouth. I asked my aunt to make her stand by sucking my dick, she started sucking my dick. She soon made me very tight by sucking my dick.

Now I put my dick in her pussy and started pushing. While lifting her ass, she started enjoying wildly getting her pussy fucked. It was known from her fun-filled voice that she was thirsty for dicks for many days.

This time I stroked aunt’s pussy for about twenty minutes and quickly pulled my dick from her pussy and dripped it on her stomach. I had ejaculated and my aunt was busy rubbing my juice on her stomach with her fingers.

After fucking my aunt, I got up from her and put on my clothes and came out of there. Now, aunt’s pussy was opened for me. I used to go to her house every day in the afternoon for a week and came back after enjoying her pussy fuck.

One day I did not know that his niece had also come. What happened that day and how did my aunt fuck me in front of my niece. In the next sex story, I will tell you the whole story of how I fucked my aunt and her niece.

What do you have to say about this sex story of mine, please do tell me by mail. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “wildfantasystory.com

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