First Love and Sex | Hot School Girl Sex Story

First Love and Sex | Hot School Girl Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “First Love and Sex | Hot School Girl Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

It is 15 years old when I used to study in school. At that time I had a best friend ridhimajain. Our homes were only a short distance away and we both went to school together. We were together since the first class. Strong friendship. From the beginning, visiting each other’s houses did school homework together, studied together, ate, playing together.

ridhimajain was only 4 months younger than me in age. My childhood days were also very good. Both of us were very fast in our studies, so there was never any worry that our marks would be less. So he used to study for as long as he had to and then had fun.

Earlier we used to play with dolls. But now as our age was increasing, and new changes were coming on both of our bodies, they were thrilling us a lot. When we were alone, many times we would take off our clothes and rub our bodies with each other. So that it could be known whether ridhimajain’s boobs were bigger or mine, her thighs were bigger or mine. Her butts were bigger than mine.

But almost both of us were similar. Often we used to watch movies on TV and see the hero-heroine loving each other in them, we used to wish that if we too had boyfriends, we would have loved them too. He would kiss us, press our boobs, and do many other things. We just didn’t know what it is and how it happens.

Many girls in our class had boyfriends. Now our school was only for girls, so it is obvious that everyone had boyfriends from outside the school. One or two boys used to line up at us too, but due to the fear of our family members, we never dared to even raise our heads to look at them. The heart wanted to, but the fear and respect of the family members never let us go on the wrong path.

But whatever is written in your destiny, it happens one day or the other. And that happened to us too. Harshit was a badass type of boy from our locality. Harshit’s whole family was famous for fighting, so for this reason Harshit also considered himself the brother of the locality.

Whenever ridhimajain and I would come home from school, he would often stare at us, sometimes making some sort of remark. Sometimes he says something, sometimes something else. We always used to ignore her and come to our house.

But after a few days, we started liking his mischief. Every now and then, both of us used to smile softly at these words of his. He used to have another friend with him, Kashif but everyone used to call him rachitasen. He was infatuated with ridhimajain and Harshit was infatuated with me.

Both used to tease us a lot while coming and going, and we used to hide our faces in our dupattas and go away smiling inside. He also knew that both of us laugh at his words. And it is common among men that the girl laughs and gets trapped.

Then one day both of them stopped us on the way and gave us a letter each. After some delay, both of us took those letters and came home and read them alone on the pretext of studies. Neither his English is good, nor his Hindi is good, leaving aside the matter of Urdu.

Well, the issue is that both of them liked us a lot and wanted to be friends with us. Even we also want to be a friend because he was proposing to us and if both of us had accepted then both of us would have become boyfriends. But there was also fear in our hearts.

After that, the next day when we were coming back from school, they asked us, if we could not think of anything else, so we said I have not thought yet, I will tell you after thinking.
So he gave us two days to think. And two days later he met us at the back gate of our school.

No one used to come and go to the rear gate of the school. On the other hand, Harshit caught hold of my arm and took ridhimajain away from me on the pretext of talking. Both the boys had to ask the same question, and both of us girls had to give the same answer. Of course, we rejected them because of the fear of our family members, but where were they going to agree? Both convinced us to meet secretly.

There was no limit to the happiness of both of us after coming home. We also wanted that after a little refusal, we also had to agree. After that, once a week, we would meet him at the back gate of the school. At first, it was only about talking, but later it reached to holding hands and sometimes hugging. I and ridhimajain used to stop them a lot… But where were those two scoundrels going to stop?

At first, they used to meet secretly once a week, then they started meeting twice a week, thrice. Both of us were no less than bastards. Often whenever we would ask to go home after meeting, both the boys would hold us and force us a little, sometimes they would press our boobs, and sometimes they would kiss our lips. But all this happens in love, thinking that we would have allowed them to do all this.

Now it had become a custom that we would always go home from the back gate of the school and as soon as we came out of the gate, both of them used to stand in the street to nab us. As soon as we leave, she only sees that no other schoolgirl is coming this way.

Just seeing the way empty, he would quickly take us in his lap and suck our lips, scratch our body, squeeze our boobs so hard as if they were lemons and juice would come out of them. Sometimes our mother would be pulled out from above the neck of the shirt and sucked.

Every day they would come thinking of some new misdemeanor and then force it on us. We were also getting worse day by day, we too would have enjoyed playing luxuries with our friends like this. We would also kiss his lips, and when he would press our breasts, and suck our boobs, we would also sob.

Harshit and rachitasen now put their hands inside our salwar and started playing with our pussy too. At first, we were scared that some boy was standing on the road with his hand in our salwar. And what if someone comes from above? But after two days the situation was such that if he had put his hand in our salwar, then our hands were also inside his pant. For the first time, I saw a man’s hard penis by holding it in my hand.

Harshit said – Right now it is only in hand, darling. Very soon he will penetrate inside this pink pussy of yours and fuck you. Then what a pleasure to watch. I also had great excitement that how would it feel when I have sex for the first time. Then a few days later a marriage took place in our relationship. The bride seemed to be my elder sister in the relationship. When we went to the wedding, I stayed with the bride the whole time.

On the other hand, when the bride was getting ready, some women sitting nearby jokingly joked with the bride – hey rachitasen, getting ready to celebrate the honeymoon. The groom Miyan has to kill the cat that day. Everyone started laughing.

I did not understand that the bride and groom have sex on the honeymoon. What a game to kill this bastard cat. Later it came to know that hitting a pussy is called hitting a cat. Then a woman also taught a lesson – do this Banno, apply some oil, inside as well as outside. If the bridegroom asks, then say that the mehndi has been applied. But applying oil will make it easier for you, and the work will be done easily.

I again started thinking, now where to apply this oil? At first, I thought to ask my aunt, then my mother was also sitting nearby and I was afraid that I might get scolded by my mother. I remained silent and kept listening to everyone. An aunt said – Oh leave it, don’t scare the girl, nothing will happen, son, everything will be done comfortably.

The bride looked at that aunt with a little panic, in fact, fear was visible on her face as well. And more than that my… because I could not understand half of his words. And what I could understand was creating fear in my mind too because Harshit had asked me to have sex for a few days. Harshit and rachitasen had planned to fuck me and ridhimajain the day they got the opportunity.

Sitting here, I wanted to know when the groom will have sex with the bride on the honeymoon, and how much pain will the bride feel. Because I had never seen them putting even my thin finger inside and I had seen Harshit’s thick and long cock many times by holding it in his pants. If that cock enters my pussy, then surely I will die. Lest I die.

But an aunt said – Hey listen, I tell you, have you ever been constipated? The bride scaredly shook her head in yes. So the aunt smiled and said – only that much trouble would be there. In constipation, the material comes out from inside and on honeymoon, the material goes from outside to inside. All the women started laughing.

But I started thinking, ‘Man, I have never been constipated, how do I know how much pain it will really be? I was in a big dilemma. But sister-in-law, no woman told how much pain it would really be. All of them agreed that there will be a pain.

Now I am always very scared of pain. I never even used to get needles, always asked the doctor for food pills. Let the needle also be small and fine. But Harshit’s cock was very fierce. My ass was tearing up just thinking that Harshit would enjoy it, then he would be beyond happy, what would happen to me, how would I tolerate that pain.

Later, a woman also said – Come on, it doesn’t matter if there is pain, don’t panic even if a little blood comes out. Happens the first time. Blood … !!!? I was very nervous, blood also comes out in the first fuck. Now it is confirmed that I will not fuck with Harshit. What will I get by tearing my pussy with such a thick cock and getting blood out? I thought, don’t fall under Harshit… come what may.

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