Unforgettable Fun In My Life With Aunty | Aunt Sex Story Part-2

Unforgettable Fun In My Life With Aunty | Aunt Sex Story Part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Unforgettable Fun In My Life With Aunty | Aunt Sex Story Part-2“. I am sure you all will love it.

Read in Aunt Sex Story how I fucked her aunty in the hotel room with the help of my friend. Aunt also enjoyed kissing my dick.

Friends, I was telling you the story of my friend Gopal’s aunt Ridhimajain’s fuck. In the first part of Aunt Sex Story, my friend fucks his aunt, Till now you had read that after watching the live sex of Ridhimajain aunty, there was tension in my penis, due to which my penis was erect. Aunt had come out wearing a maxi and was looking at my dick.

Now further to Aunt Sex Story:

I wanted to enjoy myself alone with my aunt and show my erect dick to my aunt. Thinking all this, one thing came to my mind even if I send Gopal to buy beer, I will get some time. I told Gopal- My friend, it is getting very hot, I feel like drinking beer. Gopal also became happy that he is getting free beer to drink.

I gave him the money and he went to get a beer. As soon as she left, I got a chance and I said in front of my aunt while taking my clothes – Aunt, I am feeling a little tired… I take a bath. To which the aunt said – Yes, okay, you take a bath… The bathroom is on the side of the kitchen.

I went to the washroom to take a bath and intentionally took off all my clothes and became naked. I started taking bath and after taking bath, there was no towel anywhere in the bathroom, which I already knew. On the other side, only the same panty of aunty and a flimsy chunni were hanging.

I thought something and wrapped the same thin chunni like a towel. That sister-in-law was so thin that everything could be seen through it. I wrapped the same chunni and started looking. My erect dick was clearly visible from that. I came out after wrapping the sardine-like this.

At the same time, the eyes of the aunt working in the kitchen fell on me and she was shocked to see my penis standing below. My erect dick was clearly visible from the chunni.
Aunt’s mouth remained open for a few seconds. Aunt looked at me and said angrily – do you even have some sense of what you are wearing… you have come out in a chunni like this.

Do you have some shame or not… Look down, your everything is visible. Saying this, the aunt immediately handed over a towel lying there to me. Crossing the limits of shamelessness, I started saying – Sorry, I just wrap the towel. Saying this, I removed the chunni in front of my aunt and started wrapping the towel in front of her.

Aunt slapped her forehead and said- Hi Ram… there is no such thing as manners in you… does someone change in front of someone naked like this? Being naive, I said – Aunt, the first thing I called you was from the bathroom itself, which you might not have heard. I thought the towel might have been kept outside, so I came to get the towel wrapped in chunni that you saw me.

On this the aunt said – He is what he is… on top of that you have spoiled my chunni too… and what did she do in the bathroom…. What did you put on my clothes, will you tell me? I lowered my neck and started saying sorry to the aunt.

Aunt said further – You are Gopal’s friend, it does not mean that you will do all this and I will not say anything. Let Gopal come, I will tell him everything. Saying sorry to aunt, I fell at her feet. Then my loosely tied towel once again opened and fell down. My dick once again came in front of aunt.

Aunt looking at the dicks angrily said – Go, first wear your clothes. I picked up the towel from there, went to the room, and came wearing my clothes. I had full hope that aunt must have understood my intentions that what I want. After coming out, I again said sorry to aunt and requested her not to say anything to Gopal.

After some time Gopal came with beer. Both of us friends started having fun drinking one beer each. Gopal started giving beer to aunt in a mug. Aunt took the mug after a little nankur and started drinking beer. After some time both of us had our food and left for home.

The very next day the aunt told Gopal all that, which I had requested the aunt not to tell. However, the aunt did not know that Gopal and I are very close friends. Because of Gopal, I have seen an aunt’s live sex. Gopal met me the next day in the evening.

At that time, while pulling me, Gopal said – you bastard, you were trying on the aunt and after going to the bathroom, the juice dripped in the aunt’s panty. I said laughing – Yes friend, really your aunt is so cool and thorny that I could not help it. Seeing both of you fucking from above, I could not control myself. That’s why all that happened in the bathroom.

Gopal made fun of me and said – Brother-in-law, I understood only when you yourself had given money to drink beer. You never give money anyway. Then from above, your standing dick was clearly visible through the pants. Me- Yes man, my dick was in bad condition after seeing the fuck off both of you. Do something, friend Gopal… just once you get to fuck aunt’s pussy.

Gopal- Yes brother, as if my aunt would be lying with her pussy open for you, please give me a kiss in my pussy. Me- What should I do, man… My dick is not agreeing. Now I started thinking that how can I kill aunt’s pussy, then an idea came to my mind.

Me- Gopal, call aunt to meet at the hotel this time in the evening. Gopal- Then what will happen to him? Me- As soon as the lights are off in the hotel there, I will be Gopal and kill aunt’s pussy. Gopal- And if aunt came to know?

Me- Nothing will be known after the light is off. Then before fucking them, give them alcohol and make them tun too. Just friend Gopal, once you get to fuck your aunt’s pussy, then the next 5 beer parties are confirmed for me. Gopal became happy about this and hugged me. I said – now aunt got a call. Gopal called his aunt and asked her for the next week and told her to find a nearby hotel.

Aunt started asking for a home but Gopal made some excuses and persuaded her to come to the hotel. After a few days, that day also came for which I was waiting. Gopal called the aunt to a nearby hotel. He had already convinced the hotel manager by paying some extra money.

At the appointed time, Gopal came to the hotel room with his aunt. Aunt and Gopal started kissing each other as soon as they entered the room. I was standing there in the room on the side of the balcony and was watching everything.

After some time, Gopal took out half of the whiskey and started giving liquor to the aunt. In twenty minutes the aunt had swallowed three pegs. She was upset. Now Gopal started pressing her nipples from the top of aunt’s suit and in a few moments, he removed aunt’s suit and put her in bra panty.

Then after opening the aunt’s bra, he started pressing her nipples. Aunt took off Gopal’s T-shirt and pant. Gopal took off aunt’s panty and made her completely naked and started turning off the lights. As soon as the room got dark, he went to the toilet on the same side and I came inside in the dark as Gopal. I had already removed my shirt and pant.

I came inside the room in my underwear and came onto the bed and climbed on my aunt. I started kissing him. Aunt was drunk unaware that I am Tarun. She also started kissing me. I started rubbing my aunt’s heavy papayas. Aunt caught my erect dick from the top of my underwear and started pressing.

Aunt said while pressing my dick – why is your dick looking big and fat today. Now take off the underwear too. By saying this, the aunt continued caressing the dick. I took off my underwear and made my aunt lie on top of me in 69. Aunt’s juicy pussy had come in front of my lips and my thick dick near aunt’s lips. I spread the legs of aunt and started licking her pussy.

Aunt also started sucking my dick badly holding it, along with it I also spread my legs like a madman and started fucking her by sticking my tongue inside my pussy. Intoxicated hisses started coming out of aunt’s mouth and within a few moments, aunt left her water rubbing her pussy on my face. There was so much juice dripping from her pussy, as if aunt had urinated on my face.

I went on licking her pussy juice and continued to lick her pussy. Due to this, the aunt started enjoying herself again. While licking aunt’s pussy, he inserted his finger in her back hole. From the mouth of the aunt ‘Aaaa… not there…’

When I took out my finger, they quickly squeezed their butts. Now I came on top of the aunt lying straight and put my thick dick in the cracks of the aunt’s pussy. Aunt widened her legs and started asking to insert dick – now don’t delay Gopal… give me dick. As soon as he said, I put dick in aunt’s pussy.

As soon as the dick entered the pussy, the aunt’s sharp ‘ah … died.’ I also felt that aunt’s pussy was looking very tight, so I took out the dick and took the oil already kept there and applied it on my dick. Now dicks and pussy had become very smooth. I dicked again and in one swift jerk, half of the dick entered inside tearing aunt’s tight pussy.

With this, the aunt’s scream came out – Ah motherfucker, fuck slowly… the pussy will burst. I was lying pale while pressing my aunt’s face. Spreading aunt’s legs more, I forcefully pushed my entire dick into aunt’s pussy in two jerks. Because of this, tears came from the eyes of the aunt and she started moaning. But due to the smoothness of the oil, the aunt soon got relief.

Till now I had also given 10 to 12 blows to the aunt’s pussy. My dick was growling in the depth of aunt’s pussy and was setting the walls of the pussy according to itself. Then as soon as aunt’s voice stopped, I removed my hand from aunt’s mouth and started shaking dicks slowly. Now, aunt’s voices had turned into intoxicating sobs.

I spread her legs more and started fucking her pussy. While licking her pussy, the aunt said, Motherfucker, what kind of pill have you come here today, which I am not able to bear with your dick. Today you have made a fool out of my pussy. I was going to feed my aunt without saying anything.

Aunt was also now supporting me in sex. Whenever aunt would ask while fucking – you must be doing Shehnaaz’s daily fuck like this, wouldn’t you? Shehnaaz is the wife of Gopal. If I had spoken anything on this, I would have been caught, so I remained silent.

After some time the aunt started shedding and I continued. After the fall, the aunt spoke again – don’t speak…. Do you fuck Shehnaaz every day like this or not? Now it would have been wrong to remain silent as well as to speak. I thought that I should wash off the water from my dick and then I will speak. While doing Sex, I dripped my juice in aunt’s pussy and collapsed on her.

Aunt caressing my back with her hand said – don’t you tell? Now I mustered up the courage and said – No aunt, Shehnaaz doesn’t give as much fun as you. Aunt was shocked to hear my voice and started getting up sitting there on the bed by squeezing both her legs. Due to this my dick came out of her pussy and started waving in the air.

It didn’t take me long to understand that now aunt has understood that I am not Gopal, I am someone else. Auntie got up and switched on the light and auntie got angry seeing me. She looked at me and said – mother fucker… you were fucking me!

Saying this, the aunt sat on the bed holding her head. My flaccid dick has suddenly rolled as if the brawny one will never stand again. Then aunt said – and where is that motherfucker Gopal? That’s why Gopal came in front from behind the curtain and he started explaining to the aunt with love.

Aunt was not listening to Gopal at all. She started wearing her clothes. I also quickly put on my pant shirt so that there may be no ruckus. Aunt- Motherfucker, I came here for you and you made me a prostitute. Gopal had just spoken to give his clarification on what I said while cutting Gopal’s words in between.

Me- Aunty, there is no fault of Gopal. All this has happened because of me. It was I who convinced Gopal because aunt, I have started loving you a lot and will continue to do so. Please don’t say anything to Aunt Gopal, it is all my fault. Gopal also calmed down and said yes to my yes – Aunt Tarun is telling the truth, this rascal has really gone mad for you.

Now, the aunt said – so what kind of love is this, you are fucking me here and I don’t even know that you are not Gopal. I told aunt – Sorry man, all the fault is mine, whatever punishment you give me, I agree. I have started loving a lot… I love you.

When I signaled Gopal to leave from there, Gopal opened the room and went out. I sat near aunt’s feet and started pleading with her to keep quiet by touching her feet to my chest. Aunt had become a bit normal now. She said- Ok Tarun, leave my feet… Now we should walk.

Me- Aunt please forgive me, I love you very much. I want your company for the rest of my life. Aunt- Ok, I will think. Now we must go. After ten minutes I left from there with my aunt. I dropped my aunt at her house and came to my house. I had fucked aunt but my mind was not calm.

They say that everything gets better with time. Once again I went to aunt’s house with Gopal. So the aunt behaved normally. Jokingly I asked – Aunt, did you have fun with me? So he blushed and lowered his face and shook his head in yes.

Now I got a chance and I went ahead and held him in my arms in front of Gopal. Aunt gestured for Gopal to go out and I fucked aunt. Me, Gopal, and Chachi still have sex together. The reason for this is my thick dick which gives pleasure to the aunt.

So, friends, this is not just a true sex story of mine, it was the best experience of my life. Tell me your views on this Aunt Sex Story. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “wildfantasystory.com

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