I fucked my sexy amazing sali and broke her seal

I fucked my sexy amazing sali and broke her seal

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story of a boy that’s named “I fucked my sexy amazing sali and broke her seal“. He will tell you his story, I am sure you all will love it.

In this sexy sali porn story, read how I broke the seal of my virgin sali’s burrow for the first time in a hotel room! Before that, we used to have some fun.

My name is Puneet. My body is average and my cock is also such that I can satisfy anyone. I am a resident of Lucknow and this sex story is of me and my sali. my sali’s name is Poonam.

I and Poonam would often meet secretly like this and have some fun. Sometimes in his house or in our house cocks used to calm down after taking out water and caressing the pussy. 

Both of us were yearning to have sex but we were not getting any chance and she was not agreeing to go to the hotel. One day early in the morning in his office his health deteriorated and he called me and asked me to drop him home. I reached there, took him and took him to the doctor.

After getting the medicine, we drank juice on the way and then I asked her to go somewhere.  So she said – what will I say at home? I said – go home only in the evening! So she agreed.

Then we went to Delhi. After roaming around a bit, I asked – Shall we go to the hotel? So she said – has anyone seen? I said – who will be found here? So she agreed after a lot of insistence. Then I took her to a hotel. There we took a room and as soon as we entered the room, closed the door and sat down.

Poonam – It doesn’t have cameras, does it? I checked everything thoroughly and everything was fine. I told Poonam to rest. It was 12:30, so I ordered food and after eating, both of them lay down and started talking.

I pulled Poonam close to me and she too lovingly came into my arms. Poonam- Today you have become of your mind… have come to the hotel! Me- My life will be of mind only when you will give pussy.

Poonam- O… how naive are you… like you do everything after asking?  Hearing this I put my lips on Poonam’s lips and started sucking. She also started supporting me completely. Friends, I started having fun after sucking Poonam’s lips and I started taking off her suit. So she started refusing.

When I started pleading, she said – Please don’t take off your clothes! I said – My dear, how will the fuck be done without taking off your clothes? Poonam- I don’t know… I am ashamed. Do whatever you want to do.

So I covered the quilt after turning on the AC in the dark and said – now I will not be ashamed. Took off the suit with great requests. As soon as he took off his shirt, I took off all my clothes. And took Poonam’s too and took off her panty in one stroke.

Her panty was getting completely drenched with her pussy. I kissed and licked her panty and started licking her pussy too. Poonam’s condition started deteriorating and she started sobbing in agony and started getting her ass licked.

While sucking pussy, I raised her bra and took out her breasts and started pressing. Now Poonam became mad and fell after jerking. I drank all the pussy water of my younger sali and stuck to her.

In all this, the condition of my penis got worse and it was about to burst. I said to Poonam – Friend, it is yours. Now do something about it too! So she said – what should I do? When I asked her to suck, she refused. Started saying – I will not do it!

When I insisted too much, she took it in her mouth once and took it out and said – I will not do it! I also did not insist much and started playing with her nipples and catching the cock in her hand.

She started caressing my cock with great love and I started caressing her pussy with one hand. That’s why I immediately inserted one finger in my sali’s pussy. She jumped up and swore.

I said – now get ready to fuck! So she said – brother-in-law, when there is so much pain in the finger, then when it goes, I will die. I started convincing him that everyone gets hurt once in a while. Has anyone died of sex till date I will do it with love, if it hurts too much then I will not do it!

Then I asked her for cream. So she gave me a tube of cream from her purse, from which I took out the cream and applied it on her pussy and also on my cock. Then I came on top of her. I started rubbing the cock on top of the pussy.

Poonam said sobbing- Aaa aah haha juju… what is happening to me… what have you done! She started trying to take the cock by lifting her ass from below and said- Aaaa of of of the time before.

And I caught her lips in my lips and grabbed her and gave a blow and the cock slipped. Poonam got irPoonamted, and said – Now don’t you brother-in-law! And hold the cock yourself and set it on the pussy and say – do it!

I pushed again and Supara got stuck in the pussy. And she started trying to get free in agony. But I held him tight and pressed his mouth and gave another blow. Due to the cream being applied, the cock rustled and went inside and Poonam started beating her hands and feet.

Tears welled up in his eyes. She kept trying her best to leave. I kept pressing her teats with one hand. After some time she calmed down a bit, so I left her mouth. She started crying loudly.

I closed his mouth again and explained that the pain that was to happen had happened. Happens to everyone once. And kept kissing her here and there. Now she got some relief and started moving a bit. Now I left her again.

This time she was moaning, and said – It is hurting a lot, take it out. Don’t do me! While caressing her, I started giving jerks slowly. Poonam- Aaah juju… today you have lost your life… my pussy is torn! Looks like it got cut!

Me- My dear, now you have become a flower from a bud. Now fuck as much as you want! Poonam- don’t kiss me…. Aaaaaa… I made a mistake by coming! You are very dirty juju…. You have given so much pain and you say that you love! O brother… Now keep doing it, just do it!

Me – what should I do? Poonam – What are you doing? Me- what am I doing? Poonam – You are so shameless! Ok… listen fuck me… aa aa ha jiju… keep fucking like this. Now I’m yours… fuck whenever you want, wherever you want! From today me and my pussy I both are yours.

And I started pushing porn sali’s pussy. she hugged me tight and fell Then my sali started stopping me. I didn’t listen to him and kept on applying. After 10 minutes I also fell in her pussy and she also fell once again and stuck to me badly.

I lay on top of him. After some time she said – wake up brother, I have to go to the bathroom! I got up. When she got up and started walking, she did not leave. Then I caught him and took him to the bathroom.

She started peeing while sitting and said – It is burning! Then I washed her pussy well and we came back and lay down. Now she said – today you have saved my life. While talking, my mood became again and I caught hold of his cock.

Sexy sali said – he has lost his body again? Me – need it again! Poonam – Not now! Me- just now she was saying that both I and my pussy are yours, are you refusing to fuck whenever you want?

Poonam- Yes, just refusing for now. You don’t know how much pain and burning is going on. Then I turned on the geyser and got hot water and massaged her pussy. He got a lot of relief from the hot water.

And once again I caught him in talks and fucked him. Now we often go to the hotel and have sex. So this was the story of me and my younger sali having sex! If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “wildfantasystory.com

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