First time I fucked my virgin neighbour at her home

First time I fucked my virgin neighbour at her home

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story of a boy that’s named “First time I fucked my virgin neighbour at her home“. He will tell you his story, I am sure you all will love it.

My neighbour’s sexy girl allowed me to fuck her virgin pussy. Once I had to sleep at her house, how did I enjoy fucking him badly?

Friends, I have brought you a romantic Virgin girl sex story, which you will enjoy reading. I am a resident of Bhopal. It is about the winter season a year ago. You must have understood that in winter I feel like having sex more.

There is a girl in my neighbourhood whose name I cannot tell here. Still consider her as your beloved so that the pleasure of reading the story is not spoiled. So Ashika is a 5 feet tall girl and her figure is 32-28-32.

Visually, it looks like a commodity. We used to talk to him and sometimes used to come and go to work. So once in the winter days, her parents went to her uncle’s house. Before leaving, he had told my mother that both Ashika and her sister were alone at home, so take care.

Then mummy had to go out for some work so she asked me to take care of Ashika and her sister. Mummy returned in the evening. After dark, Ashika came to our house and started saying that she was scared to sleep alone in the house.

On this, my mother told me to sleep at her house and I went to Ashika’s house after having food. My bed was already made. Both the sisters were lying on the cot next to my bed. We started sleeping.

The cot was so close that my hand could comfortably reach Ashika. After some time he could not sleep, then Ashika said to put a movie on the phone and give it. I played the movie and gave it to him.

Ashika was very sexy so my cock was getting erect on its own. The lights in the room were off and both sisters were busy watching movies. I was not going to stop, I took courage and put it in Ashika’s hand. In return, he also held my hand.

My happiness knew no bounds. I got the green signal. I slowly started caressing her hand. She also started sticking her fingers in my fingers. Then bringing the hand up, I took it on her boobs and kept it comfortably. She kept the phone on her sister’s chest and she was playing with my hand.

I started pressing her boobs lightly. She did not protest and lay down comfortably. I slowly wanted to lift her shirt and signalled him to put it up. She understood and raised her shirt. She didn’t even wear a bra underneath. Her bare nipple came in my hand. I started squeezing her.

Now Ashika started stirring a little. her body was now feeling uneasy. Her boobs were getting tense. I was moving my finger round and round on her nipples and the nipples were completely hard like peas.

Turning my hand, I took it down on their stomach and started putting it in her legging. He stopped my hand. Now I was not going to agree, my cock was about to explode. She held my hand and was not letting me go inside.

I forcefully removed her hand and started putting it inside. She again held my hand. Then I put my hand on her hole from above. I slowly started caressing her bore over the lagging. When he started liking it, he removed her hand. I caressed the Pussy over the lagging for a while and then tried to put it back in again.

This time also stopped me but I did not stop and gave my hand inside. Her panty was looking slightly wet. I started teasing the Pussy by putting my hand inside the panty. It had hairs on its fur that I could feel on my fingers and palm.

Slowly I started caressing her Pussy from top to bottom and bottom to top. Started teasing Pussy’s lips. Now Ashika’s breath started getting heavy. Light juice started coming out of her Pussy, due to which the lips of the Pussy started getting smooth. I put two fingers in between Pussy’s lips and started rubbing.

Ashika is getting restless now. Even I could not stop and I put my finger inside her hole. There was a slight jerk in her body and I felt that he squeezed my finger in the hole. I slowly started taking the finger out. Now her thighs started to spread a bit.

I was very excited to finger her hole and I was very thirsty to lick it. I thought to put the other finger in her Pussy too but the other finger was not going inside. Ashika’s Pussy was very tight. I kept moving my finger in and out of her hole for a long time.

Then, while doing that, a lot of water came out of her hole. My whole palm got drenched in the juice of its Pussy. I took out my hand from her panty and licked her pussy. This increased my thirst even more.

When I tried to put my hand on her leg again, she stopped. She got up and went to the bathroom. her sister was still busy watching a movie with earphones in her ears. I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. I also got up and went out.

When Ashika started coming out of the bathroom, I held her there and pressed her against the wall and started kissing her lips. He pushed me away and quickly peeked inside the room. Then again she came to me and whispered – nothing can happen now, sister is awake. Let him sleep first!

Saying this, she went inside and I too lay down on the bed. Now both of us started waiting for her sister to sleep. An hour passed while lying down but her sister did not sleep. Then I don’t know when I fell asleep. 

My eyes opened at 2.30 the night. Ashika was sleeping. When I woke her up by touching her, she immediately got up. I pulled her hand and signalled for him to come out. After two minutes she got up and came out and I took her to another room. As soon as I left, I started hugging her, put my hand on her leg and started caressing her.

She immediately backed away and said – I am scared, what if something happened? I said – nothing will happen, I am with you! We both came closer and started kissing each other’s lips. I didn’t stay long and I undressed her and dropped her on the bed.

I also removed all my clothes. We locked the door from the inside. I put my mouth in her hole and started licking it. I kissed, licked and bit her fur very passionately. She too became mad all of a sudden.

He pulled me on top of him and while sucking her lips I rested her cock on her ass. When I pushed, the cock got stuck and could not go inside. Then I rubbed a lot of spit on her hole. Holding the cock by hand, I pushed and stuck the top of the cock in her hole.

She immediately stuck to me. I continued trying and kept pushing the cock while pushing lightly. She was in a lot of pain and started scratching my shoulders and back, sometimes trying to push me back.

Slowly she moaned in my ear and said – please take out… Iee… ahh… it hurts a lot. I caressed her nipples and said – it will happen only once, in some time it will be fun. Then I lay down on her and started kissing her, she also started supporting me.

I waited till it became normal. Then asked – should I start now? She said – Yes, but comfortably! I started thrusting cocks in her hole. She was in pain from fucking the virgin but I kept kissing her. Then she hugged me and held my back tightly.

Now I started pushing fast. She kept tolerating it for some time but again started asking to take out the cock. I refused to remove the cock and kept on fucking. I was pushing my cock into her hole and my thighs were hitting her thighs with every thrust.

Due to this, there was a continuous sound of banging. Now more pain was visible on Ashika’s face. I was continuously watching her reaction while fucking. Sometimes it seemed that he was enjoying and sometimes it seemed that he was just in pain.

Her face had turned red. Then stopping the fuck in the middle, I started sucking her nipples. She got some relief and then after some time, she started running ass from below. I started fucking once again. Now I was having more fun fucking!

I started pushing him into the Pussy with all my might. My enthusiasm was increasing with every moment. When there was a pain in her virgin hole, she again started pushing me from her top. This time I was not going to stop, I started fucking her faster.

It seemed as if the power of an animal had come inside me! Ashika had tears in her eyes but still, I did not feel like stopping but was enjoying more. I was feeling as if I should tear her ass apart. But in the meantime, Ashika’s condition worsened.

Don’t know when she fainted while fucking and she lay down. I was scared for once but the passion to fuck was such that I continued. My cock was getting rubbed in the tight Pussy. In no time my goods were about to leave. Just then he regained consciousness.

She again hugged me and my goods went out into her Pussy. I piled on top of him. I was panting. She said – you will always support me, right? I said- yes my love… I will always support you. On this, she started kissing me on the lips.

I also started sucking by giving my tongue in her mouth. We both kept kissing for a long time. Then when we started feeling sleepy, we got up and started leaving from there. When Ashika started walking, she could not walk. I lifted him in my lap and gently put him down near her cot.

She lay down on the cot comfortably. I also fell asleep on the bed. Then after waking up in the morning, I went to my house. That was my first sex with Ashika. After that, we got another chance to fuck once or twice. But it’s been 1 year now, we haven’t got any chance.

Friends, I am now waiting when I will get a chance to kiss Ashika again. How did you like this story, do give me your opinion. Do comment on the story.  If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

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