My Wild And Horny Bhabhi | Devar Bhabhi Sex Story

My Wild And Horny Bhabhi | Devar Bhabhi Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “My Wild And Horny Bhabhi | Devar Bhabhi Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Hello friends, my name is Tanish. I am a resident of Aerocity. This is the story of sex in the house between me and my bhabhi. First of all, I would like to apologize if I make any mistake in writing a sex story, please ignore it.

This story of sex in the house is of lockdown only. Whatever happened to me, today I want to tell it to all of you through this sex story site. I am just 26 years old. I, my father-mother, and brother-in-law live in my family. There is a sister who is married.

My Brother’s bhabhi is 2 years older than me. My Brother has a marketing job… so he keeps going out. My bhabhi’s name is Ridhimajain. My bhabhi is very beautiful in appearance. His complexion is as fair as boobs and he has a full body.

I am a very simple and simple-looking guy, I do not know how to brag much. I will not write all that for myself that my penis is so big… or I look like Salman Khan. I am a young man of an average height of 5 feet 7 inches. It so happened that on March 20 this year, my brother had gone to Navi Mumbai for his marketing work. He had a week’s work there.

After that there was a lockdown, so the brothers got stuck there. Everyone was getting tense here. My bhabhi was worried the most. Well, everything was normal. Brother was living there properly. It was going to be a month since he stayed there. bhabhi started feeling physically hungry due to being away from her brother.

Till now there was no such relationship between me and my bhabhi. I never thought ill of my bhabhi… nor did I ever have any bad thoughts for her. It had been a month since my brother left, so my bhabhi was also sad. I had taken out Ludo and Carrom’s boards to play with them which had been gathering dust for a long time.

The whole day I used to play Ludo and Carrom with my bhabhi in the room, due to which even the family members had no objection. In the beginning, mother also used to come into the room many times to see what both of us were doing.

My bhabhi’s and my room are on the first floor. Mother had pain in her knees, so she did not come up much… and father used to remain busy with himself. He was not worried about anyone. One such day it was afternoon time, and both of us were playing Ludo. We both got very bored while playing Ludo… So I lay down on the bed with my bhabhi.

bhabhi started talking to me- now your girlfriend’s phone does not come… what is the matter… has she become bitter? I told- yes friend bhabhi… I have had a breakup with him. Did bhabhi ask – why? Now even I myself did not know the reason why my girlfriend stopped talking to me.

I stayed straight, so I did not know how to apply more oil. He stopped talking to me, so I didn’t even give him any feelings. I told my bhabhi – don’t know why… she just stopped talking to me. My bhabhi said – such a person stops talking without any reason, you must have hurt his heart. I said – no bhabhi, you know my nature, she stopped talking to me without saying anything.

I remembered my girlfriend and tears welled up in my eyes. Seeing this, at first bhabhi was trying to keep me quiet, but the more she was asking me to keep quiet, the more I was crying, which was completely natural. Then suddenly bhabhi hugged me tightly. I also hid my head in my bhabhi’s chest. We both stuck like that for at least 2 to 3 minutes.

When I became normal, my bhabhi left me. My bhabhi gave me water and I went to my room. When evening came, my bhabhi was looking at me with great love. My bhabhi cooked food, and everyone ate it. My bhabhi said while eating food – let’s play carrom. I said – ok.

In a short, while I came to my bhabhi’s room, then my bhabhi was standing there. He hugged me again and hugged me tightly. At this time my dick started to erect and started running in my mind that doesn’t know what has happened to my bhabhi today, why she squeezed me so hard.

My dick started pricking her, so I explained to her from my heart and said – bhabhi, really I am missing my girlfriend a lot. My bhabhi also understood that I am saying this because of my erect penis. She said- It happens in this age… girls are such that whoever they meet with money, they join him. Don’t take the tension

Now my thoughts about my bhabhi had changed. I was looking at my bhabhi with a different eye. My bhabhi was not looking less than an apsara to me. My lust was overpowering me. Meanwhile, the bhabhi loosened her grip and said – let’s play. We both started playing.

Today bhabhi’s nipples were also visible a bit too much. She was wearing a pink colored bra inside the nightie which was clearly visible. Seeing their boobs, my dick was making a tent in the lower, which was not hiding. My bhabhi also don’t know why she was very happy, she was smiling and looking at me, maybe she must have seen my erect penis.

The mind of both of us started moving towards the other game. My bhabhi was driving the striker with a lot of bending, due to which I could see her whole nipples moving. Our game ended after some time and my bhabhi won. My bhabhi held my cheek and started saying – children will not be able to win over me.

I said – bhabhi, I am not a child. You also know. My bhabhi laughed at this thing of mine and said – Yes, neither you are small nor yours! After saying this she became silent, I understood that my bhabhi was asking for my dick.

I also came to my room laughing and after coming inside I started fisting while remembering my bhabhi’s nipples. In no time the material was released from my dick and I lay down. That whole night my bhabhi’s nipples were appearing again and again in my dreams. I was not able to sleep.

As soon as I slept, I woke up late in the morning. After waking up, I took a bath and came for breakfast. Mummy only gave breakfast. I asked her – Mummy, where is bhabhi today? Mummy told that she has just gone upstairs.

I went upstairs after breakfast and went to his room. As soon as I went inside, I hugged my bhabhi. bhabhi laughed and said- What’s the matter brother-in-law… are you looking very romantic today? I did not expect him to speak like this. My bhabhi didn’t mind.

I didn’t even leave her, I just took my bhabhi in my arms and said – Today I am missing Rachita a lot. Rachita was my girlfriend. So bhabhi distanced me a little and said – If Rachita was here, what would she have done? I kissed my bhabhi on the cheek and said – and tell me what I would have done! So bhabhi, showing anger for lying, said – I am your bhabhi… I am not your girlfriend.

Before his reaction, I got scared and while separating from him said – Sorry bhabhi, on the one hand, I was missing him and on top of that, you asked me in such a way that I could not help it. My bhabhi came to me smiling and said – whenever you remember her, come to me.

She was so close to me that she would be only 3 or 4 inches away. I hugged him again and started crying while doing drama this time. My bhabhi said tightly to me – does he love her very much? I shook my head yes. My bhabhi kissed me on the cheek. With his kiss, my dick was just desperate to come out by tearing the lower.

In return, I also kissed my bhabhi 3-4 times on her cheek and on her forehead. My bhabhi started smiling while looking at me and said – let’s play. I refused and I was just going to see my bhabhi. My bhabhi asked- What happened… Are you looking at her with great love?

I went to my bhabhi and proceeded to kiss her by placing my lips on her lips. He didn’t react to anything, so I put my lips on his lips and started kissing him. After a few seconds, support started coming from my bhabhi’s side as well.

What was it then that I won the lottery? We both had long smooches. For at least 8 to 10 minutes, both of us remained engaged with each other like this. Then bhabhi pushed me and ran to look down. Then she came back from the stairs and closed the door and set the carrom board in such a way that when someone comes, it seems that we both are playing sitting below.

Then bhabhi again came onto the bed and pulled me along with her. When I fell on the bed, she climbed on top of me and started smooching me again lips to lips. I started enjoying it and felt as if I was walking in heaven. After a long smooch, my bhabhi was completely mad. She started kissing me on the cheeks, on the ear. As soon as my bhabhi kissed me on the earlobe, I was shocked.

Now I was hot, so I pushed my bhabhi and took her under me. I climbed on top of my bhabhi and started kissing her wildly. Sometimes I would kiss her on the cheek, sometimes on the neck, and sometimes around the ear. As soon as I touched my bhabhi’s nipples, my bhabhi sat up and took off her top.

I was going crazy seeing her white boobs imprisoned in a black bra. bhabhi’s fair body like Kanchan and black bra on her was creating a lot of havoc. I lowered the bra strip below the shoulder. She was looking at me lustfully. Looking at her boobs valley, I made my bhabhi sit and unhooked the bra hook from behind. As soon as I saw pink nipples freed from a bra. Ah… I was in awe of seeing her juicy boobs.

I put my lips on the nipple of one of her nipples and started sucking. Intoxicated spit came out of my bhabhi’s mouth and she started feeding me boobs from her hand. I sucked and mashed both the Amrit Kalash of my bhabhi one by one. After some time, on seeing her, when I tried to take one of her boobs completely in my mouth, my bhabhi was very excited.

She said- Why is it troubling… Now first put it inside quickly… Do all this later. Whatever you want to do, do it but now there is a big fire, please put yours inside me first. I kissed him and tried to lift him by my hand. bhabhi got up by herself and quickly removed her lower and panty and became naked.

Then bhabhi pulled my lower and took me on her lying down. bhabhi opened both her legs. Looking at my standing dick in lust, she said – put it fast! Without delay, I also put my dick on the smooth pussy of my bhabhi and pushed her.

The pussy dicks had become very smooth. In a light jerk, the dick went inside the pussy. My bhabhi’s pussy was absolutely wet. When the dick went inside, it was as if heaven had been found. I felt that I don’t know after how many days I have got the taste of pussy.

Just what was needed now… I got the vaccine during this lockdown. My bhabhi moaned when I pushed the whole dick inside the pussy to the root. She proudly said- Ah… I have got the dick after a whole month. I started jerking. bhabhi was oohing and aahing merrily and herself lifting her ass from the lowly place was jerking loudly.

I was having a lot of fun fucking my bhabhi. My bhabhi collapsed after about five minutes. Two minutes after him, mine was also going to happen. I told my bhabhi that I am coming. My bhabhi said- No… not now. But it happened to me and I shook my semen inside the bhabhi. My dick was still inside my bhabhi.

But their bhabhi had probably got charged again and her tremors had started again. I kept trying to pacify them by inserting the dick inside. My bhabhi also fell down after some 4-5 tremors. We both looked at each other after sex and both smiled.

Then bhabhi got up and got dressed and went downstairs. Once my bhabhi had enjoyed my dick, then her thirst for further work started getting quenched by my dick. I will keep writing the story of sex in my bhabhi’s house further, for now, you can send me your suggestions on my email id.

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