Intense Fucking With My Aunty | Desi Aunty Sex Story

Intense Fucking With My Aunty | Desi Aunty Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Intense Fucking With My Aunty | Desi Aunty Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Story of my lust friendship with my aunt and then attraction towards her body. I used to find my aunt very hot. Friends, the story of my lust is from those days, when I had just entered the slippery age of youth… means I was 19 years old. Class XII exams were around the corner and I used to go from village to Indore for studies.

In class 12th, the fear of board exams was so much that even though there were months left, there was panic. By the way, there was a lot of restlessness in the mind. But when the book used to come in front, it used to get blown away. All the fickleness used to become air.

By living with friends, I learned a lot about masturbation and had also learned a lot about Incest. The matter of incest had a deep impact on my mind. I had read many stories of sex with family members on the internet. Many times I used to drool while reading those stories and even now it is my favorite pastime.

When I used come back from the city after studying, I used to go to my room and sleep after having food. Then at 5 in the evening he used to come out of the room to drink tea. So at that time, my aunt used to live there.

My aunt and I used to get along very well. We used to talk a lot with each other. When I came out of the room, I always remained with my aunt. I used to find my aunt very hot. His age was also ten years less than his uncle’s. My eyes were fixed on my aunt’s mother. Her boobs were very big… probably 36 size.

Since my aunt used to wear a saree, her pallu could not stay up for a long time due to the age of my mother. That’s why my aunt did not pay much attention to handling her pallu in front of me. With this, I used to get a chance to see the milky valley of my mother from the deep neck blouse of my aunt. In those days, I started shaking my cock a lot after seeing my aunt’s mother.

After a few days, I got an idea. I told them the reason for the pain in my leg and started massaging my aunt. At the time of massage, I lived only in underwear and used to get my legs massaged by my aunt’s hands. When my aunt used to massage my thighs, my penis used to stand erect on seeing her huge milk.

Aunt also used to laugh seeing my cock blooming with her eyelashes. A few days passed like this… Getting massages from my aunt three to four times a week and shaking cocks just by looking at her boobs had become my favorite game.

When she came to know about this glance of mine, at first she started ignoring it but later the aunt started pinning her pallu. Days passed like this. My exams came and after the exams, my vacations also passed well but at that time there was not much movement regarding my aunt.

Then I got admission to college. I started going to college and could not do anything with my aunt. When I came back home on vacation, my aunt had gone away from the village for a month. I started sleeping with my aunt in her room.

At first, I tried my old routine, but there was no positive response from my aunt. Me- Aunty, don’t get me wrong. Aunt – what happened son? I- what I always see. Aunt- What do you see? Looking at their boobs, I tried to tell them. Me- In… please forgive me, aunty.

I apologized to my aunt by holding her feet. Aunt- Hey, what are you doing son, no problem… leave it all. Me- Aunt please don’t tell anyone. Aunt- No son, but what you used to see was wrong. You must know. Me- Aunty, yes please forgive me. May I say one thing, aunty?

Aunt- what? Me- Aunty, I used to think that you have milk in them. Aunt knew that I loved drinking milk. So the aunt laughed and said – No, there is no milk in them all the time. That happens only when the child is weaned. Me- Sorry aunty.

Aunt- Oh okay, no problem. Now don’t look like this even later… Ok! Me- yes ok Ridhima. At the same time, while sitting on the chair, my penis balls got pressed and started hurting a lot. My face became like crying. Aunt – what happened son? I moaned in a suppressed and painful voice and said – nothing aunt.

Aunt- Something has happened, what happened… tell me. Me- nothing much aunty, let me go. Aunt said in a bit of anger – tell me quietly… what happened? Pointing, I told- Aunt, they are hurting a lot when my shells got buried. Aunt- Oh God how?

Me- Nothing much happened, Aunty while playing cricket the ball has hit there many times, so now even a little bit of pressure starts causing pain. Aunt- Do you want to go to the doctor? Me- oh no aunt… just jump a little, etc… then everything will be fine.

Aunt – Can I do something? Me- no aunt… nothing much happened. Aunt – Shall I massage? Me- oh no aunty, leave it. Aunt said laughing- It’s amazing, till today I used to make excuses for not giving massage and today you are refusing… what’s the matter? Me- hey aunty why are you enjoying… already my condition has become very thin.

Aunt- Hey son, I had just joked about something like this. Me- I thought for a minute that you would really massage my side. Aunty- Go away… don’t say anything like a madman. I laughed- sorry aunty, really sorry. When I bent down to fall at her feet, it hurt more and my eyes watered – Sorry aunty!

Aunt- Hey why is he holding the feet every time… It is not a problem. Go outside, go to the hall and watch TV. I came out and jumped. Walked around for a while and then sat down to watch TV. Later everyone went to sleep after having dinner.

My eyes opened around one o’clock in the night. Aunt used to sleep next to me. When I saw him sleeping in a deep sleep, I slipped a little upstairs. Now my cock was almost coming near from aunt’s hand. I thought for a moment and turned in that direction. Due to this, my penis got lightly touched by my aunt’s hand.

As soon as his hand touched my cock, my whole body felt like a current and the cock became hard. Don’t know then in sleep… or intentionally but after a while, he caught my cock in his hand. Ah, it all felt so wonderful that all my belongings went out there and I fell asleep on my side.

After that, some special days did not pass, just like that. After telling everything to my aunt, I also stopped seeing her mother. Some more time passed. Now again I had started stealing glances at my aunt’s mother; I started creating the same atmosphere as before.

Now I started spending time with my aunt like before and started talking to her. In those days, summer vacations came again. One day both of us were watching videos on YouTube. I was watching him from behind and I kept my head on his shoulder from behind. The video was playing in front, but I was playing with his ears, teasing his ears with my fingers.

I could also hear his heavy breathing. Slowly, the aunt’s breathing became a little faster. After some time I don’t know what happened, I backed away and left. Now only one thing was coming into my mind again and again why aunt breathing was fast? It was beginning to occur to my mind whether my aunt had started seeing some hope in me.

Aunt was still watching the video on her mobile. I secretly started watching their antics. After a few moments the aunt got up and went to the bathroom, so I also followed her. I stood near the door outside the bathroom and started listening to the sounds inside.

As soon as I heard the erotic sounds inside, my hand automatically came on the cock and I started shaking the cock. I could clearly understand from the sounds inside that aunt is enjoying putting something in her pussy, cool sounds were coming. After ten minutes when aunt came out. Then I came to him.

His face was telling something different… The facial expressions had changed. Talking to my aunt normally, I asked her for tea and sat on the chair. Aunt made tea and gave it to me and showed milk while giving it tea. He had paid attention to whether I was looking at her nipples or not… But I looked at her nipples for a moment and took my eyes off her.

Aunt did not say anything and I also went out after drinking tea. The next day around 12 noon I saw her bra kept on the bed. I could not control myself and I lifted the bra and saw it.
The size of her boobs was written in it as 36D. I was happy from inside that I had measured her nipples correctly with my eyes.

I started masturbating remembering my aunt’s 36D-size boobs. After some time, all the goods of cock were dropped in aunt’s bra. After some time she came after taking bath. There was a lot of work that day, so she took bath late. When she started wearing a bra after the bath, she felt a bit wet. Aunt smelled it, smiled lightly, and wore the bra.

Now the look aunt towards me had changed. My aunt’s bra was still running in my mind that my cock’s material was on her nipples. In my thoughts, I could see the stain of wetness on her nipples from above. Thinking of that slogan, I started smiling inside my mind that stains are good.

I lay down and closed my eyes. My mind started thinking something guests had come to my home, the aunt was cooking for them. Then suddenly there was a loud sound of something falling from outside. Everyone ran outside to see. On the other side, iron was dumped in a big trawler.

I had also gone there and my aunt was standing right next to me. Suddenly aunt caught hold of my cock and shook it a little and put current in it. Later, when everyone was having food, the aunt went to the bathroom. I was already in the bathroom. When she came inside, I started pressing her breasts.

Aunt Shihar got up and said- Oh not now… later, now there are guests. Me- no problem aunt just let it be pressed for 5 minutes. Aunty- Ok, hurry up. I continued to rub my aunt’s boobs like that. Then took his one hand on aunt’s pussy and started caressing it from above.

She also could not control herself and took her one hand on my cock. With the other hand, she started pressing my hand on her pussy. Without taking much time, I took my mouth inside the aunt’s sari petticoat while sitting and started rubbing the grain with my finger in her dripping pussy and started playing.

By spreading her legs, aunt pressed my head on her pussy, then I started licking my pussy with spit, started putting my tongue inside, and started playing with her clit. Aunt’s voice did not come out much, so she put her hand on her mouth. Then there was a slight sound and the aunt opened the dam of the pussy. Chut juice started dripping in my mouth; I licked the whole juice and cleaned my aunt’s pussy.

Then I kissed her after coming out of her saree. He lowered his hand and took out my cock and started shaking it. As soon as an aunt was about to take my cock in her mouth, my goods came out. At the same time, the aunt shouted – who sleeps for so long… get up Naman!

My dream broke and my eyes opened. My cock was erect and the entire cargo was out. My boxers were lying wet. Aunt’s eyes were not moving from there. Friends, seeing the sexy eyes of my aunt, I was completely shy and started covering the sheet on my boxers.

Aunt pulled the sheet and said – now the sheet will also be wet. Get up quickly! In the next part of desi aunty sex story, I will tell how my fun with aunty progressed and the matter reached the limit of cock pussy.

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