Love Sex & Dhokha with Mom & Her Daughter sex stories Part-1

Love Sex & Dhokha with Mom & Her Daughter sex stories Part-1

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Hi, my name is Mahul. I am here to tell you my first erotic story. (Daughter Sex Stories)

26 year old South Indian Brahmin. I had moved from Chennai to Bangalore. I am an IT professional in Electronic City. I don’t like to travel. My cousin was from BG Road and she insisted that I get a place near her house so that we can go on weekends and if possible on weekdays. (Mom & Her Daughter sex stories)

My cousin had a baby and my nephew was a little boy. I wanted to live close to his house so that I could travel less.

I got a 1 bedroom apartment in an apartment building around 1 km from my cousin’s house and 16 km from my work place. It was a small gated community with two towers of 8 floors each. (Mom & Her Daughter sex stories)

One with 1 and 2 BHK, the other with 2 and 3 BHK. There were basic facilities like swimming pool and half court basketball court. The building also features a walkway that runs around its perimeter. (Daughter Sex Stories)

My house was situated on the third floor. It had two 1BHK apartments on one side, and another 2BHK apartment on the other. I had to buy most of the furniture as it was semi-furnished. (Mom & Her Daughter sex stories)

I was new to the area and didn’t know where to get all the stuff. I could have asked my cousin what I would do, but I decided to take the opportunity to visit my neighbors. (Daughter Sex Stories)

I called my 1BHK neighbor. There was a nameplate outside the house which read “Shehnaaz and kritika Bakshi“. (Mom & Her Daughter sex stories)

A beautiful, fair-skinned woman in a salwar kameez was standing in front of my door. I could see her big boobs because she was not wearing a dupatta. (Daughter Sex Stories)

She was only 5’10”, and I was about the same height as her, maybe a few inches shorter. Her hair was long and loose. She had hair in front on both ends. They probably ended at her nipples. Her age She was between 35-40 years old and had a few gray hairs. (Daughter Sex Stories)

For a moment I was stunned by her beauty. Her beautiful face was radiant with dimples on her cheeks and a smile that made me think of South Indian actress Kiran. He broke the silence and spoke first.

Nupur :- Hello! Me: Hello, I am Mahul. I recently moved from Chennai to Bangalore. I’m your new neighbor. (Daughter Sex Stories)

Nupur: Nice to meet you. Nupur :- My name is Nupur. Have you found your place?

Not me. I’m new to Bangalore, and don’t really know much about it. I was looking for some assistance and decided to come. (Daughter Sex Stories)

Nupur: There is a mall just 1 km away from the house. There you will find everything you need. You’ll find everything you need in one place. (Mom & Her Daughter sex stories)

I thank. I also wanted to inquire about paper and milk delivery.
Nupur :- I will give you the number of my newspaperman. We order milk online using an app that you can use.

Me:- I am very grateful. it’s very kind.

Nupur: Come inside. I was making tea.

Me: Ok Aunty. I have to go ahead and buy many things. I don’t even have a bed. I will be there tomorrow.
Nupur :- Sure. That is not a problem. Welcome to the apartment. (Daughter Sex Stories)

I went home and calmed down my cock, which was already aroused by the sight of me. I started masturbating at the thought of moving her mouth up and down my dick as best I’d ever seen. Nupur was my love, I thought. (Mom & Her Daughter sex stories)

After I got done, we went to the mall to buy stuff. I bought a queen-size mattress and decided to lay on the floor so there was no need for a bed.

I bought cleaning equipment, a fridge, and a washing machine, as well as Tupperware boxes for my kitchen. Most items will be delivered the next day except for bedding and bedding. (Daughter Sex Stories)

My cousin took me to a local furniture store and I bought a wardrobe, a single sofa, some bean bags and a dining table for four. (Mom & Her Daughter sex stories)

My cousin invited me for dinner. Her husband had gone to Mysore for work. I asked him to come back, but just as I was about to agree to it, the mattress man called me. It was under my building. (Daughter Sex Stories)

My bike, which I had taken from Chennai, was going to be my main mode of transport. I excused myself and returned home with the things we had bought.

Two guys and I carried the mattress to our bedroom. As I opened the door, Nupur came out of my neighbor’s house.(Mom & Her Daughter sex stories)

Nupur: Ah, so you bought all that stuff.
my yes Please wait a moment, I’ll get everything in and come back. (Daughter Sex Stories)
Nupur :- Sure.

I instructed the men to keep the mattress in their bedroom. I gave Rs 50 to each and got rid of them. I went outside to see if Nupur was waiting for me there. (Mom & Her Daughter sex stories)

Me: Hi. I thought you must have gone.
Nupur: I was curious to know if you got everything.
my yes, I got a fridge, washing machine, wardrobe, and a sofa. They will reach tomorrow.

As I was about to finish, a beautiful young girl came up to Nupur and stood next to her. Her features were similar to mine, with short hair and thin breasts. (Daughter Sex Stories)

She was probably taller than Nupur, and about the same height as me. He was wearing a T-shirt and pajamas, and his hair was in a bun. I was surprised by his expression. Maybe Nupur has sensed it and has started introducing me. (Mom & Her Daughter sex stories)

Nupur:- This kritika Bakshi is my daughter. This is the last year of his engineering.

There was a hint of pride in his voice.

Me:- Hi, I am Mahul your new neighbor.

kritika Bakshi: Hi! What do you do?
Me: I work in an IT company.

kritika Bakshi:- Where?
Me:- Electronic City.

kritika Bakshi: You have rented a house here. it’s possible?
my yes, My cousin lives about a kilometer away. He demanded that I stay with him. (Mom & Her Daughter sex stories)

Nupur: I thought you are new to this place. I wasn’t sure why you needed my help. (Daughter Sex Stories)

Me:- I am new in Bangalore. My cousin got married a few years back and shifted to Bangalore. Before finding an apartment, I stayed at her house for a week. Yesterday she left for Mysore for a few more days. I asked for your help.

kritika Bakshi: Where are you from?
Me:- Chennai. There I completed my engineering degree and worked there for four years. I was offered a better job. (Mom & Her Daughter sex stories)

kritika Bakshi: I got my campus interview for next semester. I need your help.
Me: Sure, no problem.

After 5 minutes, we parted and I went to sleep. When I entered my house, I used the bathroom to take my dick out of my jeans and masturbate about kritika Bakshi and Nupur.

After poking around and doing my shopping, I headed out. I closed the curtains and started thinking. I hung the curtains and began to think. (Daughter Sex Stories)

Is Nupur a widow or a divorcee? As soon as I came to know that Nupur is single, my feelings for her grew stronger. Before I go to bed, I sit thinking about the MILF next to me.

The next day was Saturday. I woke up at 5 in the morning and went to meet my cousin. Her husband had returned to Mysore by that time. He helped me to get gas connection. (Mom & Her Daughter sex stories)

I returned home by evening to find all my deliveries had been delivered. I have settled my house. Nupur came to my aid, but I assured her that I would be able to handle it myself. In the evening I was again invited by him for lunch at his house. I accepted and ordered dinner for myself. (Daughter Sex Stories)

Very tired, I went to bed as soon as my head hit the pillow. The next morning, I woke up, made tea, then took the newspaper and went to the balcony. I sat down on the beanbag and started reading my paper.

Nupur: Hi, good morning.

I saw Nupur wearing a loose-fitting T-shirt, tight leggings and a messy bun. His balcony was his. There was a distance of about 4-5 feet between the two. (Daughter Sex Stories)

Me: Hello, how are you?
Nupur :- I am fine. It’s only 6:30. You didn’t sound like a morning person to me. It is rare to see youth getting up so early. kritika Bakshi does not get up before 8 o’clock. (Mom & Her Daughter sex stories)

Me :- It was my habit in childhood. what do you mean when you say young? you are still young.
Nupur :- I am 45 years old. I’m not young

Me :- It is impossible. you look much younger. (Daughter Sex Stories)
Nupur :- Thank you.

We both smiled, and she took her yoga mat from the corner of the balcony and laid it on the floor.

Me: Do you do yoga?
Nupur :- Yes. Why?

Me: This is the secret of beauty.
Nupur :- haha maybe. It keeps me healthy. do you want to flirt?

Me: Oh no aunty. I’m just giving you a compliment. (Daughter Sex Stories)
Nupur :- Thank you.

My neighbor started with her yoga, and I returned to reading the newspaper. Surya Namaskar was his face. Her massive cleavage was clearly visible in her V-neck shirt. I saw her when she bent down.

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