My Brother Fucked Me When I Came To Meet My Family

My Brother Fucked Me When I Came To Meet My Family

In our today’s English Sex Story titled “My Brother Fucked Me When I Came To Meet My Family” I assure you that after reading this story you will not be able to stop shaking your cock. Let’s start today’s desi sex story.

Hello friends, My Name is Kritika and I lived in WhiteFeildBangalore.

I am a 22-year-old married girl. This sister’s sex story is of my pussy fuck.

My figure is 32-28-34. Since my husband is in the army, he comes home only twice a year on leave.

When my husband comes home, he fucks me hard.

But after their departure, I feel like having sex but I used to be helpless without cock.

Because of this, if I did not feel like it, I used to go to my maternal home for a few days.

In my maternal home, I have my parents, grandmother, and an elder brother who is married.

His wife is of normal appearance and stature.

This time after the departure of my husband, I had come to my maternal home for a month.

Often my husband used to have sex with me on the phone only when I felt like it.

On that day, this matter started only after talking sexy with the husband.

It so happened that it was a mild winter, one day Mother and Grandmother were on the roof above.

Brother had gone to the shop.

My sister-in-law had also gone to her maternal home.

I was talking sexy to my husband.

At the same time, my hand went on my pussy and my sensual hisses started coming out.

Meanwhile, I could not even guess when my brother would come home to eat.

When my brother heard my lustful sobs, he started looking at me from the window.

After some time when water came out of my pussy, I came out.

My Brother was sitting on the sofa and was watching me.

I went inside in a normal way and started giving him food.

He started laughing seeing me.

I asked him – what happened?

He said – nothing.

I understood that he has heard my words but I did not say anything and gave him food and went to the room.

Now it had become a daily story.

My brother started looking at me with lustful eyes.

I also realized that my brother had seen me, I could not see in his eyes.

One day there was no one in the house and my son had also gone out with his grandmother.

I was asleep in the room.

My brother came from the shop and went to the kitchen and started eating.

I was also fast asleep. My brother came and slept beside me.

That day I was wearing a top and a full skirt below. (Brother Fucked Me)

He slowly started lifting my top but I was not conscious.

My brother started caressing my boobs.

He had put his cock on my ass.

Suddenly he pressed my breasts hard and I woke up.

But he did not back down and started pressing me under him.

I pushed him down.

He started laughing looking at me.

I said – what were you doing?

He said in clear words that I have seen that you take cum out of your pussy with your finger, so what is wrong in having sex with me.

I said – you are my brother and I cannot have sex with anyone except my husband.

Brother got up and took Vermilion from the temple and fulfilled my demand.

He said – Now I have also become your husband. I have started loving you a lot and will not let you miss your husband.

I came out of the room without saying anything.

I could not even tell this thing to anyone.

I told all this to my husband only.

My husband said – without me you always suffer. I can’t even see you suffering. If you accept him as your second husband, then you will also be happy.

I got very angry with him, I said – what are you saying?

The husband said- just think with a cool mind… Everyone feels hungry for sex.

If ever you have sex with someone outside the house and there is some quarrel,

then there will be a big defamation and you may get trapped in some trouble. It is better that you have sex with your brother only. (Brother Fucked Me)

I scolded them – what are you saying? I can’t do that.

or I refused to do so.

But he gave me his opinion, so I had to agree.

Then the husband said – You make arrangements for your sister-in-law for me too. This time I will fuck both of you together.

I started laughing – how can I set my sister-in-law?

The husband also started laughing and said – let’s try to set. If sister-in-law is set then it is okay, otherwise, tell your brother to talk about his wife for me.

I avoided talking by laughing.

Now I started thinking of getting my brother to fuck my pussy.

Still, I was hesitating that how can I take my brother’s cock in my pussy.

On the other side, my brother was still waiting for my yes.

I started using WhatsApp on the phone.

Seeing me online, my brother texted me hello.

I texted him hi too.

Then his message came – Kritika I love you!

I thought for a while, then wrote the answer- Your wife Kritika is waiting tonight to celebrate the honeymoon.

My brother became happy and he agreed to fuck me at night.

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I was still not feeling well in all this.

But due to the tingling of the pussy and getting the green signal from the husband, I was desperate to fuck.

At night I was wearing a red colored saree and a black bra and panty inside.

Brother came inside after everyone was asleep. He was very happy to see me.

He came and sat near me and started rubbing his hands on my feet, then he caught me and started kissing me on the lips. (Brother Fucked Me)

from there, Brother-Sister Sex got started in starting I was not feeling well. I was just doing it for my husband.

He kept sucking my lips for a long time.

Then he untied my saree and by lifting my petticoat started rubbing his hands on my thighs.

He made me completely naked and started sucking my full milk.

He had made my boobs red by sucking.

Now I am also feeling better.

I lifted his head and sucked his lips and made him lie on me.

Now I too had become mad to kiss.

he started fingering in my pussy.

My pussy gets wet.

I said to him – Dear, will you not drink your wife’s pussy?

On hearing this, he raised my legs wide and started drinking my pussy.

Now both of us had become husband and wife physically.

I pressed her on my pussy with my feet.

I dropped water twice in his mouth.

He said – You also drink my cock, don’t you know!

When I refused, he put his cock in my mouth and started fucking my mouth.

After fucking my mouth for ten minutes, he put his cock on my pussy and inserted it forcefully.

His cock started making me hue and cry in my pussy. (Brother Fucked Me)

I started having sweet pain.

He started fucking my pussy vigorously. He fucked me for 20 minutes in different positions and left his semen in my pussy.

He was going back to his room after having sex, so I said – from today you will sleep with your wife only. I will say anything to the family members.

He became happy after hearing this.

That night he fucked me 5 times.

Now every day whenever he gets a chance, brother fuck me!

After a few days, his wife returned.

One night when he came to my room to fuck me, my sister-in-law saw him and caught both of us having sex.

She started abusing me and him.

She threatened that she would tell everyone about our relationship.

My brother somehow convinced her.

Now it has become difficult for both of us to sleep together.

He said – your sister-in-law is not agreeing.

I asked him to fuck both of us together.

Brother was ready.

Together with my brother, I made a plan for threesome sex with my sister-in-law.

That day I called my sister-in-law to my room and started talking about sex with her.

She was a very sensual woman.

He said to me – Big Sis, you would not like it without brother-in-law’s cock, right?

I laughed and said- yes… but what can be done. Where do you see the sorrow of your sister-in-law?

She said – what do you want sister?

I said – I will tell you all that later.

She said – what will you tell me later. Where will you get the cock when the pussy is on fire now?

I jokingly said to him – I will do the job with my pussy or cock.

My sister-in-law started laughing.

Then I started kissing her holding her and put my finger in her pussy.

My sister-in-law was hot now.

She said – Didi, if you want to fuck together, then get it fucked.

I said – Yes sister-in-law, call your husband, we both will enjoy together by getting fucked by the same cock. (Brother Fucked Me)

My brother was already waiting, he came inside.

That’s why my sister-in-law moved away and started stealing my eyes.

Brother put her on the bed and started licking her pussy.

I also started drinking her milk.

Sister-in-law started getting hot, so her brother put his cock in her pussy.

After a few minutes, brother put his semen in her pussy.

I also wanted to get fucked by my brother.

As soon as he took his cock out, I took his cock in my mouth.

Brother’s cock was covered with both of them, which I licked.

Now sister-in-law was also supporting us. He started sucking my pussy.

Now it was my turn to fuck.

Brother put his cock in my pussy and started fucking me.

He was about to ejaculate after fucking for about twenty minutes.

My water had also broken twice.

Brother took out his cock and put it in my mouth and left his semen in my mouth.

Now all three of us fuck together.

After that when my husband comes home on holiday then we have foursome sex that story I will tell you later.

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