Lost my Virginity to my Sexy Bhabhi | Bhabhi Sex Story

Lost my Virginity to my Sexy Bhabhi | Bhabhi Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Lost my Virginity to my Sexy Bhabhi | Bhabhi Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

I fucked my bhabhi tremendously in my own house! I used to see Bhabhijan bathing naked. How did the talk with bhabhi become for pussy fuck?

Hello I am Umang from Goa. My age is 23 years. This sex story is about me and my bhabhi having sex. My bhabhi’s age is 29 years. His complexion is as fair as milk. bhabhi is a very hot material to see. Her sexy figure is 32-28-34. Seeing the rosy cheeks and luscious lips of bhabhi, anyone’s penis will stand erect.

My mother, father, bhabhi, and grandparents live in my house. brother stays away from home due to his job. He comes home only once in six months. One day my bhabhi was taking bath in the bathroom. I was eager to have a glimpse of his heady youth and stroking my penis.

Luckily there was no one in the house that day. I had urine. I went to the toilet, so I pushed the door in. I did not know that bhabhi was taking bath inside. The bathroom door opened because it was not locked from the inside. I saw that bhabhi was taking bath naked inside. His back was towards me and I could see the round ass of bhabhi.

Seeing the hot scene, my mind started becoming uncontrollable. Something started happening to get the bhabhi in mind. Then I slammed the door back and stood outside. Now slowly I started looking inside through the slit of the door. Then bhabhi turned around, so I lost my senses.

I could see the whole naked youth of bhabhi. She was applying soap to her mom. Then her hands were on her pussy forward and humming the song she started applying soap to her pussy. Suddenly bhabhi put her finger in her pussy and started rubbing one of her breasts with the other hand. His lips were biting his teeth.

Fountain water was falling from above the head. A very sexy scene was going on. My penis stood up and was hissing to fuck my bhabhi. Then suddenly I heard the sound of someone coming, so I moved away from there and came out.

When I saw it, my sister had come from tuition. Now I entered my bed and started calling out in the name of bhabhi. In no time I fell off and fell asleep after wiping my penis with the sheet itself. From that day I was possessed by the evil spirit of fucking my bhabhi and I had made up my mind that I would definitely fuck my bhabhi.

Now I was waiting for the opportunity. Now when bhabhi used to go to a bath in the bathroom, I used to secretly fist her by looking at her pussy and ass. The mind was not able to think that how to taste the juice of bhabhi’s youth. Then a marriage had come in the family, so everyone in the house went to the market for shopping.

That day me and bhabhi were in the house. After everyone left, I was watching a hot movie. At the same time, when a kissing scene came on TV, my mind became sensual. Then I thought to see what bhabhi was doing.

I was about to get up when I could hear the sound of bhabhi humming a song. I turned and saw that she was mopping the floor and her deep-neck blouse was shaking her boobs with great fun. I started seeing bhabhi’s pussy and ass. I could not help it, so I came to my bhabhi and said – Shall I help you bhabhi?

She looked at me and said with a smile – don’t let it be, I will do it. I said – Hey you will be tired. bhabhi said- Brother-in-law is showing great kindness to me today… what’s the matter, do you want anything? Me- Nothing like that bhabhi, I just thought that I should help you. I was watching the shaking breasts of bhabhi. My penis was going stiff.

bhabhi followed my eyes and understood that I was looking at her boobs. bhabhi didn’t say anything, just like this, by shaking her mother, she kept setting fire to my penis. bhabhi looked at me and said – nowadays you have started seeing me a lot… what’s the matter? Has the girlfriend refused?

I said – you have a lot of information about my girlfriend, bhabhi … By the way, let me tell you that no girl has become my girlfriend yet. bhabhi said- why not made… no one mows grass or does not like it. I said – I am not liking it.

bhabhi said- Why… what kind of girl do you want? I said – only if she is as beautiful as you, I will like it. bhabhi laughed and said – Why do you want someone like me? I said – you yourself know very well why someone like you is needed. bhabhi heaved a long sigh and said – there is no happiness of husband in the fate of a girl like me. What will you do with someone like me?

I said – my beautiful bhabhi has this lovely brother-in-law in her destiny. bhabhi sighed again and said- Brother-in-law is also very innocent… He does not understand the pain and sorrow of his bhabhi. I told my bhabhi, what are you saying? Tell me what’s your problem?

bhabhi looked at me and exploded like a bombshell- You are seeing everything with your own eyes and you are pretending not to understand. When I looked at her, she said – I know that you see me taking a bath. My ass got busted. But the very next moment I apologized to him and said – Yes bhabhi, I made a mistake. Please forgive me From now onwards such a mistake will not happen.

bhabhi banged her head and said- Oh God, what an idiot brother-in-law you have given… He does not understand anything at all. Now I understood and I picked him up with my hands and gave him a kiss on the cheeks. I said – bhabhi, since long I was shaking myself seeing your youth. Now I will not delay even for a moment. I will do every service of my bhabhi with all my heart.

bhabhi said – I understood very quickly, but for the mistake, I have made so far, I will have to face the punishment for it. Saying this, bhabhi went to her room shaking her ass. I followed him back to his room.

bhabhi took off her saree as soon as she entered the room, threw it aside, and entered the bathroom. Seeing them like this, the devil inside me woke up. Courageously, I took off all my clothes and entered the bathroom only in my tights. bhabhi was completely naked inside.

Seeing me, she wrapped a towel and said – I will tell your brother that you were doing wrong with me. I said caressing the penis – it’s okay bhabhi, you speak. I will also tell you that brother-in-law was serving his bhabhi. bhabhi started smiling.

I closed the bathroom door and wrapped her in my arms. bhabhi also started supporting and we both kept kissing for 5 minutes. After that I was hot. On the other hand, bhabhi also started supporting her completely. When I put her hand on my penis, bhabhi started caressing my penis.

I said – won’t you love sucking bhabhi! bhabhi was dying to suck penis. She knelt down and took my penis in her mouth and started sucking. Bhabhi was sucking my penis like a professional whore. My sigh was coming out.

Soon my penis started losing courage. Her water was about to break. I told my bhabhi – water is about to come out, bhabhi. bhabhi sucking the penis said with a gesture that let the water come. I had lost my cool now. I started spewing my penis lava after a minute. bhabhi licked all the cream and kept sucking my penis.

Lund stood up again in no time. Now bhabhi said – Come on, now get involved in my service. I made bhabhi a mare and started licking her pussy. bhabhi started enjoying by making intoxicating sounds of uh uh ah ah ah.

He said – the pussy will get pleasure from the penis. Do all this later my dear brother-in-law. I said ok and started rubbing the penis in her pussy cleft from her ass side. bhabhi spread her ass and started asking to fuck quickly. I hit a hard blow of penis in bhabhi’s pussy. My whole penis went on entering her wet pussy. She moaned all of a sudden and said – Aah … aah slowly.

In no time, I made bhabhi’s pussy according to the penis. Now bhabhi was getting her pussy rubbed with pleasure. She was enjoying a lot of fuck by lifting her ass. I was about to ejaculate after sex for about 15 minutes. When I asked, the bhabhi said – drip inside. I just dropped semen in bhabhi’s pussy.

We both were very tired. bhabhi made me lie down in the bathroom and started making love. After some time bhabhi saw that my penis was starting to get erect again, so bhabhi came in 69 and sucked my penis and I licked my pussy. This time I told my bhabhi, now I want to kick your ass.

She didn’t say anything. I understood that the signal has been received to beat bhabhi’s ass. I filled oil in bhabhi’s ass from the bottle of oil kept in the bathroom and fingered it, then bhabhi started enjoying. Then suddenly I grabbed his waist and gave him a blow. Half of my penis went in bhabhi’s ass.

bhabhi cried out in pain and started abusing me. I said sorry and took out the penis from the ass and started fucking the pussy. Twenty minutes later, when I was about to ejaculate, bhabhi said – take out the penis. When I took my penis out, bhabhi sucked my penis and took all the water in her mouth, and drank it.

After this, my bhabhi started having a deep conversation. Now whenever I wanted to fuck my bhabhi, I would have enjoyed fucking her tremendously. How did you like my bhabhi’s tremendous fuck story, please tell me by mail.

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