Amazing Sexual Experience With My Neighbour | Bhabhi Sex Story

Amazing Sexual Experience With My Neighbour | Bhabhi Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Amazing Sexual Experience With My Neighbour | Bhabhi Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

A cool sister-in-law lives near my house. How did I get to know him and how did I fuck him… you will get to read all those spices in this sex story today.

Before starting the story, let me tell you about myself… My name is Raju. I live in Lucknow, I am 21 years old and my height is 5 feet 9 inches. Today’s Bhabhi Sex Story is about the sex between me and Ridhimajain Bhabhi.

Ridhimajain Bhabhi is absolutely tough looking. If anyone sees them once, they will be tempted to fuck them. Their Sister-in-law’s figure is very tight and her size is 36-30-38. This sex story is from 2021 when she came to live in our neighborhood. Then I was not particularly interested in them.

Then he started coming and going to our place, then I felt that I am doing something wrong by not seeing him, I am disrespecting beauty by not seeing him. Just now whenever she used to come to our house, I would leave all my work and keep looking at her and keep thinking that God has made her sister-in-law with so much leisure.

One day some such incident happened, due to which both of us came a little closer. It so happened that one day the sister-in-law had a fight with her husband. The matter had escalated so much that the police had come to his house. Then the matter was resolved, but my sister-in-law’s heart was feeling a little sad.

After a few days, my mother sent me to her house for some work. When I went to her house, I came to know that her husband has gone out for some work for a week. After the work was over, when I started leaving their house, the sister-in-law said to me – sit down for a while, what is the hurry. I was happy inside after listening to her that today sister-in-law is asking me to sit alone.

I sat down and asked my sister-in-law to drink water. He gave me water to drink. We both sat down and started talking. My Sister-in-law started talking about my studies. While talking, I asked him why both of you were fighting so much that day. He started telling. Perhaps she herself was thinking to say that thing.

Their Sister-in-law was saying that her husband does not love her at all and he is having an affair with some outside woman who keeps on squeezing her out of money. I asked – my sister-in-law, what is there in that woman, which is not there in you? She said – That woman is nothing in front of me. But the problem is different.

I said – what’s the problem? My Sister-in-law started hesitating a bit. She said – How can I tell you this, I am not able to understand. The lines of sorrow were clearly visible on his face. I said – sister-in-law, there can be only two reasons for that either brother would like to love like animals, or he would not have the guts.

My Sister-in-law burst into tears after hearing such an open statement from me. The abuse came out of his mouth. She said – My husband is a bastard… He could not even stand properly. How can he become an animal? When it came out of his mouth, I felt happy that my sister-in-law needs a penis.

On the other side, the sister-in-law was telling that that sneaky woman is busy with her in the matter of her money. It has nothing to do with the masculine power of my husband. My Sister-in-law started crying while telling me in detail. When I saw him crying, I sat close to him and tried to pacify him.

But my sister-in-law did not stop crying at all. I coaxed him by putting my hand on his back and tried to pacify him. The result of this was that my sister-in-law hugged me while crying. I started getting a strange chill and I felt that her nipples were digging too much into my chest.

Both his hands were holding me. Seeing this, I also started patting his back and started making him silent. She was telling me her words by sobbing. I moved away from his neck and wiped his tears. Then I helped her and brought her to the bed and made her sit on the bed and pacified her.

When I was wiping tears by making her sit on the bed, she saw the bulge of my penis. After wiping my tears, when I sat by her side, she put her hand on my thigh and started caressing me. This made electricity run through my body. I put my hand on his hand.

As soon as I put my hand on his hand, he gave me a kiss. In return, I also kissed him and started looking into his eyes. While looking into his eyes, I felt as if his eyes were telling me to fuck now. He kissed me again on the cheek and pressed his lips to mine. I got hooked too.

Our kiss lasted for 5 minutes. During this, I started pressing her nipples with my hands, due to which both my sister-in-law were enjoying a lot. My Sister-in-law said – Raju, I need you. will you love Me? I said – sister-in-law, whatever you want, I will do it for you.

She started falling in love with me and started kissing me wildly. At that time he was wearing a T-shirt and lower. I put my hand on his T-shirt from below and started pressing one of his fists. What can I tell friends, I was having so much fun.

Then I took off her T-shirt and she came in front of me in her black bra. Now she put her hand inside my lower and pressed my penis and started moving it back and forth. After a while, he took off my lower and I also started getting naked. First I took off my T-shirt, then took off his lower.

Now only briefs were left on my body and only bra and panty on her body. I took off her bra and started sucking her nipple by holding her nipple. Sometimes this nipple and sometimes that nipple. Seriously, friends, I was having a lot of fun sucking my sister-in-law’s milk.

Then she dropped me on the bed and came on top of me and started kissing me. She took off my briefs and started playing with my penis. She filled my penis in her mouth and started sucking it. Friends, it is the best experience when a girl sucks a boy’s penis.

Now I sat down and removed her panty. As soon as I took off my sister-in-law’s panties, I saw the door of heaven. I could not help it and both of us reached stage 69. Now I was licking my sister-in-law’s pussy and she was sucking my penis.

The smell of her pussy is still lingering in my mind. Then I started moving my tongue inside her pussy, due to which intoxicating sounds like ah ah started coming from her mouth.
I was enjoying licking my sister-in-law’s pussy that I cannot tell.

Within a short time, my sister-in-law removed her chamber in my mouth and started sucking my penis peacefully by making the sound of aah. After some time I put her on the bed and started licking her pussy again. I was able to reheat them within two minutes. She was telling me – don’t bother now, just quickly put your penis in my pussy.

I was also in a hurry to fuck, so without delay, I set my penis on her pussy and hit her with a jerk. The top of my penis entered her pussy and she started feeling pain because her sister-in-law’s sex had stopped. She did not get her husband to fuck her, due to which her pussy became tight.

My Sister-in-law’s little scream came out when my big penis went inside. I started kissing her and at the same time started pressing her nipples so that she does not feel much pain and she also gets drunk. After her pain got cured, I hit the second blow, due to which more than half of my penis had gone into her pussy. I slowly started moving the penis back and forth. My Sister-in-law started enjoying it, so I started pushing and fucking her.

While fucking, the sounds of ahh oohhh were coming out of his mouth, which was provoking me more. I was about to ejaculate after about 20 minutes of sex. I asked him – where can I get the juice? So he asked to take out the semen. Now I was very close to ejaculating and as soon as I was about to ejaculate, I took out my penis from her pussy and left all the material on her tits.

Meanwhile, she had also fallen twice. After our sex, different expressions were visible on his face. After that, I fucked Bhabhi 3 times and they told me that my penis is bigger and thicker than her husband’s. Whenever her husband’s penis entered her pussy, it did not last more than a minute.

After sex, I put her clothes on with my hands, which made my sister-in-law very happy. When I asked the reason for his happiness, he told that today’s boys only know how to take off the clothes of girls but you are wearing me as well. I fell in love with him at this point of his and I kissed him.

Then I put on my clothes and returned to my house. Now, whenever we get a chance, we both kiss, and sometimes I even press her nipples. Whenever she wants to fuck, she calls my mother on some pretext or the other to invite me to her house and we both fuck hard.

So, friends, this was my first sex experience, which still feels new to me. I hope you also liked the story of my fuck.

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