Sex With Newly Married Bhabhi | Bangalan Bhabhi Sex Story Part-3

Sex With Newly Married Bhabhi | Bangalan Bhabhi Sex Story Part-3

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan from Gurgaon, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Sex With Newly Married Bhabhi | Bangalan Bhabhi Sex Story Part-3“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

Learn in Bangalan Bhabhi Sex Story that one evening, while drunk, feelings for me started coming out in the mind of the sister-in-law and both of us started warming each other.

I told you that Sana invited me to her room for dinner. Her friend Fatima had also come that night. Sana’s eyes were repeatedly going on my cock taut in my jeans and my eyes were fixed on the pussy looking like dumplings inside her Capri. Then after three days, the night shift of her husband started and one evening she came and sat on my balcony. I was having a drink at that time and Sana also requested a drink test.

Finished his first peg and she got started. Now Next Bangalan Bhabhi Sex Story:

Seeing Sana’s drink running out, I thought that I will bring more cold drinks for her. I told Sana – I will bring you a cold drink, and as soon as I started getting up, Sana started saying – a cold drink is very sweet, how are you, if you see? Saying this, he raised my glass and sipped one of it, and said – it tastes good too. I said – I make your second peg, this is my lair.

Sana was completely worried about half the peg. She said – what Jatin Ji, did you also talk lightly? Do your loved ones ever lie? Saying this, she took a big sip and after a few minutes, she started swinging. We sat silent for a while. Then Sana put her head back and said – Jatin, do not talk to anyone. Now I understood that Sana is in the mood to kiss.

I said- Sana, your hands are very beautiful. Sana extended her hand toward me and said – do you like it? I like it very much. Sana- So why don’t you kiss? I grabbed both hands of Sana and said – you are sitting so far away, come to me, then I will do something. I held her hands and gestured to get up and as soon as Sana got up, I pulled her towards me and made her sit on my lap. Sana Dhamma came to my lap.

I felt as if heaven was sitting in my lap. My 8-inch-long fat dick sank into the ditch of his buttocks. As soon as I sat on the dock, I kissed Sana’s lips and while holding her in one arm, lifted the peg with one hand and applied it to her lips. Sana took a sip and held the same glass with her hand and applied it to my lips. Within a minute, all the fun of the world was reduced to both of us.

I grabbed Sana’s big nipples in both my palms and started caressing her. Sana put her cheeks against my cheeks and started taking a long hissing – ooh… am… Jatin… ahh… ohh. I slowly started moving my hand over his velvety body. My hand started running through his arms and nipples on his stomach and on his thighs and tails. Sana’s breathing was getting faster.

Then I put a piece of cheese in Sana’s mouth, she again took a big sip from my glass and turned and hugged my chest, and grabbed me tightly in her arms. I put my hand on Sana’s top from behind and started caressing her waist.

After the waist, I put my hand in her skirt and caressed her thighs. Sana did not wear the panties below. If I did not feel his panties anywhere on my hand, then I came to know that the pussy is bare. Excited in lust, Sana suddenly changed her position and while sitting, she spread her knees wide outside both my legs and sat her pussy resting on my inverted bow.

Sana hugged me badly and started pressing her thighs on me. Perhaps he was getting the intoxicating feeling of my fat hot lad on his pussy. I lifted Sana’s top and stuffed one of her big mums into my mouth. Sana happily started doing Ui…eeee…. Sana turned around while sitting and picked up my peg and drank Gagat in one breath.

On this I said- Sana, it will be more for you. Sana swinging intoxicated said – Today everything has to be done too much. Don’t stop today Jatin. You were saying that after drinking it a man forgets everything. Saying this, Sana started rubbing her pussy vigorously on my opposite side. I could clearly feel the protruding soft part of Sana’s pussy on my penis and the lower part of my stomach. He was not wearing anything underneath.

I also supported Sana, kissing her from place to place and mashing and drinking her big curvy nipples. I put my hands on both the soft and smooth buttocks of Sana and started nudging her while pulling her towards me. Slowly, I lifted Sana’s skirt completely up and bare her butt. At the same time, by lifting her top up to her neck, I kept on massaging her heavy and hard nipples.

It was raining lightly and my music system was playing soft-loving songs. We both were engaged in pacifying each other’s lust like love birds on that balcony. The balcony was huge and there was complete privacy due to the walls on both sides. Sana’s movements started gaining momentum and she started rubbing her pussy vigorously on the inverted lode standing on top of me.

I also kept pulling one of Sana’s teats in my mouth, holding her waist with one hand and holding her bum with the other hand. Sana’s speed increased and her nostrils started moving fast. Due to the joy, almost screaming sounds started coming out of Sana’s mouth – aa.a.a.a.a.e.e.e..ooh.ohhh. happened.

After this oral sex which lasted for about half an hour, Sana got up and said – I have to go to the bathroom. After getting up, Sana went inside her bedroom. I also went to my bathroom. In the bathroom, I saw that my lower thighs were completely wet due to the rubbing and discharge of Sana’s pussy. After going to the bathroom, Sana did not come outside in the balcony and spread on the bed inside.

I went inside to her and asked- Sana, when is the food to be eaten? Sana said in a drunken- ooon… Jatin… love me first, we will eat the food later. Saying this, he grabbed my hand and pulled me over him. There was full light in the room. I took off my T-shirt and my broad hairy chest became bare I lay down on the bed with Sana taking off my bare chest.

Then leaning over her, he started sucking on her lips. Sana put her arms around my neck and started rubbing her mouth against my chest hair. I lifted Sana’s top and removed it from her neck. As soon as the top came out, both her big 36-size curvy nipples came out and started fluttering. The shape and color of both the nipples and the little pink nipples standing on them were wreaking havoc. I grabbed both his nipples with my hands and started mashing it vigorously.

Siskars started coming out of Sana’s mouth. One by one I started sucking both the teats in my mouth and with one hand I kept on rubbing her stomach and thighs. She kept on shaking her pussy and kept nagging my waist. Leaving my nipples, I put my hand in Sana’s skirt and grabbed it, and pulled the skirt down.

When Sana raised her bum a little to remove the skirt, I took it out of her legs and threw it on the chair kept nearby. After removing the skirt, Sana was lying naked in front of me like a goddess of sex. Amazingly beautiful thighs, sexy banana trunk, and legs, beautiful bulging, the smooth, fair, and soft top part of the pussy with no hair on it.

When I looked at Sana from her forehead to her toes, I felt that God had made every part of her in a special way. Sana kept her eyes closed and was trying to pacify the lust of her pussy by repeatedly clenching her thighs.

Now I started kissing Sana’s beautiful body from above. I lovingly kissed her forehead, eyes, lips, chin, neck, and beautiful belly through her nipples, her beautiful round navel embedded inside her stomach. On whichever part my hot lips would touch, only then a hot sigh came out of Sana’s mouth.

I left the part of her pussy and thighs to torture Sana and took her toes and thumb in my mouth and sucked. Sana grieved. My lips passed through his knees and rested on his beautiful smooth pattas. I slightly opened his legs and came in between them. Two thick clefts on top of the beautiful part of the pussy emerged.

I put my smoldering lips on top of his pussy and on the lower part of the stomach and bit there with little teeth. This made Sana shudder. Then as soon as I touched the big clefts of her pussy with my lips, Sana cried out loudly ‘Ahhh…aaa Jatin…sass…aiya…’ and she raised the part of her buttocks and pushed the pussy with my lips in a forceful way. rubbed off.

The soft and anal part of Sana’s pussy stuck in my mouth and nose so much that once I stopped breathing. I squeezed that part by filling it in my mouth as much as I could. I licked the clitoris of her pussy with my tongue and as soon as I sucked Sana’s clitoris by pressing it in my lips, she grabbed my head with her hands and pressed on it forcefully and all of a sudden EEE… aaa… aaa… by It got upset.

After some time she left my head and separated from me for once. Till now I was naked only from above. I had not yet removed my lower and Sana had not seen my dick. She had just ejaculated twice without kissing. She said- Jatin, I have been discharged twice. I don’t know what magic you have! Saying this, Sana took a turn and stuck to my chest again.

My dick was taut in my lower. Sana put one of her legs on me. By keeping the leg up, my penis started touching his pussy. For the first time today, he touched my dick with his hand from outside the lower and took stock of its length and thickness.

Holding dick in her hand, Sana got up and sat down and said – how big and fat is your weapon! Take it out, why is it hidden? I stood down from the bed and told Sana – you take it out, this is your thing from today. Sana gave a very sexy smile while moving her tongue on her lips and sat hanging on the bed. He put his fingers in the elastic of my lower and started lowering the lower.

My lower went down from my hips but due to the standing of the front, it got stuck in the elastic. As soon as Sana pulled the lower down forcefully from the front, my 8-inch tall and fat dick jerked touching her chin and swung it on my stomach with the sound of crackers. Sana’s scream went out and she said – Ui mother !! It’s big and fat!! What’s real? I said – touch and see.

The penis was still trembling because of the tremors and excitement. Sana gently touched him with her two fingers and thumb and looked at him and said – this is absolutely real. Then with all the fun, she pulled the cock towards her by clenching both of her fists and by putting it under her neck, holding me by my hips with both her hands, dragging me towards her, and hugging me.

Sana started asking- Jatin, what is the size? I said- I don’t know, you measure yourself. When Sana picked up her phone, I asked – How will you measure with the phone? That’s a quote-measuring app in it.

He opened the app installed on the phone to which the measuring tape was attached. Sana took three or four shots from top to bottom and saw it said – Oh my god, 8.2 inches from the top and 9 inches from the bottom. I asked – what is the measurement of your husband? So he showed a photo in which a black cock like a maria was showing 4.6 inches.

Then I asked- where did you get this app from? That quote – my friend Fatima had gave it. He measured his husband which was 5.3 inches and he showed me with great awe. Sana started saying – but my husband is smaller than his husband’s penis. Now I will show him that this is a dick! I said – delete it, otherwise, there will be a problem.

She said – nothing happens, which one is your name written on it? do not worry. I fell in love with Sana’s courage. Then Sana took my penis in her mouth and started sucking like a lollipop. Sana suddenly took out the cock and said – I know Jatin, even after my husband’s words of lakhs, I have not taken him in his mouth till date, I do not like it. But today the heart is trying to suck itself.

She started saying – Your pills are also very hard and tight, my husband even hangs below the penis, I do not like them at all. I told Sana – don’t worry, now I will fulfill all your wishes. Sana started saying- Jatin, from today I have no complaint about Ankit because of him I met you, or else I would have roamed around Kolkata only there.

Sana looked very happy. She said – Seeing the size of your penis, one is making a heart drink more. I said – the very first day will be too much for you. She said- Please, make one, bring Jatin… The effect of the past is over now. I want to make tonight’s night colorful and remember it for the rest of my life.

At her request, I went to the balcony naked and brought all the drinks inside. I made a drink and dipped my penis in the glass of drink and turned my penis towards Sana. He hurriedly filled the cock in his mouth and sucked it.

At the same time, Sana soaked her fingers in the drink and applied it to her nipples. After understanding Sana’s gesture, I sucked both the teats in turn by filling them in my mouth and sucked both of them and cleaned them by sucking.

Then I took a sip of a drink, then Sana also took a big sip and started pulling me onto her. I came onto the bed and went towards Sana’s feet and spread her knees and bent them. Sana’s beautiful pussy was in front of me. I separated the two labias standing like a watchman outside with the finger and thumb of my one hand, and a pink hole, smeared with water, appeared in front between the two tender leaves.

When I put one of my fingers in Sana’s pink hole, then a headache ran all over Sana’s body. He put my finger and squeezed the hand in his thighs. I opened Sana’s knees again and placed my lips again on her smoldering pink hole.

Keeping the lips, I scraped the clitoris with the tongue, like a small grape-like stem on the pussy. Sana’s hissing came out and she said loudly – Iee… aah… Jatin… don’t do this, oh… my life… you to kill my life… oops… other… ahh… I am having a lot of fun, I will fight again. Buddy.

After listening to Sana’s sitkar, I was feeling that by inserting my hot cock in her pink pussy with a jerk, I should fuck her so much that she becomes unconscious. But in a way, I was equally enjoying torturing him. She sobbed and pleaded – Ohhh… Jatin… Please… don’t fuck me with your weapon, please… darling. I am dying to taste your cock.

Saying this, Sana grabbed my head and started pushing on the pussy. Then he pulled me from my shoulders and then started pulling me on himself as if trying to get my cock into the pussy himself.

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