Unforgettable Fun In My Life With Aunty | Aunt Sex Story

Unforgettable Fun In My Life With Aunty | Aunt Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Unforgettable Fun In My Life With Aunty | Aunt Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Aunt Sex Story is of my friend. He had fucked his aunt. At my request, he took me with him to his aunt’s house. what happened there?

Friends, my name is Tarun, and I am a resident of Goa. My age is 28 years. My cock is 6 inches and this sex story is from the time of lockdown.

Sharing an experience of my life in today’s Aunt Sex Story.

My special friend lives in a different block just a few blocks away from my house, whose name is Gopal. Gopal is my friend to say but we both have more love than brothers. There is no such thing, which we do not share with each other, whether it is the talk of each other’s girlfriends … or any other’s talk.

Just a few days ago, Gopal told me how he had fucked his real aunt. That too on the pretext of Holi. On the pretext of Holi, how he pressed his aunt’s boobs on the pretext of intoxication and got her drunk to see his erect penis. Seeing which aunt broke down on Gopal’s cock and how aunt shook her 40-inch thick heavy ass on Gopal’s cock and got her pussy fucked.

In the beginning, I did not believe much in Gopal’s words because Gopal is a fattu type of boy, that rascal’s ass bursts even while talking to anyone, so how could he have done this, I could not understand a little less.

Because of this, I said to Gopal – I do not believe your words. On this Gopal said – no problem, next month I will go to meet aunt, then you also walk with me and see for yourself. After listening to Gopal, I could not understand what I would say in my house and go with Gopal to his aunt’s house… how would Gopal take me along and tell his aunt who I am and why I have come here.

All these questions were running through my mind, and I told Gopal. Gopal simply said – You tell me that you had filled out the form for the SSC exam and I have come to give the same exam. Rest there I will automatically set the aunt, don’t take her tension. My tension also went away due to his talk and I said at home that I have an SSC exam next month. He has to go with Gopal to give it.

This thing was such that no one was going to have any objection to my leaving. Now a few days have passed. Then that day also came, when it was decided to go with Gopal. I called Gopal and confirmed to go, then Gopal also told me how he has talked to his aunt to come with me.

I was surprised to hear his words and I said – tell me also what have you said to your aunt? Gopal told me- I have told my aunt that my friend Tarun will also come along with me. Aunt objected to this and asked why I was bringing Tarun. So I told my aunt that Tarun’s exam is being held in some center over there… and she doesn’t even have any idea about that area, so Tarun will go to his exam center from there.

Hearing all this, I got angry with Gopal what kind of setting is this rascal, I will leave his aunt’s house, so how will I get to see him and his aunt fuck. While I was thinking that if I get a chance somewhere, then I will also get a chance to turn my back on my aunt’s youth. The brother-in-law has said this while turning the water on all these desires of mine.

When I said to Gopal – why did you tell your aunt about the exam center? So Gopal said – Aunt and I will not be able to have sex in front of you, it was better that you sit there for some time and ask to go to the exam center… and stand outside somewhere on the side. As soon as I come to close the doors, you come inside secretly and stand on the side of the window secretly. Keep in mind that there should be no sound at all.

Hearing all this, I fell in love with my dearest friend. The one whom I used to consider to be such a vagabond, has now come to know that he is not even that much of a gandu. I was very happy to hear all his ideas. Well… Gopal and I left the house at 12 o’clock to meet my aunt.

After about 40-45 minutes, we reached Aunt’s house to see Aunty Ji’s Jawani. Gopal rang the bell outside the house. After some time, a milky fair woman in a saree opened the door. Seeing him, I lost my senses. She was looking like such a doomsday as if she was everything to me. The only thought that came to my mind was that I wish Gopal was there and licking her pussy.

Well… As soon as he came inside, the aunt filled Gopal in her arms. As soon as Gopal’s hug was over, I also put my hands in front of the hug. Aunt gave me a normal hug too. As soon as I came into aunt’s arms, I gave slight pressure on aunt’s waist in excitement, due to which her heavy nipples got buried in my chest. Due to this kind of pressure, my aunt was immediately taken aback and quickly separated from me.

Perhaps he did not like this pressure from his mother. Well… now both of us have come inside. The aunt was much more beautiful than what Gopal had told me about the aunt. Aunt’s name was Ridhimajain. Aunt was a 35-36-year-old hot lady with huge boobs. There probably won’t be less than 40. Her slightly raised ass was giving different pleasure to my eyes. Also, she was so fair, as if she had bathed in cream.

On the other hand, my eyes went to a photo frame, which was a family photo frame. There was a 9-year-old boy along with his uncle and aunt. Looking at the uncle, it seemed as if someone had helped him to get the photo clicked. This means uncle was looking so thin as if he would fly away when the fan blows and he was as tall as aunt.

It was clearly understood from the photo that it was as if the aunt had been married to a mosquito. Then Gopal distracted my attention. He asked aunt – will uncle be on duty there?
Aunt said this – Yes, we went at 10 o’clock… Now we will come only at 11 o’clock and you know that my son Neeraj has gone to his maternal uncle’s house because of his school holidays. When I am alone, I get completely bored.

Gopal said – Hey, what is the tension now, aunt… I have come to take away all your boredom. Hearing this, the aunt became very shy and controlling herself, she pointed out to Gopal that I am too. Which I saw that aunt is becoming such a gentleman in front of me. Although Gopal had already told me everything about how his aunt is fond of jumping on standing cocks.

After some time aunt brought tea and breakfast. Aunt gestured to Gopal as if she was asking him when I would leave. Ignoring his gesture, I started having breakfast. After some time I told Gopal – Now I am leaving for the exam. Seeing me, Gopal also said bye laughingly.

As per the plan, I went some distance outside the house and stood under the cover of a tree from where I could see the gate of the house. After some time Gopal came to close the door and secretly gestured for me to come. I came inside tiptoeing and he asked me to go towards the kitchen.

I quietly went to the kitchen and hid behind the fridge. The view of the bedroom was visible from the kitchen window. If the bedroom door was open, then the view of the entire bed was clearly visible from here. Meanwhile, Gopal closed the door and entered the aunt’s room. As soon as they entered the room, both Gopal and Aunt almost broke down on each other.

Gopal started lip-kissing aunt’s nipples from above. That’s why aunt also started pressing Gopal’s erect cock from the top of the pant. The very next moment, Gopal took off the saree of the aunt and put it on the side, and started opening the hook of the blouse.

As soon as the aunt’s blouse opened, her 40D size huge boobs started shaking in the air. Gopal started rubbing both mothers very mercilessly. He started pulling one nipple of aunt’s milk by pressing it in his lips and started making pudding of the other mother.

Aunt also got hot all of a sudden and she started opening Gopal’s pants. It was clear from his desperation that he wanted cock as soon as possible. When the penis got free from the pants, I also saw Gopal’s penis for the first time. His cock was visible 5 inches long and was slightly less thick than mine.

Aunt caught Gopal’s cock by hand and started rubbing it. Raising her face, she was kissing and sucking Gopal’s lips. Both of them were kissing each other completely naked. That’s why Gopal started bowing down to aunt by holding aunt’s bun. He was putting them down to suck his cock.

Aunt took the cock in her mouth and holding the cock started slapping his supara with her tongue. Then she filled the entire cock in her mouth and started sucking it as if she was sucking ice cream. At this time aunt’s mouth was playing with cock, so Gopal pointed towards the window and showed me how aunt was sucking his cock.

After a few moments, the aunt pushed Gopal onto the bed and made him lie under her. In 69, she put her raspberry pussy in Gopal’s mouth and took Gopal’s cock in her mouth, and started sucking cock like a hungry bitch.

On the other hand, Gopal’s tongue started drinking water from aunt’s pussy. They both were sucking each other in the 69 positions. After some time, aunt’s pussy released water on Gopal’s face, due to which Gopal’s whole face became wet. Gopal was still busy licking his aunt’s pussy.

Then Gopal slapped aunt’s butt lightly and told her to get up – come on dear, now straighten up. Aunt got up and lay down straight. Gopal got up and spread the legs of aunt and put both her feet on his shoulders and came in the posture of sex. At this time aunt’s pussy was fully visible, seeing which my cock also started on fire.

Gopal started inserting cock in that open bosom of aunt. In the wet and open pussy, the cock started going inside. Aunt’s ‘ah…ah…’ came out as soon as the cock went inside the pussy. Gopal started pushing his aunt’s pussy with his 5-inch cock. The aunt, who was getting fucked by the cock, was busy getting her bosom fucked by Gopal while saying ‘ah aaa…’.

While fucking the fat aunt, Gopal’s material was about to come out. He started asking aunt – should I leave the goods in the pussy? Aunt agreed and Gopal left all his belongings in aunt’s bosom. In this way, both had calmed down but after seeing all this, my cock was about to burst badly.

After watching both of them full fuck I went to the toilet to calm my cock. When I saw aunt’s chunni and panty hanging on the peg there, I picked up aunt’s panty and smelled it with my nose. The intoxicating smell of her pussy made me crazy and I started masturbating by wrapping panty around the cock.

Within no time, I removed all the goods of my cock in aunt’s panty. Then hanging the panty stained with aunt’s goods there, came back towards the kitchen window, and slowly went out from there. I messaged Gopal from outside and told him that now I have come out. After a few minutes, I will come inside from outside in front of my aunt.

On this, Gopal wrote OK and told that come after 30 minutes. After half an hour I came out of the house in the usual way and rang the bell. Only Gopal came to open the door while the gate was already open, he just flew away.

Within a short time, aunt also came out of the room wearing clothes. This time the aunt was wearing a maxi, from which her nipples were clearly visible. Aunt was not wearing a bra or panty, just wearing a maxi and covering her body.

My eyes were only on her hard nipples. Aunt had caught my eyes and aunt understood. She started fixing the neck of her maxi and there I also started adjusting my cock. Aunt had seen all this.

Now in the next part, I will write about how I experienced my aunt’s crazy youth by bringing her under my cock. I will also write a description of how my aunt felt my cock. You must mail me for this sex story.

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