My Bhabhi allow me to play with her boobs | village sex story

My Bhabhi allow me to play with her boobs | village sex story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story of a boy that’s named “My Bhabhi allow me to play with her boobs | village sex story“. He will tell you his story, I am sure you all will love it.

The village sex story is of my bhabhi living in the village. My family had gone to the village for a few days at my Grandfather’s house. How did Tai’s daughter-in-law’s pussy get fucked there?

Friends, I am Kuldeep. This village sex story happened one year back when I was about to turn 19 years old. Once I went to my village for summer vacation. In my village house, I have grandparents, uncles and aunts, uncles and bhabhi. We all live in a big house.

My brother works in a big company in Mumbai, so he rarely comes home. It has been three years since his marriage, but even today he could not become a father. Let me first tell you about my bhabhi.

My bhabhi’s age is 31 years, but she looks like a hot girl of 25 years. Seeing her, any man can fall in love with her. She is 5 feet 4 inches in height. Her figure is 34-30-36. When I reached my village with my father, I was very sad.

I had a feeling that I would be quite bored there. But little did I know that these would prove to be the most beautiful days of my life. My uncle and grandmother were sitting outside.
I went straight inside the house after meeting him because I had a strong urge to go to the toilet.

As soon as I went inside, my twenty-two-year-old aunt was overjoyed to see me and hugged me. I loved it when her big boobs touched my chest. I said to aunt – Aunt, I have come to the toilet very loudly, first let me go to the bathroom.

Before she could say anything, I hurriedly entered the bathroom and had already unbuttoned my pants when my eyes fell on the beautiful wet body of my hot bhabhi. Ah, what a cool sight it was… She was wearing a petticoat up to her chest, from which her big boobs were visible.

I immediately regained consciousness and quickly came out. Seeing this, my aunt started laughing very loudly. Then I went out and came to the toilet. When I came back inside, I could not meet my bhabhi.

Then bhabhi came to me and lovingly put her hand on my cheek and said- Shaitan… come on, never mind. Come now, won’t you meet your bhabhi? He spread his arms and I hugged my bhabhi.

Uff what a body she had… Such a velvety body and soft as butter teats… I was as if stuck to the embers. I touched the smooth waist of bhabhi and felt her tenderness. bhabhi also got some pleasure from my shaking hands in this way and she also understood.

He gave me a slight smile. Then went to make breakfast. In the afternoon, Papa got an important call and he went back to the city. That day I had a funny talk with my bhabhi. bhabhi herself was also having fun with me- Why Lala ji, what did you see inside?

bhabhi used to call me Lalaji. In fact, in the village, the brother-in-law was called Lalaji. I said – where inside bhabhi? bhabhi in the bathroom!  I said – what bhabhi, you are teasing me.

Bhabhi started laughing and said- So who am I the only bhabhi who is teasing my Lala for the first time? The bhabhi of the whole village teases their Lala. I said – Yes bhabhi, you are right, but your brother-in-law can also tease you, can’t he?

bhabhi said- yes yes why not… tell me how to tease! I said – what were you saying that what I had seen inside? bhabhi, tell me what did you see? Me- I had seen many big ones… who were buried inside it.

bhabhi rubbed her eyes and said – Did you see big things and why were you depressed? I said – Hey bhabhi, your petticoat was on top, wasn’t it? Ashika bhabhi, was anything visible from under the petticoat?

I was shy but bhabhi was getting very cool. I said – bhabhi, I could not see anything below, but both of you were very cool above. bhabhi- He was big and he was cool… He must have had a name.

Pointing to his boobs, I said – bhabhi, he was like that. bhabhi taunting her boobs said – How were you like this… Hey, you don’t even know his name… How urban babu are you? I said – bhabhi, now you are taking mine.

The bhabhi laughed and said – Look, this has turned into a Baas Bareilly affair. I’m taking are you taking mine? I said – I wish I could take your bhabhi. bhabhi said- What is the point of taking such a deep breath in this…

I am your bhabhi, how to be ashamed of me… Tell me once from where to take it, I will give it immediately. I understood that bhabhi is in full fun and will let me climb on her or not, this thing should be a little more clear.

I tried to make my bhabhi cooler. I said – I don’t have to say this thing in the city. You can get it from wherever you want. bhabhi rolled her eyes and said- Oho… Lala means your girlfriend gives it from wherever she wants?

I said – Yes bhabhi, you are right. bhabhi said – Look, I have not caught anything yet and you are saying that you have caught it right? Meanwhile, an aunt came inside and started saying – what is the matter of catching brother-in-law and bhabhi. I also know.

bhabhi started laughing and started indicating something by pressing her eyes to aunt. I saw that even the aunt nodded her head in agreement. What was this scam… I did not understand.

Then the aunt went away and I again started asking bhabhi how many boyfriends she had before marriage and what did you do after getting married to her brother…etc. He also asked me many questions.

Both of us had opened up a lot with all these things. The whole day passed like this and now it was time to sleep. Tau Tai was sleeping on the terrace, my uncle on the verandah and me, bhabhi and my aunt in the courtyard.

Mine and bhabhi’s beds were very close. Due to the new place, I was not able to sleep and seeing the big boobs of my aunt and bhabhi, I was very excited. I started watching porn on my phone. I had to watch the video without sound as I forgot my earphone at home.

Then I felt the sound of someone getting up and I was about to switch off the phone in a hurry, but by mistake, the volume went on full and a sound like ahh ahhh of fuck started coming out of it.

In my haste, my phone also fell to the ground. As soon as I got up to pick it up, my bhabhi was standing in front of me. She switched off the mobile and took me inside the room.
There the light was quite dim, but we could see each other very well.

I started saying sorry to my bhabhi. bhabhi, don’t be afraid, I will not tell anyone about this, but… Me- But what bhabhi… Please don’t tell anyone, I will do whatever you say! bhabhi laughed and said – Yes, okay, I will not tell anyone, but you will have to help me.

Me- What a help bhabhi! bhabhi started saying openly – Babu, your brother has not fucked me for a year, I am very lonely. Because of not having a child, your mother tells me a lot of lies. You will help me na babu… you will fuck me na?

I was completely shocked after hearing all this from bhabhi’s mouth but was also happy inside. I said – yes bhabhi, I will help you. Hearing this, bhabhi smiled seeing me and started kissing me.

Without wasting time, I also grabbed him in my arms and started kissing him loudly. Uff… what luscious lips the bhabhi had! The juice of his pink lips is still fresh on my lips. I put her on the bed and climbed on top of her. With one hand I started pressing her nipple and put the other hand inside her saree.

I started rubbing my bhabhi’s juicy pussy fast. bhabhi was continuously making the sound of sighs- Ah Babu, today take out all the water from my pussy. Press it hard my love… Make me your wife… Ummm ahhh.

I was continuously sucking her lips and rubbing her thick hairy pussy. Now both of us were very hot and bhabhi was also getting thirsty for my 6-inch cock. I made my bhabhi completely naked. The day I was waiting for has come today.

I spread my bhabhi’s legs and started licking her pussy. bhabhi had become impatient. In no time, bhabhi threw her pussy juice. I had put my tongue in her pussy, due to which all the juice of her pussy went into my mouth.

She was pressing my head towards her pussy and was saying aah aah- ahh ufff my king… lick my hairy pussy… ah my darling ufff don’t stop! I had completely cleaned my bhabhi’s pussy. Now my number had come.

bhabhi took my cock in her hand and started caressing it. I said – what are you caressing with your hand now bhabhi, take it in your mouth. bhabhi turned her tongue on the support of my cock the very next moment. Ah, I had already left.

bhabhi’s hot tongue started sucking and licking my cock. After some time, bhabhi said- Lala, once drip the thick material of your cock in my pussy so that I can become a mother from your seed. Then the second time as you want, I will play with you.

I agreed to the bhabhi and set her pussy in the position of sex and gave her a dick champ. bhabhi got tied up but she did not stop me. I started taking cock inside and out and in no time bhabhi started enjoying.

After ten minutes I shot fast and told my bhabhi – my juice is going to come. bhabhi also raised her ass and said – Yes, I have also come. We both ejaculated together and lay down hugging each other gasping for breath.

After some time, the second time the fuck happened and this time the bhabhi also drank the juice of my cock. After fucking my bhabhi thrice that night, I said to her – bhabhi, tell me the truth… Why did aunty wink at you?

bhabhi kissed me and said – she also wants to take your cock. I became happy that I am going to have a lot of fun with village sex. And after talking about this issue for some time fell asleep.

Aunt talked to me in the morning and the same night the work of aunt’s pussy was done. How all that happened, I will write to you in the next sex story.

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