Sex With Stepmom and lost my Virginity | Stepmother Sex Story

Sex With Stepmom and lost my Virginity | Stepmother Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Sex With Stepmom and lost my Virginity | Stepmother Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Stepmother’s sex story is my own. I started looking at my stepmother as a good fuckable object. One night both of us were sleeping on the same bed.

Friends, my name is Vikas and I am a resident of Goa. I am a bit dark in appearance and my height is 5 feet 9 inches. The body is tight. I am 26 years old. I have completed my studies and have started working in a private company.

My family consists of my parents, two sisters, and two brothers. Both my sisters are married and I am single now. I study in college with my younger brother. My father is a government employee. After the death of my mother, my father remarried. Now who is my mother, she is my stepmother.

My mother’s name is Ridhima, and she is 44 years old. She looks like a normal married woman. There is a messed up body. Mom is normal. The color is fair. I used to read stories of sex during college time, I used to like the stories of the sex of mother and son more. I started reading all that, a little more.

Before this, I had never seen my mother from the point of view of sex. But after reading mother-son fuck stories I started thinking of having sex with mother and started looking at my stepmother as good fuckable material. After finishing my studies, I started living at home and started working.

After getting the job, I started thinking too much about fucking my mother. One day after coming from work, I was fresh and sitting in the hall. That’s why mother brought tea. Mother said to me- After drinking tea, go to the market with me… I have to buy some goods. I said – ok.

I was sitting in the hall, mother went to the front room to change her clothes. He put on the curtains and turned on the light in the room. Mother mostly used to wear maxi in the house. Mother put the curtain but it was not completely put. I was sitting in front watching them. He did not know this thing.

Mother took off the maxi and started looking for clothes to wear from the cupboard. I saw the mother in a bra panty for the first time. My mother was wearing a white bra and yellow panty. Mother’s stomach had come out a little. I was going to see this sexy form of the mother.

Since my mother’s boobs were of normal size and were hanging. He had fat on his body. The part of my mother that excited me the most was her armpits. He had light black hair in his armpits. I had seen that while taking out the maxi from my mother.

Mother took out a chocolate dress and started wearing it. Suddenly she turned around and saw that I was looking at her through the screen. He did not react to anything and spread the curtain very well. At the time of moving the curtain, he closed the curtain by raising his hand… Because of this, I could see one side of him again.

I was extremely excited. My cock was standing in jeans. After some time mother came out wearing clothes and looking at me said – is it yours? I said – yes. Mother was looking great in that dress. He had a full body and his ass was very wide.

I took him to the market by putting him on the bike. After some time I brought mother back home. At that time all the brothers and father had come to the house. Mother again started her work and I went to my room. Now I started thinking about impressing my mother.

The other day, I got a call from my aunt that her daughter is getting married next week, and everyone has to come. Papa didn’t say anything. Then father asked everyone who is going to the marriage. Since I had just got a new job, I said that I will not get leave.

Father asked mother will you come? Mother said that I have problems with traveling. I stop with Vikas. It was finalized that I and mother would stay at home and everyone else would go to my aunt’s house for the wedding. Then the day came for all of them to leave.

Friends, this was the week that changed my life. Now for a week my father and my two brothers were going to attend the wedding at my aunt’s place. His car was in the morning. My mother and I dropped them all at the station and came back home.

Our routine went on as usual. Then after dinner, mother put me and her own bed in the hall itself. We both slept through the night. Those days it was the rainy season. It started raining around 1:30 at the night. Water started falling on my bed in the hall.

When the bed was completely wet, I opened my eyes. I made the bed on the side and my mother also got up due to this sound. Mother said don’t sleep on it now. You lie down near me. I said – ok. I sleep without clothes at night, wearing only half-pants. I lay down beside my mother. Mother lay down with her back towards me. Along with my mother, I entered her bed sheet and started sleeping next to her.

I was not able to sleep. The light was off in the hall. Mother was wearing a maxi. Mother was sticking to me because the bed was small. I started sleeping by setting mother’s ass on my cock. After a while my eyes got wet. Then after some time, my eyes opened and I saw that my bulla had become tight. I call bulla from cocks. Don’t get confused.

My cock was emerging from night pants and was set on mother’s ass. I moved a little to the side and saw that mother was sleeping and I was feeling hot because the light had gone off due to some rain. When I saw the time on my mobile, it was 2:30 and mother was fast asleep.

I opened my mobile in the bed and muted the sound and started watching porn. Because of that, my bulla got bigger. Keeping my mobile, I started sleeping next to my mother as before. I set the cock in the middle of the mother’s ass and fearfully put my hand on the mother’s stomach.

As soon as I kept my hand, I felt the softness of mother’s stomach and I started sleeping by squeezing it. But I could not sleep because of the thoughts of stepmother’s sex. Then I put my mouth on the open part of her maxi from behind the mother’s back and took a deep breath. Because of this, I smelled the sweat of my mother.

This made me even more agitated and my bulla started fluttering even more. I took out the cock and set it on the mother’s ass. This time I started hitting jerks without fear. I had one hand on my mother’s stomach and my jerks suddenly became so strong that sobs and hot breaths started coming from my mouth on my mother’s back.

My mother started shaking due to my tremors. Because of this, suddenly mother’s eyes opened and she completely separated from me. Then got up and stood up. I quickly turned on the mobile flash, then mother was staring at me, Seeing me awake, mother started saying – what were you doing? Have you gone mad… I am your mother and you are doing all this to me only. How low are you?

Me- Sorry mother, it happened by mistake. I stood up and said to my mother – forgive me, mother, I made a mistake. I started folding my hands in front of my mother. Then somehow I convinced my mother. She lay down and fell asleep in a short while. I fell asleep sitting in a corner near the wall.

At around 4:30, mother called me. This opened my eyes. He asked me by turning on the flash of the mobile. I gave them. Still, the light had not come on, so it was dark. Mother got up and started leaving. I said – where are you going, mother? Mother- Toilet. I fell asleep again.

After some time mother called me – Vikas. My eyes opened and I looked at him. Mother said to me – take your mobile here. I took the mobile and looked at the time, it was 5 o’clock. Mother asked me. Mother- what were you doing at night? Me- nothing mother, I made a mistake.

Mother- you have become very mean. She sat on the bed and said to me – Come here to me. When I went near her, I could see my mother clearly in the light of the flashlight. His whole hair was open. I went near and started looking at him, but did not say anything.

Mother- Let me say one thing, you don’t tell anyone! Me- speak mother. Mother- Nothing, go to sleep. Me- don’t speak mother. She didn’t say anything, she just took my hand in hers and started rubbing her hands with her fingers.

Mother started breathing a little fast. I just kept looking at him with the flashlight. I could not understand what is happening. After a while, I understood what the mother had to say. I put the mobile flash on and put it on the wall so that there is some light in the room.

Mother left my hand and lay down and she opened both her legs a little. She started looking at me and started breathing heavily. I understood what mother wanted. I started getting hot as soon as I thought this and after a few moments, my bulla got tight again.

Looking at my mother, I said that I should do it! Mother breathed loudly and indicated yes. I sat between the two legs of the mother and put her maxi and petticoat up. Mother kept lying with both her hands up. He didn’t protest anything. She was looking into my eyes.

When I started removing her panty, she raised her waist a little and started helping me. All this was happening with a flashlight. In a few moments, I removed my mother’s panty and kept it on her head. Now I came between his legs and took off my night pants and sat between his legs.

I was talking to my mother but mother was not answering me. Although she was obeying me. Friends, it happened so quickly at that time that I cannot tell you. Me- Open your feet mother. Mother spread both her legs wide. Taking my bulla in hand, I started searching for the hole in the mother’s pussy, but I could not find the hole in the pussy.

I tried to put the cock in the pussy a couple of times, but the cock did not go inside. My bulla is as much as a normal person. I said to my mother, show me the flash, mother, I cannot see the hole. But the mother did not turn on the flashlight. Instead, she took my bulla in her hand and kept rubbing it on her pussy hole. So I understood that this is the right hole.

I leaned a little on my mother and gave a blow. My bull’s nut entered my mother’s pussy. Friends, my mother had accepted to fuck with me with her consent. In this maddening sex story, further I will write in detail the story of my mother’s fuck. Don’t forget to mail me.

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