Sex With Stepmom and lost my Virginity | Stepmom Sex Story Part-3

Sex With Stepmom and lost my Virginity | Stepmom Sex Story Part-3

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Sex With Stepmom and lost my Virginity | Stepmom Sex Story Part-3“. I am sure you all will love it.

Read in Step Mom Son’s Sex Story how my father’s second wife started enjoying sex with me. She started considering me as her husband.

Hello Friends, I Vikas was telling you a sex story based on a sexual relationship with my real mother. Last part of the stepmom-son sex story, Gave the pleasure of fucking the stepmother
Till now you have read that I was assuring my mother that both of us will not let our sexual relationship be revealed.

Now Further Step Mom Son Sex Story:

Now both of us started looking into each other’s eyes by holding each other’s hands with our fingers stuck in our fingers. I went ahead to kiss her. Due to the low height of my mother Ridhima, she started raising her face. She rose on her heels and stood up and handed her lips to me. I started kissing my mother Ridhima by putting my lips on her lips.

After a while, my mother Ridhima removed her lips and our kiss stopped. Me- What happened dear? My mother Ridhima said – Your height is more. I have to jump and kiss you. I started laughing and took my mother’s hand and took her to the room. Where the mother changed clothes.

It was still raining outside. The room we were in had a small bed… on which only one man could sleep. I sat on it and said to my mother – turn on the light. Mother switched on the light and stood near me. I saw that there was a blush of shame on his face.

Me- come sit on my lap. She put her ass aside and started sitting on my lap. Me- Not like this dear Ridhima…sit by putting both your legs on both sides. My mother Ridhima said shyly – how can I sit like this… I am wearing a maxi.

Me- put the maxi up and come in my arms dear. My mother Ridhima started raising her maxi and she started sitting wearing maxi up to her knees. I could see her fair legs and her fair ass. As soon as I saw this, it came out of my mouth – Father, Ridhima… You are a commodity, friend, you are so hot.

My mother Ridhima laughed and put both her legs and sat on my lap. Now she said – what did you say? Mother simply put her hand around my neck and made me stick to my mother.
I started rubbing my hands on her fair ass. While waving my hand like this, I took my hand inside the mother’s panty, while groping her ass hole, caressed her ass with my finger.

At the same time, my mother Ridhima started kissing me by putting her mouth in my mouth. We both started kissing each other. I started kissing my mother while pressing and mashing her mother’s swollen ass from below. After a few moments, I separated from my mother and started taking off my T-shirt.

When mother started moving her hand on my chest, I asked her to take off her maxi. Me- take out maxi Ridhima. My mother Ridhima – You do it as soon as night! Me- No, today I want to fuck you naked. My mother Ridhima stood up from my lap and took off her maxi and stood in front of me.

His body was fair and gray from the inside. Mother wore a black bra and her boobs were hanging. There was extra fat on the body, his stomach was hanging. I told him – now take off the petticoat too. She started opening the nada of the petticoat and I could see the mature body of my mother.

Today my mother was getting naked in front of me. Seeing this my bulla was getting tight. I also stood up and took off my night pants. I was only in French in front of my mother. Mother took off her petticoat seeing my bloated dick. My Bulla was seen growling from my Frenchie.

My mother Ridhima started seeing my erect penis. I sat on the bed and she started coming to me. So I said – just wait, my dear… I want to see you well. Mother stopped, and I started looking at her with lust. My mother had stretch marks over her belly and her stomach was hanging.

When I asked her to turn back, she turned. I started looking at mother’s fair ass. There were stretch marks on it too. I started looking at her and started touching her ass. I told him – now come on top of me. Putting both her legs on both sides of me, she sat down by setting her pussy on my butt and held me tightly in her arms.

She started taking my name- Ah Vikas… You are so hot. My mother Ridhima started kissing me. I also started kissing him. We both started shaking each other’s bodies. I started taking her whole body in my arms. Me and my mother started drowning in the intoxication of work.

I opened her bra… she was about to kiss me. ‘Aah Vikasuuuu…’ she was cooing and I was saying ‘O My love, Shona, Then I separated the mother a little and started pressing her breasts. Taking his mother in his hands, he started squeezing.

My mother’s milk was hanging and very soft. Why not… because my mother was no longer young. I started sucking both their breasts alternately in my mouth and started biting them. She closed her eyes and started taking intoxicating sobs.

After sucking milk for a while, we both went back to hugging and kissing and started rubbing each other. Me and Ridhima didn’t even remember what was going on outside. We were just making love in each other’s arms. My mother Ridhima had made marks all over my back by scratching with her nails.

This game was going on between us for about half an hour. Both of us were excited and now both of us could not live. I looked into mother’s eyes and said – Dear, I have to enter. My mother Ridhima- Yes dear, now even I am not able to live.

Me- then get up and lie down on the bed. My mother Ridhima- Dear, we will not be able to sleep on this bed, there is less space here. Saying this, the mother spread a carpet and pillow down. She said keeping her hand on her waist like a wrestler – come down now! Me- You will not have any problem in doing this while sitting, will you?

My mother Ridhima- No, you climb on me and do it. She lay down and opened her legs and started indicating me to fuck her pussy. I stood up, took out my Frenchie, and shook my cock. My mother Ridhima, seeing my erect penis coming out, said taking an intoxicating hiss – aah how solid penis you have.

I sat down and held mother’s smooth legs and spread them. My mother’s panty was slightly wet, her pussy had left the water probably. I started removing my mother Ridhima’s panties with both hands. She started supporting me by lifting her waist. I took out her panties and put them on the bed.

Today I was seeing my mother Ridhima’s pussy for the first time. He spread his legs completely and kept them on my ass. I could see that the mother’s pussy was very thickly covered, but due to the opening of the legs, the crack in her pussy was open. Her pussy was very loose and open. Her chocolate-colored pussy was very wide and the slits were far apart.

Her pussy hole was easily visible. My mother’s pussy had given birth to four children and my father still used to enjoy fucking her openly. He himself told this to me. I opened both the mother’s legs a little more, due to which her pussy was completely opened. I said to my mother Ridhima – Ridhima, hold your legs with your hands and take them up.

He pulled both his legs on his stomach. I caught my bulla in my hand and put the top of the cock in the mother’s pussy so that the lubricant coming out of the mother’s pussy would get applied on the top of my cock and enjoy the fuck. My bulla got wet due to the smoothness of mother’s pussy.

I said to my mother, Ridhima – jaan? My mother Ridhima- Oh Vikas, take it easy. I put my bulla on mother’s pussy and pressed it gently and my bulla easily entered her pussy. There was a fight between the hair of my cock and my mother’s hair. 

As soon as the cock was taken inside, the mother spread her legs wide and started taking my name – aah Vikas ah ah! I lay down completely on my mother and asked – Are you feeling pain dear? My mother Ridhima- no hmmmmm…

Me- Enjoyed! My mother Ridhima did not say anything and she closed her eyes and put her hand on my back. I got into his arms and while moving my ass back and forth, started jerking cocks in mother’s pussy. Both of us started fucking. Since at this time only my mother and I were in the whole house and both of us were having sex in the room next to the hall laying on a low bed.

The fun started echoing with our loud voices, which both of us was not afraid of. I was climbing on top of my mother and fucking her pussy. Mother had taken me in her arms. Along with the fuck, I and mother were kissing on the lips. I was getting the intoxicating touch of his body which made me more excited while fucking my mother, I forgot that today I am fucking my mother. I felt like I was fucking a whore.

We were kissing each other. I stuck my fingers in the fingers of both his hands and took both his hands up. Only then I could smell a strong sweat from mother’s armpits. I stopped kissing my mother and saw that my mother had thick hair in her armpits. Because of this sensuous smell was coming from mother’s armpits. I started licking and smelling his armpits.

This made me very excited and started thrashing loudly. My mother Ridhima started taking my name and started taking sweet sobs – aah vikas aah chod de … hmmm eeeee … peel de loudly. I kept pushing and shoving my mother. Due to the water coming out of the mother’s pussy, the area of mine and mother’s pussy was completely drenched.

For this reason, there was a sound of splashing in the fuck. Both of us were enjoying the fuck in the missionary position. After about half an hour the mother fell again and I was still going to fuck mother. My bulla goes completely in the depth of mother’s pussy and comes out completely and enters again.

At this time I was fucking my mother very well. Despite her age, there was a fire of sex inside the mother. After some time I came to ejaculate and I said to my mother – Ridhima, I am ejaculating inside. My mother Ridhima kept forbidding me but I left the entire water of the cock in her pussy.

We both lay on top of each other for some time. Friends, I am getting your emails and I am also trying to reply to all. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

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