Sex With My Friend’s Sister | Sister Sex Story

Sex With My Friend’s Sister | Sister Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story named “Sex With My Friend’s Sister | Sister Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

My name is Bhanu, I am from Rohini. I am 25. I am normally looking, height 5’6″, the body is also fine. My penis is 6 inches long and 3 inches thick, I am a solid player in sex.

I love the smoothness and warmth of the pussy. The comfort that you get after putting the dick in your pussy cannot be found anywhere. Be it happiness or sorrow… you can double the happiness and forget the sorrow.

This sex addict girl xxx story is from my college time when I fucked my friend’s sister. Then my friend and I were both 22 years old. I had a friend in school whose name was Ankit, he had four sisters. My friend’s eldest name was Komal, at that time she would be 30 years old, and she was fine in appearance. He had been married for 6 years, he has 2 daughters.

Maya is younger than Komal, she was 27 years old then. She was a bit fat in appearance and had a face and body that rivaled the Bhojpuri heroine. There are big nipples and asses, seeing which one’s dick can stand up. She has been married for 4 years, she also has 1 daughter.

Maya was followed by Garima, whose age was 25 years. Nothing special about Garima… she just has a pussy, so she flaunts a lot. She too got married 1 year ago. The name of the youngest is Kangana, she was 20 years old. She is a good-looking item, zero figure, 32 size chicks, 28’s ass, the face is also very beautiful.

Many friends told me tales of all four that all the sisters-in-law are sex addicts, get them killed by ten dicks. Many friends asked me who I have befriended Ankit to fuck. Everyone thought that I befriended Ankit to fuck Garima and Kangana. After the 12th Ankit went to Odisha for studies, in his family only his parents and Kangana were there.

These people used to call me when there was some work. One day when I went to Ankit’s house, only Kangana was at home. I was a little suspicious when Kangana delayed opening the door. Kangana was a little huff, her lipstick was spread, and the clothes also seemed to be worn in a bit of a hurry. Seeing his condition, I was convinced that the fuck was going on above.

When I spoke to Kangana about spreading her lipstick, she was a bit shocked and started fixing her clothes too. I asked Kangana – is there any friend in the room? Kangana did not speak in fear. When I started walking towards his room, he stopped me and confessed that he has a boyfriend in his room! So understanding the matter, I left from there.

After a few days, Kangana met me at the disco bar, where she was sitting with a man like an uncle. When I asked her in the night, she told me the story that she had gone to lunch with the boss of the place where she does internships. After a few days, I caught Kangana in the movie theater with a new guy, both of whom had come to dance to the name of the movie.

I left the movie and started watching Kangana’s live blue film. The boy kissed Kangana, pressed her nipples, raised the top, and drank her milk, Kangana sucked her dick. When I asked Kangana about the movie at night, she got scared and started refusing. So I told him to scare him that we were five friends, everyone has seen his entire film.

He asked Ankit not to tell. I also explained to him that Ankit would not know. When we started talking, I asked Kangana for a movie. She agreed but said that she did not have new clothes to go out. The next day I took her shopping, she took two tops and got some makeup items.

The next day she came to go to the movie with the decor. She was wearing the top given by me. Kangana was looking very sexy, my dick was standing. I took two tickets to the corner of a crap movie, and we both sat in our seats. The theater was almost empty, there were only a few couples who had come to make their own movie.

I put my hand on Kangana’s shoulder as soon as the hall lights were turned off, but she did not protest. I slowly began to caress her shoulder, she started looking at me. I did not delay and started kissing his lips, he also agreed by opening his lips. Now both of us started sucking each other’s lips.

I started pressing the teats on top of Kangana. After kissing for twenty minutes, I took out my dick and gave it to Kangana’s hand, she started moving the dick while kissing. After kissing for a few minutes, I started pushing Kangana’s head slowly towards my dick.

Kangana understood my gesture, she started kissing my dick. Slowly she started moving her tongue on my penis, for 5 minutes she kept licking my penis with her tongue. After that, she sucked the dick towards the spit deposit in her mouth, as if she wanted to wash the dick with her spit. Wet the dick with his spit for 1 minute and then he spits.

After that Kangana kept sucking my penis for twenty minutes. Being in the theatre, we used to stop sometimes, so it was taking time for the goods to fall. Kangana was also tired of sucking, so she started rubbing the dick with her teeth, I could not bear it and my water filled her mouth. She shamelessly opened her mouth and showed me my goods and then drank.

After that, I started playing with his pussy. During the interval of the movie, we brought pizza, a burger, cold drink to eat, and we both finished the pizza burger. While drinking a cold drink, I started kissing Kangana, I started giving cold drinks to her with my mouth. Cold drinks also ended.

Two packets of tomato ketchup were left, so Kangana took my penis out of my jeans and started applying ketchup on my dick. Then she started sucking dicks, she was sucking dicks with pleasure. Kangana was bowing, I put my hand on her top and started pressing her nipples.

After a while, I fell in her mouth, and she drank the water. We put on our clothes and started talking. I asked Kangana to go to the room, and she immediately agreed. We started packing the food that came out of the theatre. Kangana told me that she is very hungry, in the stomach and also in the lower.

Kangana said that after one round we will have food. I reached my friend’s room, and as soon as I closed the room, Kangana pounced on me. While kissing, he lowered my jeans tights, and started saying – you have been rubbing for two hours, now I can not tolerate it.

I took off my jeans completely. Till then Kangana also took off her jeans. And she tore the condom and extended it towards me. I put on a condom. When she looked at Kangana, she was wetting her pussy with spit. I pulled Kangana to the edge of the bed and pushed her by setting a dick on her pussy. The whole dick went inside at once.

I began to kiss her pussy. Both the legs of Kangana were spread in the air. I stood up and was banging. Kangana broke down in ten minutes of sex but it was not mine because Kangana had sucked my dick twice. I lay on the bed and asked Kangana to come upstairs. Kangana started jumping on my dick.

My friend’s youngest sister was kissing like a masturbator. After jumping for five minutes, she fell again. She lay down and started telling me to fall quickly. I climbed on top of Kangana and put a dick in the pussy and started pushing in a hurry; He also started sucking and biting his lips. I pushed for five minutes without stopping and I collapsed.

Kangana got up and went to the bathroom, I also followed her, she cleaned her pussy. He urinated in front of me. His white material was also coming out with urine. I also peeled and washed the dick. Kangana and I were not wearing anything underneath, we both ate the same food. We were talking while eating comfortably.

After twenty minutes after the end of the meal, Kangana said – do it one more time and leave from here. I started kissing Kangana and opened her top. Kangana was wearing a black bra, I untied her bra, and I started sucking her teat.

Kangana untied my shirt and vest and said – as long as the body does not rub with the whole body, it is not fun. I was climbing on top of Kangana, kissing her, and pressing her. My dick was also desperate to make a place in his pussy below.

But Kangana had kept both her legs close so that the penis was not entering the pussy. Seeing the yearning for my dick, Kangana started kissing me harder. Then Kangana asked me to suck my pussy. After listening to him, I put my face on his pussy. I started licking her pussy, sucking the grain of her pussy.

Kangana was liking it, she started pressing my mouth in her pussy while caressing my hair. After sucking the pussy for a while, I asked him to come to the 69 positions. Kangana agrees. I lowered Kangana and put my dick in her mouth and started licking her pussy.

She was slowly sucking my dick, I was enjoying it. But I started to kiss her mouth like a pussy, due to which Kangana started feeling squeamish, she tried to stop me but I was being dicked inside the mouth. Kangana put teeth on my dick to stop me, from which I had to remove the dick from my mouth.

Kangana angrily abused me and started saying that she is not a scoundrel, all this will not happen to me. I explained to Kangana and again started sucking her pussy. Now she was lying down with a bruised heart. When I apologized to Kangana and asked her to go shopping, her mood got a little better.

He took out tomato ketchup from his purse and put it around his pussy, I licked all the ketchup. Kangana pulled me upstairs. I started sucking his nipples and started rubbing the dick on the pussy. While kissing, I inserted the dick in his pussy and started pushing.

After ten minutes of banging, Kangana made me lie down and started jumping on my dick. When I started slapping Kangana’s ass, she started looking at me with anger and said – slaps make red marks, and there are many fans of this ass, everyone will have to explain. I understood that this sister-in-law is a solid fan.

I grabbed his waist and started helping him jump. She collapsed after jumping for ten minutes and lay down on the side. I asked him to be in the doggy style. She came in the doggy style, I gave a dick in her pussy from behind. I grabbed her hair and started kissing her. When Kangana started staring at me again, I grabbed her nipples and started fucking.

In two minutes of doggy style, Kangana’s pussy left the water, I kept pushing. After fucking for ten minutes, I made Kangana lie down and climbed on top of her. I too was now choking for the purpose of falling, I increased the speed of pushing. After five minutes of kissing, I also fell out.

After twenty minutes we both got dressed, Kangana fixed her makeup and we left the room. I got Kangana packed some food, and got her some shopping done. I also gave some money to Kangana to go to the beauty parlor. Kangana is happy.

When I asked Kangana to meet her next time, she left saying to meet soon. After that, I started fucking Kangana every fourth day, sometimes at her house, sometimes in my friend’s room! If I used to do shopping in return, then both of us used to be happy. I became good friends with Kangana, so she promised to get me a hot girl’s pussy on my birthday.

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