Sister Sex Stories | Sucking My Cousin’s Boobs & Nipples Part-2

Sister Sex Stories | Sucking My Cousin’s Boobs & Nipples Part-2

Hello friends, today’s story of Ritu Ji is spoken by Mohit, thanks Ritu ji, you have given me this opportunity to present your stories Hello everyone, I’m Mohit, and it’s a true story. I’m 5 feet tall and I come from Delhi. I am a size average dick that will satisfy any woman. Recenty, I graduated college. My cousin’s sister is the heroine. She is four months older than I am. (Sister Sex Stories)

My favorite figure was 36-26-32, which made my heart melt. Her boobs are big and soft, and her pussy smells sweet like lemon. She is shorter than I am in height, and has milky boobs. (Sister Sex Stories)

It happened while I was in college. Her age was the same as mine. Although we are all part of a nuclear family, we all get together in the summer to visit our grandma. The story began at grandma’s home. (Brother Sister Sex Stories)

Her house was small so people slept in their bedrooms and others in the hallway. My cousin sister and I were not very close, but we spoke a lot. (Sister Sex Stories)

We all met up at the house early in the morning to talk a lot. I did not feel any incest for my cousin’s sister. (Brother Sister Sex Stories)

After much discussion, the night arrived. Everyone was busy preparing the bed and I got the chance to be there. My cousin and her sister were sharing a bed on the ground. (Sister Sex Stories)

After everyone had gone to sleep, I woke up around 2:20 am and realized that I was only sleeping one-sided. My cousin’s right side boob was in my hand. It was the first time I had touched a girl’s boob. It was like I was in heaven. (Brother Sister Sex Stories)

Slowly, I moved my hands across her. It was quite a bit of a hassle, so I tried to gently press the boob of my cousin’s sister. (Sister Sex Stories)

It was unbelievable to me. It was also obvious that it wasn’t right, but it was impossible to control. My penis became hardened. (Brother Sister Sex Stories)

After a while, she turned her back and I gently placed my hand on her waist. Then I went to her boobs. After that, I began to gently press the skin. After some time, I tried again to place my hand underneath her dress. Her breathing suddenly started to rise! It was about 4:00 PM. It was around 4:00 pm. (Sister Sex Stories)

My cousin sister woke up the next morning as if nothing had happened. I was so happy. I was afraid that she might catch me and tell everyone. It didn’t happen like that. It was 4 to 5 days. (Brother Sister Sex Stories)

After that, I wanted to go after my cousin sister’s boobs. This time I tried to put my hand under the dress. It was pouring that day. Everyone was now covered with sheets. I was fortunate that my cousin sister and I shared the same bedsheet. (Sister Sex Stories)

It was night again and all was the same. I woke up at 3 :00 AM and hugged her from my back. I assumed it was a green sign because she didn’t reply to my questions. (Brother Sister Sex Stories)

Our bodies were warm and the climate was cold. I tried to place my hand on her dress. Finally, I finally placed my right hand on her right side boob. I reached out to touch my cousin’s nipple. I wanted to seduce the nipples but I was afraid I would be caught. The moment was enjoyable for me. (Brother Sister Sex Stories)

She didn’t reply to any of my questions after everything had happened. I was shocked when she touched my pussy. I touched a girl’s pussy! I could not feel her entire pussy because she had hair on it. (Sister Sex Stories)

I didn’t do much, but I played with her boobs and pressed them so hard. I then sucked them under her dress. (Brother Sister Sex Stories)

Everything was back to normal after 2 days. My cousin sister was also very normal with me. She never stopped talking to me. I was afraid that my family would find out what I was doing. I was pleasantly surprised that no one saw anything. (Sister Sex Stories)

It was again a night to remember. This time, however, I was determined to get under her dress and suck her nipples so I made plans. Everyone was deep asleep at 3:30 p.m. So I walked up to her, and placed my right hand on her boob. (Brother Sister Sex Stories)

Slowly, I slipped under her dress. I could feel the nipples in both of my hands. After playing with her nipples for 15 minutes, I decided to suck my cousin’s nipples. I gradually raised her dress, and we were all covered in sheets the whole time. (Brother Sister Sex Stories)

I was able to see her nipples after I had raised her dress. They were pink and white color nipples. OMG! OMG! I was in heaven now. It was soft and sweet, like a balloon. She didn’t even respond to my request. I began sucking her nipples like a baby. (Sister Sex Stories)

It was a moment I was truly enjoying. As I could sense her breathing speeding up, I believe she was enjoying the moment too. My tongue was on her nipples, and my hand on her pussy. I was in heaven now. (Brother Sister Sex Stories)

Then, I went to her pussy. It smelled like dried lemons. It felt like dry lemon. I gently licked it and she suddenly moved. She just moved to a side position. I thought she had gotten up. I was confused as to how I was wearing her dress. After a while, I felt scared. (Sister Sex Stories)

Then she returned to her normal position, and I suddenly lowered her gown. Also, I couldn’t control how my emotions were feeling after that. I kept touching her boobs as she wore her dress. (Brother Sister Sex Stories)

It was now 5:00 so I stopped all activities. Then, I went to bed. The night was wonderful.

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