Big Brother Sex with his Younger Brother’s Wife Part-2

Big Brother Sex with his Younger Brother’s Wife Part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Big Brother Sex with his Younger Brother’s Wife Part-2“. I am sure you all will love it.

In the first part of my hot sex story sex with his Younger Brother’s Wife, Till now you have read that my younger brother’s wife had completely agreed to fuck me and she had also made complete planning.

Now forward:

Now she said to me – my planning is done. Now you book the resort… and yes I have to do some shopping before leaving. I said yes. I booked a suite on the net for 3 days at Green View Resort outside Bhopal. Then asked Ridhima – When to go shopping? Ridhima said- Let’s leave at three o’clock, will do some shopping in the mall on the way. I did ok.

Now Ridhima said- So… now you go and do packing etc. I got up winking and tried to catch Ridhima once again. But this time also Ridhima dodged me and said – Will definitely meet… Don’t worry my Ravi… But only on the bed of the honeymoon. Then I left.

In between, Abhishek also got a call that Ridhima was going to her friend’s place. I also said – ok. After going home by car, finish the packing work by 2 o’clock. Then got ready and left for Ridhima’s house. When he reached there, another girl was sitting with Ridhima. Ridhima introduced me.

That girl’s name was Rachita. She said- Meet this… This is my best friend Rachita. You will talk to them. Till then I will come. Saying this Ridhima went to get ready. Now Rachita said to me – Why brother-in-law, you have turned out to be very incognito, after all, you have proposed to Ridhima and convinced her, and both of you had a beautiful meeting.

I started trying to be ignorant. Rachita said- We both friends share everything with each other, don’t worry, this secret will remain a secret. Meanwhile, Ridhima got ready and came. Ridhima was wearing a black saree. She wore an off-shoulder blouse with a deep neck and a lacy back. Anklets scintillating in the feet.

A different atmosphere was created. Rachita said- Look, keep my friend with love… she is a very delicate bud. He pushed Ridhima towards me. I also caught hold of Ridhima’s shoulder and said – If you say so, I will keep it as mine forever. Both the friends laughed at this.

For the first time, I had touched Ridhima so closely apart from smooch. I felt like an electric current in my body. Then I caught Ridhima’s bag and put it in the car and came back. Ridhima was locking the door. Rachita, Ridhima, and I came to the car.

Rachita took out her scooty and said to both of us – Bye… Enjoy your honeymoon… She left winking. We both had smiles on our faces. We also sat in the car and left for the mall, then it was 4:15. After reaching the mall Ridhima first selected a shirt and jeans for me then we went to the lady’s clothes section.

There Ridhima chose a pink short frock which was very hot. Then she liked a netted nightie but tried both dresses alone. She said to me – I will try in front of you in the resort. I was thinking that 3 days are not going to be less than heaven. While buying her clothes, she was repeatedly asking me how are you?

I always had the same answer. I wink an eye and she smiles. After shopping, both of us left for the resort around 6:30 am. After an hour at around 7:30, we both reached the resort. We checked in and came to our suite. We both got fresh after going there.

While freshening up, I tried to approach Ridhima several times. But she didn’t even let me come near her, she kept telling me every time to be patient till night. Then both of us went out to the restaurant of the resort to have dinner. It was just 8:30. I had already booked the suite to be decorated with flowers, so the manager came to me. He accepted room service for one hour.

I said yes. At around 10:00 we had to go to the room, but I did not tell this to Ridhima. I had to surprise Ridhima with this. Then both of us ordered food in the restaurant… without showing any haste, both of us ate comfortably. Then back we left for our room at 10:15 pm.

I told Ridhima – you go to the room, I will come. After Ridhima went to the suite, I came back to the restaurant. Meanwhile, Ridhima got a call. Ridhima- Ok… so this surprise was kept hidden from me… whatever happens sir… be very romantic. Me- all is for you… how was the surprise?

Ridhima- Just come when I call now… Your surprise will also be ready. It will take me half an hour to get ready… OK, I have to get ready. He disconnected the phone. Now I eagerly started waiting for Ridhima’s call. Meanwhile, I went to the car and picked up the golden ring. Which I had brought to gift Ridhima on her honeymoon.

Then Ridhima’s call came at 11:05… She said- Come in honey… Your doll is waiting for you. I also quickly moved towards the suite. When I knocked on the room, I saw that the door was open. I understood that Ridhima has opened the door for me.

I went inside and locked the door from inside and turned around and saw that the whole room was full of light. A garland of yellow flowers was tied around the bed and a white sheet, on which the shape of a heart was made.

Ravi was written on one side of this heart shape and Ridhima on the other side. Ridhima was sitting in the middle of the heart. Ridhima was in the same lehenga chunni pair that she had worn on the wedding day. Yes, but now Ridhima had taken a big veil. Only the fingers of his hands were visible. The whole thing was colorful. I went ahead and reached the bed.

This bed was in round shape and was also very big. Now I removed the garland of flowers and sat on the bed and moved towards Ridhima. Ridhima shrank slightly and the peace was broken by the tinkling of her bracelet. I was very close to Ridhima.

Ridhima was sitting with her lehenga spread in the middle of that heart-shaped flower. His legs were in front with both knees bent and the hands were kept on the knees. At this time Ridhima’s veil was a bit too long. I started and holding the fingers of Ridhima’s hands said – Now give me a glimpse of the moon.

Ridhima said this – To see this moon, the face has to be visible. I put the ring on her finger and said – now you have shown your face, now let me show you. On this she said- I am ashamed… see for yourself. Immediately I lifted her veil, but in the next moment, she covered her face with her hands.

I said – what to be ashamed of us now. When I removed her hands from her face, I saw that the moon was really in front of me today. I said – today the moon has descended on the earth. I kissed Ridhima’s hands towards me and said – I love you, Ridhima.

On this, he said- Come on liars somewhere… If there was only this much love, then why didn’t you speak to a date… Never even tried to talk. Yesterday I had to take that step, otherwise, it would have remained like this. I said – How can you speak, you had built such a big wall of relationships.

Ridhima said – then break the whole wall today too… and become two bodies one life. I completely removed the chunni from Ridhima’s head. Her hair was open which was coming to the waist. There was a lot of change in Ridhima’s figure in the last 6 months.

Her breasts which were earlier 32 inches were now 36. The waist was also looking crooked. The deep neck red blouse looked doomed on her. The line of her cleavage was clearly visible from that blouse. Ridhima was fully adorned with ornaments at that time. Now I started taking off her jewelry.

First I removed the bracelets from her hands and kissed her hands. Then took off the bindi from the forehead and kissed the forehead. Then I went from behind Ridhima and removed her hair with one hand and opened the necklace around her neck. After this, put the hand in front and separated the necklace, and put the lips on the neck from behind.

Ridhima’s voice came out on this – Oh Ravi, what are you doing? I also moved two fingers on his chest, on this Ridhima held my hand and said – You are getting very naughty. When she happened to be in front of me, I also caught hold of Ridhima’s feet and lifted her lehenga a little, and started removing the anklet. I removed both her anklets.

I said – So with this anklet you used to distract my attention. On this she said – It was a sign for you, but you never understood. Saying this, Ridhima stood on the bed to get up, so I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me. Took off the chain from her waist after touching her waist. Then took hold of her thin waist and turned his hand.

Lightly intoxicating sounds of Ridhima were coming out – Oh Ravi… No stop. Within a short time, all the ornaments of Ridhima had come out. Now I made Ridhima sit on the bed and picked up the flowers and threw them on her face, she turned her face away. I picked up a flower and touched her forehead and started bringing it down.

Putting the rose on his nose, face, hand… then on neck, and then on chest, Ridhima pulled herself further back. She is lying down now. Lowering the flower further down, I started moving it on her thin waist. At this Ridhima held my hand. Leaving the rose, I also held Ridhima’s hand and took her to one side.

When I moved my lips near her lips, I saw that her breathing was fast. I also put my lips on his lips and then did a long kiss. I didn’t even give him a chance to move in this time’s smooch. Just keep sucking on her pink lips. She was also waving her hand in my face.

Pressing her lips in mine, I sucked both the lips up and down. Then mixed his tongue with his tongue. Licked off her red lipstick completely. After all, after ten minutes our smooch ended. I asked Ridhima – how did you feel? He said – This kiss was the best kiss of my life. I will always remember this.

Then I started kissing Ridhima’s tomato cheeks and kissed her all over the face. Ridhima said – Now just do it. While coming down, kissing on the neck, I started kissing her breasts from the top of her blouse. Ridhima’s both hands were caressing my head. Going further down, I started kissing her thin waist.

The throb of his stomach was telling that he is also enjoying it. Going down further, I now came to the feet and lifted the lehenga lightly and kissed the feet. Ridhima rolled over while lying down. Kissing her, I started going up and went through her hips to the back. Leaving her hair on one side, I started kissing her back.

Then pull the top lace of her blouse, Ridhima burst out laughing. I also untied the bottom hooks of the blouse. Ridhima turned again and I started freeing the blouse from Ridhima’s breasts by pulling it lightly. Ridhima also helped me with this and allowed the blouse to come off completely.

Now Ridhima was in front of me in a silky red bra. From which the line of her cleavage was visible. I immediately put my mouth on her cleavage and started kissing. Ridhima and I were rolling round and round all over the bed, on top of each other, trying to fit into each other.

After this, I extended my hand towards Ridhima’s lehenga and pulled the pulse of the lehenga. Ridhima was looking into my eyes and smiling. I completely separated the lehenga the very next moment. Now she was lying in front of me in a red bra and panty and was trying to hide her body with both hands.

I also came over to her and started caressing her body. When I took my hand to her panty, the panty was completely wet. Due to the panty being netted, I could see her pussy also a little bit. Now Ridhima said – leave me for God’s sake, I fall at your feet.

I also said – today no one can save you from my clutches. We both laughed. Then I started kissing her shoulder while doing the strip side of her bra. I put my hand behind and opened her bra from behind. Then quickly came down and lowered her panty as well and took off the entire panty.

Now all the clothes Ridhima had come off and she was lying naked in front of me. In between Ridhima was also taking off my clothes. Within a few moments, all my clothes had also come off. Both of us were completely naked. Seeing her completely naked, I stopped for a moment and started staring at her.

She was getting shy. Then he covered his mother with his arms and said shyly – what are you looking at like this… please I am feeling ashamed. I once again took her in my arms. She got into my embrace like a cut tree. I started sucking her boobs. She was also giving me the full pleasure of sucking her milk by pressing my head with her hands.

Slowly I touched her pussy with my tongue while kissing her waist. He let out a sigh and spread his legs. Perhaps she wished that I should lick her pussy. I licked her pussy from top to bottom for about a minute and then I was in 69.

He didn’t delay for a second and filled my mouth like a bloated cock. She was giving full pleasure to my cock by caressing my balls with her hands. Both of us got ejaculated once in this oral sex fuck. After that, we both lay down.

Then he got up and took out a bottle of champagne from the suite’s mini fridge. It was a gift for the guests staying at that resort or it was a gift for the guests staying at that resort or Ridhima had ordered it from the room service. I didn’t know.

She came to me very intoxicated, opened that bottle with an opener, and hit her pichkari on my chest. I got drenched in that champagne juice. Then he put the champagne bottle to his lips and took a long sip. She came close to me and put a sip full of her mouth to my lips. I opened my mouth and took a sip of champagne down my throat.

After that, keeping the bottle aside, she became confused with me. I also took him under me. After a few moments of fun, she started groping my cock. I let go of the cock in his hands. The very next moment she put my cock’s top in her pussy and gestured to me. When I jerked, half of my cock got stuck in her pussy. Her ummh… ahh… hi… yah… passed out.

The game of sex has started. She was satisfied twice in about twenty minutes of long sex. Then she absorbed my semen inside herself. Got the pleasure of sex thrice that night. For the next two days, she was satisfied with me in every way.

Now we both enjoy each other’s bodies as soon as we get a chance. How did you like this story of my honeymoon with my younger brother’s wife, please mail me. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

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