Hardcore Sex night with my beautiful Stepmother

Hardcore Sex night with my beautiful Stepmother

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Hardcore Sex night with my beautiful Stepmother“. I am sure you all will love it.

This story has stepmother son sex! My father’s second wife is only nine years older than me. She wanted to fuck me and I also wanted to fuck her with all my heart.

My Stepmother wanted to fuck me and I wanted to fuck her with the same amount of heart and soul. She was my stepmother, but she was my life, my concubine, my love. She is my father’s second wife! She is only nine years older than me.

Now she wanted to become my wife and openly take my cock. She wanted to enjoy my cock in every hole of hers. Inside her saree, she had thick breasts, a fair waist, a curvy butt, and sharp eyes like Hurons, who always used to look at me and me at them!

There are many servants, and vehicles to work in our house. Big house and lots of money. But all he wanted was me and me him! We used to fuck fiercely even when everyone was in the house, she used to provoke me by showing her beautiful tits.

One day I was fucking her like a bitch by holding her ass and she was screaming loudly. My big cock was fucking her pussy fast. Her fair naked body was shining like a diamond in the luxurious bedroom. She was fucking like my woman while enjoying cocks.

Mom- ah ah fuck my life…my friend…Pale de apna lauda apni mom ki chut mein! I am crazy about the black mole on her left thigh and right nipple. When I fuck her we eat each other and bite a lot.

Then she hides those signs of my love from everyone in the house. Mom- Ah fuck me… I am your wife, your concubine, your whore, fuck me my son, my swear… my Sartaj. Ah, I am made to fuck you… Ah, fuck me without hesitation… my beauty, this love is only for you… Ah, fuck me, fuck my love.

She was shaking her ass and taking cock in her pussy and I was also fucking her fast by matching her rhythm. Mom was thrusting hard and I was constantly pushing my cock deep inside her pussy.

After sex, I lit a cigarette and she came naked and hugged me on my chest. Her hard nipples were touching my chest and she was panting. I put the cigarette in her mouth and she took a puff and started letting out the smoke.

His breath came under control. Earlier she did not smoke cigarettes, but being with me, she becomes intoxicated by cigarettes and alcohol and she also enjoys it a lot. Sometimes we have gone to someone’s wedding, sometimes in the name of work, we have had sex in every city in India.

I have naked her and fucked her a lot on the beach of Goa. Bangkok, Delhi she has ridden everywhere sitting on my cock. I have made her very modern, when we are alone, she wears cool tops and western dresses.

By the way, at home, she only wears a suit and a salwar, or sometimes a saree. I pulled a puff and extended the cigarette towards her lips and started looking at her nipples. The black mole on Mom’s nipple was shining like a naked woman. I leaned forward and gave him a love bite.

She started moaning doing this. She grabbed my half-erect cock and started kissing my chest – you will leave me and go to Navi Mumbai, so how will I be alone? Me- You also come with me.

Hearing this, her grip on my cock became tighter, and she started caressing merrily. Mom- What will I say to your dad, brothers and sisters-in-law? Me- that you have to stay with me. His grip on the cock became a little tighter and he increased the speed of fisting the cock.

Mom- Yes, I want to be with you. I said leaving the cigarette smoke – and me too. Hearing this, she clung to me a little more and put her lips on my chest. I took another breath and said – without you, I will not be able to live.

Now, mom’s hands started moving fast on my cock and she started sighing. Her nipples became hard and the smell of her intoxicating body filled the room. His every pore was releasing water. She was getting fucked again.

She took a cigarette from my hand and got up and sat on the standing cock. By trapping cock in her pussy, she started shaking her ass in fun and started fucking comfortably. Mom- What will you tell your friends… that who am I?

Me- What do you want to be mine? Mom- Wife, As soon as she spoke this, the force on the mother’s cock started going up and down. His face turned red. I said – even after becoming a wife, will you remain a mother?

Mom- yes. It is a lot of fun to be kissed by saying, mom. It seems that I am riding my man’s son’s cock. Me and? Mom- And when you strip me naked and fuck me anywhere, then I cannot describe the pleasure of that time.

Me and? Mom- When you pass by, you see me, and I fall. I caught hold of Mom’s tight nipples and started pushing from below. She extinguished the cigarette in the ashtray and closed her eyes and started enjoying being fucked by the cock.

When my thrusts became intense, she fell on my chest and started supporting me by shaking her ass. Her nipples were rubbing against my chest and she was getting mesmerized by sighing.

He was dying with every blow. After some time mom said – now fuck me like a bitch, just like a market prostitute. Me- I will fuck you in the missionary position like a queen! On hearing this, she shivered and her pussy released water. She started biting me everywhere. I just turned it upside down.

She had come under me and my cock was inside her pussy. She held my hands tightly and started licking me. I was pushing hard. She was taking the whole cock by lifting her ass. Both of us were profusely sweating.

I bent down and filled one of her mouthfuls and started fucking her harder. Mom- ah… my life fuck me, my man… make me the mother of your child motherfucker. As soon as she said this, I started kissing her lips and she started kissing me by pushing harder.

Now we were fucking looking at each other. With every blow, the expressions on his face were becoming very colourful. That was my mom, who was naked and fucking her stepson’s son. Friends, my stepmother was naked from the soul and was drenched in the intoxication of the body.

It is a matter of those days when I had fucked my mother for the first time. She was a little shy after taking cock once. Maybe she was torturing me and herself too. Our love was going on for many months, looking into the eyes, touching each other, for the first time those open words of love, those confessions of my love used to give us both the feeling of being a couple in love at a young age.

When we kissed each other’s lips for the first time and when I took her to the pub’s toilet and made her suck cock, she never turned away from me till now. Today, when both of us have fucked and sucked each other to the fullest once and were just now quenching the thirst of our youth with our eyes.

In the beginning, both of us just kept looking at each other with thirsty eyes, just not talking about sex. That day she was not even showing me her teat, which she always kept open for me. He had put chunni on his mother.

But she was showing her sexy body while coming. That night around one o’clock I was looking for something to eat in the kitchen when I heard a sound from behind. Mom – what do you want?

I turned back and looked at her, she was standing in front of me in a green suit with lipstick on at night. I was looking into her eyes and she was into mine. After some time she said – give me a cigarette. I am in the room. ‘Let us go.’

She herself was suffering and wanted to suffer. She walked ahead towards my room. I went into the room and put a cigarette to his lips and lit it. She started puffing. His well-toned body was trembling with every breath.

His tight stepmother had become even more heavily in her son’s desire for sex. Sex was clearly visible on his face. He gave me his lipstick-smeared cigarette after two or three puffs and I started smoking it lying on the bed.

She was looking at me and I was looking at her. After a couple of puffs, I returned the cigarette to him and started watching him smoke. She was smoking a cigarette as if kissing my lips. I also wanted to eat all her lipstick, but I wanted to get her to kiss me at her request.

This time she gave me a cigarette and started enjoying the intoxication by closing her eyes. My Stepmother was very beautiful. As soon as he opened his eyes and looked at me, I found that there was a different kind of intoxication in his eyes.

Looking into her eyes, I took my hand and removed her chunni from her chest. Her big boobs started shining in the green deep-cut suit. As soon as this happened, Mom heaved a deep sigh. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards me.

Her nipples were in front of my eyes. I took a puff of a cigarette and released smoke on her nipples. I felt her nipples rising with every breath and she was looking into my eyes. Then I gave her the cigarette and she slowly looked into my eyes, covered her nipples again with chunni and went away.

I let go too. The next day at night she came to my room and asked me for a cigarette. Today she wore a nightie. I grabbed that hand and pulled it towards me. She also came in my aspect like a cut branch. I gave him a cigarette and he lit it himself.

When I put my hand on her breasts, she opened the door of her nightie. I caught hold of her mother and she happily started getting me to rub her boobs. After the cigarette, I took her under me. He spread his legs. My Sister-in-law had come to kiss me. He was not even wearing tights inside.

I cocked and started fucking. From that day my stepmother became my whore. Later, on the pretext of meeting her relatives, she also kissed me naked in the fields of the highway.

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