Servant Mistress Sex Story: Mistress Fucked by her Driver

Servant Mistress Sex Story: Mistress Fucked by her Driver

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story of a boy that’s named “Servant Mistress Sex Story: Mistress Fucked by her Driver“. He will tell you his story, I am sure you all will love it.

In the Servant Mistress Sex Story, read how the servant saw the loneliness of her mistress and recognized her need for sex. Then her lust cooled down.

Friends, this servant mistress sex story which I am telling you. 5 years had passed since Shehnaaz’s marriage. Summer is a beautiful angel of 27 years. She has firm boobs of size 34, height 5 feet 2 inches, a well-raised ass, hair like silk, and lips sweeter than Rasgulla.

She is quite happy in her life. She has seen many good and bad moments in life with her husband. Then whether it is the closure of her husband’s business or there is an opportunity to get success after success.

Since time does not remain the same. The needle of the clock also comes at six and also goes at twelve. What was always bothering her Shehnaaz was that her husband was giving her all the happiness but did not give her time.

Inside, Shehnaaz was feeling herself going into a deep abyss of loneliness. All her wishes were dying. Her husband had become so busy with her work that he could not give her time at all and months passed by when they spent time together.

Shehnaaz used to find new excuses every day to keep herself away from loneliness. Sometimes she used to go for a walk alone, used to watch movies alone, used to read books at home… but the fire inside her was not allowing her to live peacefully.

Meanwhile, Shehnaaz’s old driver Himanshu, who had been in her village for a few months, returned to work. Himanshu was a very attractive chocolate man. He had somewhat long hair and a dark complexion. Due to daily exercise, her body was very tight.

He was a cool young man. Shehnaaz got together after Himanshu’s arrival. They both started talking every day. In the absence of her husband, Shehnaaz’s time started passing with Himanshu. Both started sharing heart-to-heart talks.

Shehnaaz treated him as her friend… not as a driver. Till now there was nothing between Shehnaaz and Himanshu. But one day in the morning Shehnaaz was walking in the garden of her house. Then her eyes fell on the body of her driver Himanshu.

At this time, Himanshu was taking punishment with a nappy tied to it. Sweat was flowing from her hard body, which was shining on her dark body. Seeing the biceps of Himanshu’s horse-like thighs and strong arms, Shehnaaz’s pussy started twitching.

Seeing the red nappy on her dick, Shehnaaz started guessing the length and thickness of her dick. Then she kept watching Himanshu doing exercise for some time and came back to the bathroom of her room and got naked.

Remembering Himanshu, she started fingering her pussy and within no time she fell. Now in the eyes of Shehnaaz, her driver had settled down. Once again, Shehnaaz’s husband had to go to Mumbai for two days due to some business work.

Shehnaaz was sad… not because their husband was going away… but because the very next day was her birthday. He had thought so much for this day. Himanshu knew all that was going on in Shehnaaz’s heart.

On the day of her birthday, Himanshu wished Shehnaaz first thing in the morning. Shehnaaz smiled and said thank you to Himanshu. Throughout the day, people wished Shehnaaz on calls and messages but Shehnaaz was not happy.

Her husband did not even remember her birthday. At around 9 o’clock in the night, Himanshu came to Shehnaaz and said if you do not have any problem, I want to take you to show you something special.

Shehnaaz refused but Himanshu remained adamant. So she said yes. Don’t know what Shehnaaz also thought and came out dressed very delicately to go with Himanshu. She was looking like doom at this time.

Blue sari, red blouse on it, open hair, golden earrings in ears, red lipstick on lips… Shehnaaz was wreaking havoc. Himanshu got lost in dreams of seeing Shehnaaz. Then both Shehnaaz and Himanshu sat in the car and Shehnaaz came to her husband’s farmhouse in the middle of the forest away from the city. 

Shehnaaz could not understand where Himanshu had brought her. She was asking all this to Himanshu, but Himanshu did not tell anything. Himanshu took Shehnaaz inside. Shehnaaz’s eyes widened after seeing the inside view.

He had made all the preparations for Shehnaaz’s birthday celebration in a hall inside the farmhouse. A big cake, balloons, and candles. Shehnaaz was very happy to see all this and thanked Himanshu for hugging him for the first time.

Himanshu gave a gift to Shehnaaz and said- wear it now. Shehnaaz saw that it was a black coloured fancy dress. She had stopped wearing this type of dress after marriage. Shehnaaz went inside and when she wore that dress, she was shocked.

That dress fits her perfectly. Then Himanshu gave a knife to Shehnaaz and got the cake cut. Both fed cake to each other. After that Himanshu offered Shehnaaz to dance. Shehnaaz started dancing with him. After some time, Himanshu expressed her love to Shehnaaz by holding both her hands.

Shehnaaz didn’t like it. She said- I am married… all this is not right. Himanshu kept looking at Shehnaaz for a while. Then suddenly Himanshu came close to Shehnaaz and removed the mangal sutra from her neck and said – today I have freed you. How long will you bear the loneliness?

Shehnaaz was speechless and started looking at Himanshu. Love for Himanshu was also rising in her mind but she was hesitant. Himanshu had understood this hesitation of Shehnaaz. The next moment Himanshu put her lips on Shehnaaz’s lips and started kissing her.

The fire for which Shehnaaz was yearning for so many days was about to be extinguished today. Shehnaaz started supporting Himanshu. Both started kissing each other desperately. Himanshu would sometimes kiss Shehnaaz’s cheeks, sometimes her lips, and sometimes her neck. Shehnaaz was giving her full support.

After a few moments, Himanshu started pressing Shehnaaz’s mom from the top of the dress itself. Both Shehnaaz’s hands were frozen on Himanshu’s ass. She was sticking Himanshu to her body. 

The lust between both of them continued to flare up while rubbing each other’s body and in the meantime, Himanshu took off Shehnaaz’s dress and threw it on the ground, nothing was known.

Now Himanshu had made Shehnaaz completely naked. Shehnaaz’s big boobs were stretched in the air and their buttery soft pussy with small hairs was opened in front of Himanshu. Himanshu was caressing both of Shehnaaz’s boobs and Shehnaaz was sobbing with her eyes closed.

Himanshu started sucking one of Shehnaaz’s boobs. He was biting her pink nipple while sucking it. Shehnaaz was enjoying getting her milk sucked today. Her husband had never loved her like this. He always used to climb on top of her and fell asleep by pushing her dick in her pussy.

After this Himanshu said to Shehnaaz – You take off my pants. When Shehnaaz took out Himanshu’s pants and tights, she was shocked. Himanshu’s long, dark black pestle-like dick had come in front of her. Himanshu’s dick was huge.

Shehnaaz had never seen such a black dick to date. Himanshu caught hold of Shehnaaz’s hair and gave her dick in Shehnaaz’s mouth. Shehnaaz started sucking Himanshu’s dick. After a while, Himanshu came to the bed with Shehnaaz and put her mouth on Shehnaaz’s smooth hairy pussy.

Shehnaaz was feeling like heaven at this time. Today for the first time someone was licking her pussy. Shehnaaz was sobbing loudly on the bed and was shouting Himanshu’s name. After some time Himanshu got up and after making Shehnaaz a bitch put some of her spit on her pussy and put her dick inside.

Shehnaaz screamed. She had never taken such a big dick in her pussy. But Himanshu kept on tearing Shehnaaz’s pussy like a butcher and after inserting the whole dick in the pussy, he started jerking loudly.

Shehnaaz was mooing like a goat. Light blood had also come out from her pussy. After suffering for some time, Shehnaaz also started enjoying getting fucked by Himanshu’s thick long dick. Now Himanshu was happily rubbing Shehnaaz’s breasts and fucking her hard.

Shehnaaz had also forgotten herself in this joy. Himanshu was being slapped on Sammi’s ass. Due to this, Shehnaaz was feeling pain and love simultaneously. After some time, Himanshu lay down on the bed and Shehnaaz sat on top of him and started shaking her ass by trapping the dick in her pussy.

Himanshu was pressing her nipples and sucking both boobs alternately. Both of them were lost in each other in the fun of sex. After some time, Himanshu picked up Shehnaaz with her dick and started fucking her again by making her lie down under him.

After a while, Shehnaaz fainted and she became exhausted. After some time Himanshu also came to fall. He took out her dick from Shehnaaz’s pussy and shot her sperm on her breasts. Then he kissed her on the lips and lay down on her side.

Shehnaaz was completely satisfied with today’s fuck. He liked Himanshu’s company. After some time, the sex started again and all night in the farmhouse, Shehnaaz extinguished the fire of her pussy with Himanshu’s dick.

After that Shehnaaz became crazy about Himanshu’s dick. She no longer had any grudge against her husband for not giving her time.

Friends, this servant mistress sex story of mine is a true incident. How did you like my sex story, please mail me. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

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