My First Acting Job In A Desi Adult Film

My First Acting Job In A Desi Adult Film

Hi. My name is Preeti Singhal, and I’m live in Delhi this is my story about desi porn. If you have read my stories, then you know me. I hope I don’t have to give details about myself again. Also, thank you for all the love you have shown me via emails and chats. It’s always fun talking to you guys. Let’s begin with the story.

I was short of cash and needed a job that would pay. Till now I had done extra work in many Bollywood films. Still, no one wanted me as an actress. I was ready to do bold scenes. But the director kept saying that my breasts are not big enough to show enough cleavage.

I am a decent-looking lady with an average fit figure. But they were looking for a MILF with double D breast. Obviously, it is in high demand these days. Disgusting! I had applied for many jobs but only one came back with a positive response. That job was scary.

The role was that of an office woman named Azra Holiday. Yes, that’s the name he gave the character. He actually made me perform a scene where I had to introduce myself as Azra in the audition. He sent me a message that night with a six-digit pay note. I was tempted, but the story terrified me.

At first the director didn’t tell me it was a porn film. “It’s a beautiful short film with a social message about women protecting themselves from molesters,” she said in a Bengali accent.

I didn’t doubt it until the director started touching me during the casting. Even though there was a costume girl there, the director came forward to adjust my outfit. He came near and unbuttoned my shirt and pulled my bra in such a way that it was visible. Then he gently squeezed my buttocks to see if they were firm.

It was very embarrassing. The girl in the dress was also embarrassed, so she looked away. He was taking lots of pictures from every angle. At one point, he gestured for the dress girl to get down on her knees and press my breasts together while taking a picture of me. He wanted to see how deep my crack could go.

The moment I stepped out of the office, I decided not to do this job. Sadly, it was the only job that paid off more than good money. One night I got a call to cast people. He said that this is the last time he is giving me this job. They are willing to increase the price by 20%, but I have yet to decide.

If I say no, they’ll pass it on to someone else. I didn’t have time to decide, so I said yes. The next day I went to the office. There the same distorted director was sitting there with a smile on his face. He was an ugly fat man with long black hair and a white beard.

I was sitting in the room with only the director and the producer. It was a scary little room with just one door. No windows. They sat silently. They just gave me a big contract to read. I didn’t understand most things. The only thing that caught my attention was the number 6.7 lakhs.

My eyes lit up as I waited for him to speak.

“Mister. May I know the story?” I asked the director.

He said, “Please… we are waiting for another actor. Then I’ll tell you the story together.”

We sat there, I kept looking at the producer. He was a young-looking fit man. Every time I saw him, he smiled back. I saw him somewhere but could not remember.

“Do you ever go on a ‘money date?”

Watching my every reaction closely, the producer spoke. He was staring at me so hard that I was ashamed.

“What’s a money date?” I asked

“Lonely guys who can’t get a girlfriend pay lovely women like you to go out with them,” he said.

I thought he wanted to touch me the wrong way. But he was sitting on the opposite side of a big table. So his hands could not reach me.

“Sir, I’m not a prostitute.”

“No, no! You don’t need to have sex. Just talk with them. Sit and eat in public. You can make good money doing this for a girl like you.”

I didn’t know such a thing existed before. That’s why I ignored his comment. Eventually, after doing this role, I will become rich and become famous. That’s exactly what I thought. A young, fair, slightly chubby man came in and an hour later sat down next to me.

Seeing him, both of them got up and started bowing. Then everyone sat down. The director started with the story. What I heard completely shook me.

“Ms. Preeti Singhal. You are a corporate woman – a successful woman who is good at her job. You are so good at your work that you have your own personal assistant. Babu will play that role.”

“Chachu (uncle), please, not Babu. Call me Mohit, ”he blushed. This young man had a kind of feminine voice.

“… so you’re in your normal dress, formal shirt, and medium-sized skirt – something like you did a few days ago.

You are done with your day, and you go to the parking lot with Mohit. There your car will be parked. You are talking to your assistant about tomorrow’s meeting. Suddenly 6-7 people jump in front of you.”

“Six or seven?” asked the manufacturer.

“not decided yet.” said the director.

“So decide quickly. Otherwise, use a dildo attached to the pillow.”

“‘Dildo?’ What do they need for this?” I wondered.

The director was interrupted by the producer. This made him angry. “Please don’t break my flow,” shouted at him.

“… so you’re carrying a lot of files to your intern while you’re checking out one of them. Eight guys are fixing electrical wiring in the meantime. They look at you and are instantly captivated by your beauty.” become.”

The director was changing the story of his own free will, but I did not stop him in the middle. I’m afraid he might scream. Anyway, he is huge and seems short-tempered.

“As you pass them, they whistle. They follow you. One of them throws water at you. Suddenly your assistant gets angry… It’s you, Mohit… you all You throw the files and get angry.

You say, “fuck You mom! How dare you talk to my boss like this. Say sorry or else…” you will say in an aggressive tone. As much as you can.

But then the tall man will be annoyed. In one swift move, he will grab you by your belt and pull you to him.”

Suddenly the director stops. He stands up and makes Babu stand up too. After this, he does the action while speaking the dialogue. He immediately gets angry and grabs Babu by his belt. Then pulling him closer,

“Otherwise, what?! Otherwise what!” He screams while swinging the belt back and forth. Suddenly the belt breaks and falls in the hands of the director. Meanwhile, Babu’s pants fall off uncontrollably, giving us a casual glimpse of his private part.

Very beautiful!” Can I imagine everything? Apparently, he was not wearing any underwear. His penis was small, fair and circumcised. Moreover, he was completely hairless there. Looking at his gender, I wondered what his age was. I was shucked to learn later that he is 34 years old. He didn’t seem to be over 21 years old.

It was an embarrassing situation for him. Babu became decent and then took his seat. The director did the action alone while narrating the story.

“…then he will threaten you. Then you have to say, “Don’t even try to touch him. Otherwise, you will have to face my wrath.” But then this very intimidating man throws you to his men. They immediately tear your clothes, until you are completely naked.”

“Naked!” Babu shouts.

“Yeah, naked,” Director says. “You’ve already shown us yourself. You just have to do it in front of the camera sex.”

At that moment I got scared. But then I calmed myself. “Nude scenes of men are very common these days. English Stories.”

I continued listening to the story. The more I listened, the scarier it got. I wanted to get out of the building as long as I was done with it. I was very disgusted to hear his pitch that day. “That asshole thinks I’ll get naked in front of 50 people. Never!” I cursed while returning home.

Still, the next time I remember, I was being driven down by a dressy girl inside a dark abandoned parking lot. There weren’t 50 people there, only twenty, including actors, directors, and producers. It was shooting day, and I agreed to play my part.

Thankfully, he had a strict policy of not having a mobile phone on the sets. The only camera allowed was the main filming camera. It was not relaxing enough. So I closed my eyes and thought about the number on that signed check while taking off my clothes.

It was nighttime, very cold. I was shivering initially. But I was doing this daring act that made my heartbeat. Suddenly I didn’t feel cold. Before I put on the dress, he made me lie naked on the same bed while the make-up man put on my entire body.

He first shaved off all the unnecessary hair, cleaned my body with a wet cloth and then started applying makeup on me. By the time she was done, I looked like a beautiful Boobs doll. I had a hankering to have myself photographed like this. Unfortunately, my phone was also kept inside a locker with others.

Then he made me wear tight officer wear. A push-bra that raised my bust. They did some packing to make my cleavage look bigger. He also gave me a beautiful pair of heels. By the time I was ready, I looked like a professional, highly qualified, office-going lady.

Shooting started. First, he shot all the opening scenes – I was entering the parking lot with my assistant. Walk past those workers and stand next to a car. Then Babu was dragged, made naked and he cried.

He was natural at it. I was impressed by his performance. By then I realized that he was actually crying.

Meanwhile, I was just there. I had little or no dialogue. I just had to react and look scared. Once this scene was done, the director went to Babu to console him. Then he shouted, ‘Pack-up’.

I was surprised to say pack-up. “If I didn’t have a nude scene to perform, why did they take my clothes off?”

My doubts were immediately cleared when the director said, “It’s a pack-up for Babu. Let’s move on to the climax scene.”

What happened next was very scary. I did, still scary. My heart was racing right before the scene. I didn’t have any lines to prepare, yet it felt challenging. “You have to do it in the first shot. There is no repetition.” said the director.

I was feeling nervous and had a strong urge to urinate. When I asked the producer to direct me to the nearest toilet, he simply said, “You’re already naked! Just go do it in that corner.”

It was very embarrassing but it was too late to return. When the shot was ready, I was called. As I approached the scene, I saw the eight guys completely naked and caressing their standing cocks. Once I reached there, he took the robe from me and made me kneel.

“Action!” shouted the director. “Just make sure you’re all ready to cum by the end of the next sixty seconds.”

On that order, a man was counting downtime. All eight dicks were in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Since they were only a few feet away from my face, I saw each one of them.

I had no dialogue, no action. I just had to stay there and wait to get cum. The director asked me to close my eyes and smile. I did that. I could not see anything but could hear the countdown.

As the countdown reached zero, like Dickjob, they all drained their juices into my face. I could feel the projectile hitting my face from all sides. The moment they all dried up, the director shouted.

“And… bite! Rita, just stays there and look like you’re enjoying it.” He paused and then, “Camera in hand.”

I didn’t see the next part. But I’ve seen enough shooting to know that the cameraman lifted the camera over his shoulder and brought it closer to me to record the close-up from top to bottom.

Meanwhile, I just gave my best, smiling, opening my mouth to let a few drops fall, spreading it all over my face, then spreading it further over my breasts. I kept touching myself, forgetting that I was being looked at with twenty pairs of distorted eyes.

Suddenly I felt a desire to go south. I was about to put my finger inside my pussy when I felt a hard spank on my butt.

“That’s enough for today, baby! This is just the beginning,” said the director.

he was right. Over the next six days, we had to shoot different shots where I would be naked and enjoyed by eight men. There are blowjobs, handjobs, tit-fuck, anal, and countless pussy penetrations that I had to look forward to.

The director then repeated what he had told me in the pitch meeting, “Don’t worry, Ms. Rhee. I’ll make sure no one gets so deep inside you as to snatch your virginity.”

He said as if maintaining my virginity was my biggest concern.

Within hours, I was publicly shaved, cleaned in public, I urinated in public, eight different men ejaculated in my face, all recorded on camera. And he still thinks I’m worried about losing my V-card.

Once the scene was done, makeup and three volunteers took me to a corner and showered me. He cleaned me well. I could see the erection in his pants. Still he did not take any step. Whenever possible he settled down to grope my body parts.

I enjoyed it. At first, I felt embarrassed at the beginning of the shoot, but now I am enjoying it. I might have teased them by spreading my pussy and asking them to clean it properly. I was so excited at the time that I wanted to take a room with the four of them and gangbang them out loud.

Instead, I just closed my eyes and lived this fantasy. It was a blissful moment which was badly interrupted by someone shouting. Seeing the director arguing with the producer opened my eyes.

“What the fuck do you mean?!” asked the director.

“The streaming platform refused to fund the project. So…” the producer paused.

“So what! Bitch!” said the director. He was very jealous. I watched the debate from afar while people wiped my body.

“So…” the producer said in a low tone, “we can still make this short film, but you won’t get the promised premium fee.”


Likewise, the director was angry and cursing left and right. Next to him was a filming light which he picked up and smashed on the floor. While his back was turned, the producer whispered something else.

“What more?!” asked the director.

The producer said in his trembling voice, “Mmm… Also, you can’t film this parking lot orgy scene.”

The director was getting angry when he shouted loudly. He cursed a lot. The moment he closed his palm to make a fist, the producer took a few steps back in fear of being punched.

I was so engrossed in this action that I didn’t even realize that the makeup man had sucked my tight boobs. Meanwhile, the other three were staring at my assmasturbating. I continued to watch, ignoring it.

Suddenly an assistant went to the director and said, “Sir, where do I put this memory card. It contains today’s recorded footage.”

The fool was oblivious to this fight so he innocently intervened. The director took away the memory card from him in aggression. He said, “No sex scene!” And he broke the memory card in two in one quick move.

“Happy! No more sex scenes!” Saying this he left.

That was the end of the shoot.

A few days later, I met Babu at a restaurant for a money date (I’ll tell you about that in a separate story). That’s when he told me that the project had been canceled, and all the footage that had been recorded was lost.

So the filming of the Tandav climax scene we shot is lost as if it had never happened. I was relieved to some extent. I was not ready for my family to see a nude scene of me. Thankfully no one will get to see it now.

This is the story of my first act in a porn film. Let me know if you liked it via email at ( ). Please don’t ask me for a video of that scene because I don’t have it.

Video link:-

Just before I go I want to tell you why I shared this story. A few days back, I got a call from the director that he has revived this short film project. He wants me back in that roleplay.

He says that this time there will be no sex scene because he is giving up porn. But I don’t trust him anymore. So I’m not sure. what do you think Should I take that job?

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