My Sex Experience with Mother | Mother-In-Law Sex Story

My Sex Experience with Mother | Mother-In-Law Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “My Sex Experience with Mother | Mother-In-Law Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Read in the mother-in-law sex story that I used to like my mother-in-law since the time of marriage. She came to live with us. How did I heat her and hit her pussy?

My name is Mohit. I am from Goa. My age is 31 years. I got married 3 years ago to Aisha, a girl from Indore. My wife Aisha is good but I liked her mother i.e. my mother-in-law more than her. My mother-in-law’s name is Komal. His age at that time was 48 years. Now a long time has passed since that point. Her figure is 38-32-40.

She is a very heavy woman but she is a fucker. I do business and my wife does coaching. She is busy all day. In the second month after marriage, my wife’s legs became heavy. His health was not keeping well. When she started having difficulty working, my father-in-law sent Aisha’s mother to us in Goa. I only went to the bus stop to pick him up.

When I went to pick them up, I greeted them and then picked up their luggage. There were two bags. I picked both of them up and kept them in the car. Then we left for home. There is a lot of traffic, so it takes a long time to walk by car. We were coming while driving.

So then I reached my flat with my mother-in-law. I asked him to freshen up. Aisha had gone to take her coaching class at that time. Komal picked up her clothes and started going towards the bathroom with a towel. But repairing work was going on in the outside bathroom and we had closed it.

I asked my mother-in-law to go to the bathroom in our bedroom. Then she started going to the room. My heart skipped a beat seeing her huge throbbing ass. I felt like giving cock in her ass. Then a thought came to my devilish mind. I thought why not try to heat and fuck the mother-in-law?

Thinking about this, I also decided to go to the room. I went inside and removed my shirt. I took off my pants as well and only came in shorts. I was wearing a vest on top. I was not wearing anything under the shorts.

My cock was already erect. Thinking about my mother-in-law’s fuck, the cock started to bounce more. I started caressing the cock and then put my hand in my underwear and started fisting. I kept shaking my cock thinking about my mother-in-law’s ass.

After 5 minutes the sound of falling water stopped. Perhaps Komal was about to come out. Thinking of this, I quickly closed my eyes. I started pretending to sleep. My cock was making a whole tent. Then the door opened and I opened my eyes slightly and looked in front Komal was looking at my underwear’s tent.

Seeing her wet hair and the big valley of her tits in the blouse, my cock got shocked. With this shock, Komal’s eyes widened slightly. Perhaps he was liking seeing his son-in-law’s cock. Then suddenly I opened my eyes completely and started pretending to wake up from sleep. Rubbing my eyes, I said – Oh mother, you have come. My eyes were touched.

Then I looked at my erect penis and pretending to be ashamed hid it by placing a pillow over it. Seeing this, a smile appeared on Komal’s face. She went in front of the mirror smiling and started ruffling her hair.

Her saree was stuck in her ass. Her butts were so thick that she could fit the entire saree inside her. Her blouse was almost completely drenched from behind. Her bra strip was clearly visible. I was thinking that how would a bra be able to handle such thick boobs!

Then she turned towards me and dropped her pallu down from her chest. Now she bent down and started drying her hair and her mountain-like nipples started showing me the inside view. A sound came out of my mouth saying this which was heard by the mother-in-law. When she looked at me, I was staring at her boobs.

Then Komal raised her pallu. I got up at the same time and started going towards the kitchen. My cock was stretched in my shorts and his tent was also visible to the mother-in-law. She was staring at my cock.

Then I said – I bring lemonade or sherbet for you. He gave a slight smile at my words. I came back after five minutes. Mother-in-law’s eyes were going towards my cock only. I put the glass in front of him and he grabbed the glass from my hand. During this, I gently touched his hand and caressed him.

After that, I lay down on the bed. His eyes were on my cock and I was on his body! After drinking sherbet, he kept the glass. Then she started going out, so I called her – Mummy, will you eat or drink something? My mother-in-law said – Don’t worry son-in-law, I will go to the kitchen to see something.

I said – oh no mummy, you are new in our house, you will have trouble working now. Now I will make some food and drink for you. By evening, Aisha will definitely come again. Caressing my cock, I said and my mother-in-law was also watching my actions.

Then she came to me smiling and sat on the bed. He looked into my eyes and said – well, what will you give me like this? I was addicted to sex and now my mind was just trying to fuck her. That’s why I also shamelessly said – there is a lot to feed. You have and I have too.

I got up and sat down and put my hand on my mother-in-law’s thigh. He looked at my hand and then looked at my cock. Then caressing my cock from the top of the shorts, he said – are you talking about feeding me? In return I pressed her nipples and said – If you want to drink mine, then you will also have to drink something of your own.

She immediately dropped her pallu and said – Take it you bastard, I know your eyes from the very beginning. Make your wish come true. Anyway, your father-in-law has become useless. Nothing happens to them now. Me- No problem mother-in-law, I am your son-in-law not to fulfill your wish! Saying this I made Komal fall down.

I lay on top of him and pressed my lips against his. We both started kissing each other on the lips. She too was already ready and was giving full support to me. He grabbed my cock by bringing his hand from below and I removed my shorts. Now my naked cock was in her hand and she was caressing it.

She said while fisting my cock – Aisha should not know anything about all this. I said- Hey don’t worry mom, you will be happy here and no one will know anything. I started caressing her milk over the blouse. Then she put her finger inside the skin of my cock and started caressing the point in the middle of his cap. I really enjoyed it. No one had ever done this to me before.

Then I started opening her blouse. She wore a bra underneath. Then I put my hand inside the bra. Then I removed the bra and her big boobs became free. There were big brown nipples, which I quickly filled my mouth and started sucking them. Started pressing the other teat with the other hand.

I drank the milk from both teats for a long time. She was shaking my cock fast. I had understood that now the itching to take cock in my mother-in-law’s pussy is in full swing. Then I put the cock in front of her mouth and without delaying a moment she started sucking the cock in her mouth.

Ahh… ahh… sobs started coming out of my mouth. She was sucking cocks happily. I found one thing very true the fun of having sex with women older than myself is something else. His experience is amazing. There is no need to teach anything and she also gives full enjoyment which even a new girl is not able to give. The only difference is that one has to compromise with loose pussy.

Mother-in-law was yearning to fuck her pussy. I thought why not torture the mother-in-law a little? So I lay down on one side. She said – what happened? I said – nothing, let’s do it in a while. She got surprised. I lay quietly. She shook my cock and said – what happened? Come on…let’s do it. Then I got up and went to drink water.

She was lying on the bed. When I came back, I stood under the bed and started taking clothes. Mother-in-law said – what’s the matter, why are you suffering, don’t come… to me! I stood silently. Then she lifted her petticoat up. Her panty started showing and she started pressing her tits while caressing her pussy.

Whispering towards me she said- Ahh… Son-in-law… Come on… Only you can quench his thirst… Ahh… Why are you taking so long? Seeing her ass, now my mind also started trying to hit her. Meanwhile, he took off his tights. Her big hairy pussy became bare and she started caressing him.

Seeing my mother-in-law’s pussy, I became mad. It was such a big pussy that I could get completely absorbed in it. I quickly came up and started licking my pussy. She started pressing my mouth on her pussy. Was having a lot of fun. Her pussy was full of smell. For a long time, I kept licking her pussy and she kept sobbing.

Then I retreated. She said- just… now fuck me too. Fuck fast son-in-law. I can’t stop. If you wanted to suffer like this then why did you warm me? Fuck now quick. Then I didn’t think it right to torture her any and I spread her legs. Coming in between, I put the cock on the pussy and gave a push.

The cock went inside the mother-in-law’s pussy in one stroke. I lay on top of her and started fucking her sucking her nipples. She also hugged my body and started enjoying kissing. My every thrust was accompanied by a hiss coming out of her mouth- ahh… ahh… ohh… yes… fuck… ohh… after how many days have you got a cock… ahh… ee… ahh… louder… ahh… keep fucking on.

In this way, my mother-in-law started enjoying being fucked by my cock. I was also enjoying her pussy completely. There was a sound of thumping due to the collision of my thighs with his heavy thighs. My cock was coming after hurting her pussy.

I fucked my mother-in-law for about 20 minutes and then I fell in her pussy. I lay down panting with my mouth in her tits and she started caressing my head. Then we got up and put on our clothes. I wanted to kiss her pussy one more time but it was time for my wife Aisha to come, so I did not think it right to take the risk.

After that day, my mother-in-law started kissing me almost every day. A glow began to appear on his face. Now I had the pussy of both mother and daughter and I started being very happy. I kept my mother-in-law in my house by making her a mistress. Even today I fuck my mother-in-law, but my wife doesn’t know that her husband is fucking her mother.

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