Fulfil my lust with my sister | Brother Sister Sex Story

Fulfil my lust with my sister | Brother Sister Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan from Udaipur, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Fulfil my lust with my sister | Brother Sister Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Read in Brother Sister Sex Story that I used to think that when I get a chance and fuck my sister. One night my sister caught me masturbating.

I am 19 years old and my sister is 20 years old. Both of us were very close from the beginning. But as I grew up, my hunger for sex started increasing. Let me tell you in advance that we are from an elite family and in our place, it is considered a crime to fuck brother and sister.

But I was different from that. I also used to enjoy fucking my sister a lot. This Sister Sex Story is from when I used to watch brother-sister fuck videos the whole day due to my increasing hunger for sex.

But now I was not satisfied with all those things. I used to think that when I get a chance and fuck my sister. There was a lot of openness between my sister and me, even then I was afraid that if I ask my sister about sex, she might get angry and tell me at home.

Due to the same fear, I could not ask him. The days were passing just like that. My exams were over and the school holidays were on. All day long I used to search on google that how to persuade my sister to fuck.

But I could not find any specific information. So I left all that and started watching straight fuck blue films. I used to watch all that almost all the time and would fart in the name of my sister. I used to enjoy shaking my cock while remembering my sister.

That too, I used to imagine my sister instead of a blue film porn actress, and assuming myself as a man, I used to remove water from my penis thinking of putting cock in my sister’s pussy ass. I used to get a lot of pleasure in all that.

I used to remember my sister’s boobs after seeing the heroine’s boobs in the sexy movie and I often liked to watch the same movie, in which the heroine’s boobs looked as much as my sister’s boobs. Days were passing doing all this.

Now the school holidays were also over. School had started. Slowly the weather kept changing and now the winter season had started coming. We were both brothers and sisters who used to sleep in the same room because I was very timid, so I used to sleep in my sister’s room instead of my own room.

One night I got very excited. At that time my sister was next to me. I was engaged in fisting my cock while watching a blue film on my mobile with earphones in my ear. I kept on masturbating for a long time.

I was so engrossed in masturbating that I could not hear anything. Then suddenly my sister got up to drink water and she caught me red-handed. At that time she was looking very sexy. She angrily said to me – what are you doing… Wait, I will speak to my mother now.

I was very scared. Now I started requesting my sister a lot why she should not tell anyone in the house. After a lot of persuasions, she finally agreed and fell asleep after drinking water. I fell asleep too. Woke up in fear the next morning and saw that my sister might not tell my mother.

But he didn’t tell anything to anyone. Then I started my work. Many days had passed since that point, I had also forgotten that point. We both started living normally like brother and sister again.

One day in the middle of winter, I was sitting on the sofa and watching television under a blanket. My sister was also watching me. Then suddenly a condom advertisement came on television. I deleted that channel. But maybe my sister didn’t like this thing.

She suddenly put her hand inside the blanket and put her hand on my cock. I was shocked that what my sister is doing. I looked at my sister. She said in a low voice – have a fun son… don’t tell anyone, we will do the rest of the work at night.

My sister was hot. I was happy. While watching TV, she started shaking my cock and fisted my cock. My sperm came out of my cock and got into her hand. He looked into my eyes and smilingly licked my hand with his mouth.

I just kept staring at her sexiness. My dream was about to come true. That day the sister-in-law was not even taking the name of the night. After waiting for a long time, the night has come. We both quickly finished our food and at about 8 o’clock I went to the room to sleep.

I could not control it. We both started waiting until ten o’clock. When everyone in the house fell asleep, I slowly put my hand on her nipples and started rubbing her nipples. She too was looking into my eyes with intoxicated eyes and was biting her lips.

At that time I was getting ultimate happiness. As soon as I started pressing the knob of her nipple. My sister said while sighing – what are you doing… You know that I am your sister. Does anyone do this to his sister?

I got scared again. I did not understand why my sister started saying this. I removed my hand from her boobs and said – What was it that you did in the morning? She laughed and said – I wanted to fistfight at that time, but now I don’t.

I again took my hand on her nipple and said – I have a mind now. But she removed my hand and said – go away you rascals… otherwise I will tell my mother. I angrily got up from his bed and went to sleep. I was getting very angry as to how my sister-in-law was doing.

After some time I fell asleep. It was almost midnight. Only then I felt something that my cock was getting a bit wet. When I paid attention, I found that someone is sucking my cock by keeping it in his mouth. Now my eyes are opened.

Then I saw that my sister was in my blanket and she was sucking my cock. When I put my hand on his head, he took out his face from the blanket and said laughing – how are you feeling now brother? I said – having fun. She said – let’s have fun.

I said – you will do KLPD with me again. She laughed and said – KLPD agree on what? I said – KLPD means cheating on standing cock. She pressed her eyes and said – that will not happen now. I said – what will not happen?

She laughed and said – the same KLPD. I said – are you really ready to give full fun? She said- Yes. I thought of asking him what had happened at that time. Then I thought that my sister-in-law’s mood may not change again, so first let’s enjoy Xxx Sis fuck, then I will answer the questions.

Now both of us became completely naked and what happened after that was the first experience of my life. I put her on the bed and opened her legs and started licking her clean pussy. Her pussy was very clean.

She was enjoying licking her pussy by placing her hand on my head, while turning her hand on my head she said – just cleaned it ten minutes ago, is it not fun! I started looking lovingly into her eyes. She said – At that time my pussy was not clean, that’s why KLPD was done.

I laughed and spread the pink slits of her pussy and put my tongue in her pussy. While sighing, she started pressing my head on her pussy and she grabbed my neck with her legs. In that position, my whole mouth was engaged in licking my sister’s pussy.

I suddenly remembered the grain of her pussy and I started pulling her by holding the grain of her pussy with my lips. She fluttered and started abusing- Ah bastards… Brother’s cocks… Motherfucker don’t pull the grain of your sister’s pussy!

I didn’t say anything and just kept having fun with my sister’s pussy. She fell but I did not remove my face. Licked all the juice that came out of her pussy. She became lustful again. I was just licking her pussy for about twenty minutes.

Now my real sister said – Oh brother, will he just keep licking pussy or will he do something else? I said – I will do everything in my life. Let us enjoy the full pleasure of licking pussy first. She said – You swept my pussy and licked the juice too. Now go ahead, you bastard. Or let me enjoy licking too.

When I heard this, I quickly left her pussy and separated. I said – it’s okay, now it’s your turn. She got up and took my cock in her mouth and started licking it like she is licking ice cream. I was about to melt in no time.

I said – now stop you whore. We do both together. She agreed. For some time both of us enjoyed licking cocks and pussy in 69. Now I was becoming very sensual. I moved away from him and climbed straight up. I started putting my cock in his hole.

As soon as I put cock inside her pussy for the first time, she was about to scream. I kissed her and silenced her voice. She got up in a hurry but I kept on. After some time slowly my cock entered my sister’s pussy and our sex started.

I kept on feeding him for a long time. Now I was tired and she was also tired of falling again. After some time I was about to melt, then I took out my cock from his hole. She looked at me and said abusing – Bhainchod, why did you take out your cock? I said – a prostitute… Will you become the mother of my child?

She laughed. I asked him – speak quickly, where will you take the juice? She said – Come on put cock in my mouth, and I will suck it. I said – she has become very proficient in the art of sucking cocks … Do you suck your boyfriend’s cock?

She laughed and said – You suck mangoes, don’t count the kernels. I also said ok and gave my cock in my sister’s mouth. She sucked my cock with great pleasure and started taking my semen in her mouth. I also put the token of my love in his mouth.

She drank all the juice and by licking my cock my sister cleaned it. After sex, we both slept naked. Now both of us had started fucking each other almost every day. She also used to enjoy me a lot from my cock.

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