Big Brother Fucked his Younger Brother’s Wife

Big Brother Fucked his Younger Brother’s Wife

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Big Brother Fucked his Younger Brother’s Wife“. I am sure you all will love it.

Hi friends, my name is Ravi and I am from Bhopal. The beginning of this story begins with the marriage of my uncle’s son Abhishek. I could not attend Abhishek’s wedding. So went to the reception party. On the other side, everyone was coming on the stage. I also started going on stage to congratulate the marriage.

As soon as I reached the stage, I was shocked. I saw that the girl who became the bride is an amazing show of 23-24 years. Her complexion is like milk, as if marble, eyes like deer, long hair till the waist, pink lipstick on her lips, thin waist, red lehenga chunni on her, blouse with a deep cut, she is laden with gold ornaments from head to toe.

As if an Apsara was standing in front of him. At that time her figure must have been 32-26-34. Her name was Ridhima. As was his name, so was his face. I felt as if someone like an apsara was standing in front of me. Meanwhile, my younger brother Abhishek called me and I met both of them and congratulated them on their marriage.

Then Ridhima spoke to me saying Namaste for the first time. At that time I had settled Ridhima in my heart. I thought that I wish Ridhima had married me. Cursing my fate, I came down from the stage. But during the whole party, my focus was only on Ridhima. On his style, on the way he talks.

At that time, Ridhima’s eyes met mine 4-5 times, but I averted my eyes. I also felt that Ridhima has seen me while looking at him. Well, the party was over, then Ridhima came down from the stage. I was also following them and was sighing seeing Ridhima walking.

I was thinking about her beauty, but what’s the use? After all, Ridhima was married to uncle’s son Abhishek. After going home that night, I could not even sleep properly. Kept thinking about Ridhima all night. Well, time passed slowly.

Being Ridhima’s elder brother, she never used to talk to him directly, but whenever she would pick up the phone, ‘Hello brother, I will give him the phone..’ would be heard.

I used to love listening to his voice. If she ever came in front of me, she would have been in the veil, due to which my attraction towards her was increasing. Just feel that there is some moon in the veil. Seeing the waist of Ridhima, who was always in a saree, my heart used to feel relieved. Her fair waist used to rip my heart.

When she used to come from the front, again and again, the sound of her anklet used to draw my attention. Time passed like this, it’s been 6 months since their marriage. That’s why everyone had to go from Bhopal for 10 days for a relative’s wedding in the village. Only I stayed at home and Abhishek and Ridhima stayed at their house.

Everyone left except the three of us. One day after that, Abhishek also had to suddenly go to Delhi for 5 days for business work. Abhishek called me and told me the whole thing. He told me that for 5 days, take a round of the house in the morning and evening.

There was no place for happiness in my mind after hearing this, but still, I refused to say that Ridhima is my daughter-in-law and that will I come and talk. But when Abhishek spoke, again and again, I agreed and asked him to go worry-free.

At 5:30 in the evening, took the car and also went to drop Abhishek off on the train. But was this Ridhima also ready to go to the station? I thought both were going to Delhi. But on the way, Abhishek told that leaving him at the station, Ridhima has some work in the market. I am relieved.

We went to the station, there were still 20 minutes left for the train to arrive, so left Abhishek and Ridhima alone to talk and stood away from them. Seeing Ridhima, I started taking pleasure from a distance. At that time I looked at Ridhima carefully, she was looking like an angel.

Ridhima was wearing a green saree that day along with a backless blouse, which was adding beauty to her beauty. I had never seen him like this before. Her hair was open which was coming again and again on her face. The redness of her lips and the mascara in her eyes was mesmerizing me.

There was a lot of change in her body since marriage till now. Yes, now there was a lot of change in her figure, now her figure had changed from 36-28-36. I was thinking all this that the arrival of the train was announced. As soon as the train arrived, Abhishek climbed on it and after some time the train left.

After this Ridhima and I came towards the car. In this way, there was no conversation of any kind between us at that time. Ridhima had just covered her face. I reached the car with Ridhima. I opened the back door, but Ridhima opened the front door and sat down. I also opened the car and sat down. Then Ridhima asked to turn on the AC.

She said – can’t I sit in front? I said why? Are you sitting in front? He said – No, you had opened the back door, that’s why I asked. Hearing this, I felt very happy, I also asked Ridhima to sit free and asked not to take the veil. I oppose this practice, I also discussed this with him. On this, Ridhima raised her veil and thanked me.

As soon as the veil was removed, the moon was in front of my eyes and I kept staring at her face with the moon. After a few moments, Ridhima diverted my attention and said – will not go… where are you lost? I said – just watching you. Ridhima went shy.

I said – where to go. Ridhima said – have to go to the ladieswear shop. Thinking this opportunity is right, I turned the car towards my friend’s shop. As soon as we reached the shop, I said to him – Lo … you mean the shop has come.

Meanwhile, Ridhima and I were talking a little too much. As soon as we entered the shop, my friend came to see me. He said – You have met after many years, that too with sister-in-law… When did you get married, didn’t even call. I would say something on this, till then Ridhima only said – No brother, the marriage took place in the village.

I was shocked to hear his words and started thinking that I wish this was true. While talking like this, we sat in the shop. Friend asked Ridhima – What should I show sister-in-law? To this, Ridhima replied – Bra panty.

A friend brought a set of bras and started showing them to Ridhima. Ridhima liked two bras and lowers. He asked me are you good? I also laughed and replied – everyone looks good on you. The bra set was pink and red in color. We both came out of the shop with the goods and sat in the car.

As soon as he sat in the car, Ridhima said you will call me by the name Ridhima in private. I said – don’t you mind? Ridhima asked – for what? Seeing the opportunity, I also said that my friend talked to you considering you as my wife, didn’t you feel bad because of this?

On this, a killer smile Ridhima gave me the green signal. Within no time, Ridhima and I opened up a lot. Now I asked – where else to go? On this, he said – let’s go to a park. We both walked towards a park. As soon as we reached the park, another friend was found there. He was also with his wife.

After hanging out with the friend for a long time, the friend started insisting that both of us should go and eat dinner with him at his house. Even after my refusal, they did not agree. Eventually, we had to bow down to his insistence. Then we left for a friend’s house. Went home with him and spent time with him for a long time. Then we had dinner together.

During dinner, a friend asked me about marriage. On this, Ridhima told many funny stories about fake marriages. I was laughing listening to this. Looked good too. I was thinking that I wish it was true. After having food, Ridhima and I left from there. This time I asked Ridhima in the car – where else to go madam?

Ridhima said on this – on a long drive. This time the car turned towards the highway. While walking on the highway, we had gone ahead for about 10 km. After that, we were still talking in a normal way. Suddenly I asked Ridhima – How are you feeling this evening?

But Ridhima did not respond to this. She was blushing. I was looking at Ridhima again and again. Ridhima also had an eye on this. While talking, I put my hands on Ridhima’s hands. Ridhima became completely calm on this. I also parked the car by the side of the road. As soon as the car stopped, Ridhima got out of the car and stood outside.

I too stopped for 5 minutes thinking that I had made a mistake. I started cursing myself. After some time I got down from the car and started thinking of saying sorry to Ridhima. But what is this, as soon as I reached Ridhima, she started kissing me and holding me. Forgetting everything, I also started answering Ridhima’s kiss on the highway itself.

After some time I was kissing Ridhima badly. I had forgotten everything. While kissing, I also bit Ridhima’s lips. Ridhima was also feeling pain, but she was also enjoying it, maybe that’s why she was supporting me. Both of our tongues were wrapped around each other. As if they are never going to separate.

After about 10 minutes, Ridhima pushed me away and opened the car door, and sat down. I also came in the car after staying outside for some time. After starting the car, he went straight to drop Ridhima at home. We didn’t talk on the way.

Then the car stopped at Ridhima’s house, and Ridhima got down and left. I also turned the car and went to my house. When I saw the time, it was already 11 o’clock. I reached home at 11:20 pm, freshened up, and lay on the bed thinking about the time spent with Ridhima.

Especially about that whole kiss, in which both of us got absorbed in each other. During the kiss, my hand was only holding her face and I did not touch her anywhere. But that kiss attacked me from inside.

I didn’t realize when time passed while thinking like this and thinking that now Ridhima will never even talk to me. While thinking this, I did not realize when my eyes fell and I fell asleep in a deep sleep. The next morning right at 7 o’clock my phone rang. I also woke up suddenly and picked up the phone without looking.

The voice came from there – Good morning… It was Ridhima’s voice. Hearing this, I could not speak anything. On this, Ridhima wished again – Good morning. On this, I also said good morning in reply. Ridhima said – Your tea is ready, sir, if you have woken up, then come.

I was also happy with his kind words and I told him to come soon – ok, I will come now. I quickly got fresh and got ready and left for the destination. On the way, I took a bouquet of flowers and thought that today is the right day. I will propose Ridhima today.

Thinking this, I reached his house. Ridhima opened the door when I rang the doorbell. When I saw it, Ridhima was looking different. She was wearing a two-piece gown of blue color and did not even cover her head. Her hair was also open, which was coming to her waist.

She was smiling standing in front of him. Ridhima said – Now will keep watching or will come inside also. I came inside and sat on the sofa. Ridhima also started going towards the kitchen. I was just watching his serpentine gait. After some time, Ridhima brought two cups of tea in a tray. Both she and I were sitting face to face on the sofa. We started talking while drinking tea.

I said – so early in the morning called for tea. Ridhima said this – Why don’t we have the right to call you? She was talking to me while taking her clothes. I thought the time is right, let me propose. I took out a bouquet of flowers, which I had brought in a bag. I gave it to Ridhima and said – I like you, Ridhima!

He took the bouquet of flowers laughing and said – Me too. … But all lies, if you liked only this much, then why didn’t you propose till date. I said nothing. She said – My stupid Balam… You took whole 6 months to say this thing.

I had read your eyes from the day of the wedding party when you were walking back and forth in front of me again and again. That’s why I was also looking at you again and again, later whenever you used to come, I would deliberately come in front of you again and again… and yes, I used to pick up your phone too.

I used to think that you would at least understand the hint, but you idiot Ballam, never understood my point of view. Hearing this, I was beyond happy. When I got up and moved towards Ridhima, Ridhima too got up and ran under the cover of the sofa. 

She said- no… not now. I stopped and took my seat. Ridhima also sat at her place. She told me to meet my bride only on the bed of the honeymoon… I will also show the face of the bride.

I said – sure… but how? Ridhima said- Book a room for 3 days in a resort somewhere outside Bhopal. Me- ok… but I also have a condition. I want you dressed in the same bridal outfit as when I saw you for the first time. Adorned on the stage in a beautiful lehenga chunni.

She said – ok… I will meet like that. I said – but how will you come… that too for 3 days? She said – you just go on watching. Ridhima calls Abhishek and turns on the speaker. Abhishek – Yes dear. 

Ridhima- Hello… the engagement of my friend Rachita’s brother has been confirmed and she is also asking me to go with her for 3 days near Indore. If you are also not here, I was thinking that I would have gone, I would have been able to roam around.

Abhishek- Ok… I tell Ravi that you are leaving.

Ridhima- Ok thank you and love you.

Abhishek – When to leave?

Ridhima – Today at 4 pm.

Abhishek- Ok bye… I will be a bit busy, so will not be able to call.

Ridhima- Ok ok… No problem, I will also stay at the party for a while, then the phone will not be able to… Bye.

Ridhima winked at me and disconnected the call. Then Ridhima called her friend Rachita and talked to her as well. I found Ridhima to be a very cool girl. I was stunned to see his courage. Now what happened to him next, I will write to you in the next part.

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