Hot Young boy and his Elder Sister Sex Story

Hot Young boy and his Elder Sister Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Hot Young boy and his Elder Sister Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Read an elder sister sex story that I used to like myself, and wanted to enjoy fucking her. How I broke the seal of her pussy by warming her.

Guys, My name is Faizal. I am 19 years old and my height is 5 feet 6 inches. Now let me tell you about my family. There are 4 people in my house. Ammi Abbu and myself and me. My sister’s name is Shehnaaz and she is 20 years old. My father is away for work and my mother is a government teacher.

This elder sister sex story happened when Ammi had gone to a relative’s house for a wedding one day. He was to stay there for a week. Me and Shehnaaz were at home because we didn’t feel like going to the wedding. This thing happened 3 months back today.

That was the day of 15 June 2021. I already wanted to fuck my temper. Ammi had gone that day, she didn’t want to come back, so you cooked dinner. We both had food and started going to our room to sleep. That’s why shehnaaz said – let’s sleep in my room. Mine has gone off the rails.

We both started sleeping. I was not able to sleep and had fallen asleep. I shook Shehnaaz gently and saw that she was sleeping in a deep sleep. Then I put my one hand on your boobs. After some time, he started pressing the boobs lightly. I was having a lot of fun.

Then placing one of his fingers on Shehnaaz’s lips, put the finger in his mouth. She was sleeping in a deep sleep, she did not react to anything. Then I took one hand over Shehnaaz’s lehenga and started caressing Shehnaaz’s pussy from the top of the clothes. By doing this, my long cucumber thick cock got erect.

That’s why Shehnaaz changed the direction and I removed both my hands. I thought Shehnaaz had woken up, but Shehnaaz was in a deep sleep. Now Shehnaaz had turned her ass towards me and she fell asleep. I started pressing my standing cock in your ass. I kept doing this for a long time.

When I felt that my cock was about to release, I immediately went to the bathroom and cooled down by fisting. Nothing much happened that night. I woke up at 8 in the morning, freshened up, and had breakfast. Then I told myself – I am going out. I will come in two hours.

Then after 2 hours I came home and had lunch with Shehnaaz. While having lunch, you asked me – do you have a girlfriend? I was completely shocked by his question what are you asking. I said no. You didn’t say anything. Then I also asked you – do you have a boyfriend? So you didn’t even say.

Then Shehnaaz said – let’s watch a movie in the room. I said – ok. I put on a Hindi movie. After a while, Shehnaaz said – put on a Hollywood movie, in which there is romance. So I put on a Hollywood movie. There was sex in that movie too. That day Shehnaaz was wearing a black shirt and a white skirt.

After some time the sex scene came in the movie. Shehnaaz started watching and she slowly suppressed one of her milk. I looked at her. So she said- Asif stops the movie, I am feeling sleepy. I said – ok. After closing the movie, both of us talked for some time. While talking, I said to you – Shehnaaz, let me tell you one thing, you will not be angry, will you?

Shehnaaz said – Tell me what is the matter? I mustered up a lot of courage and said to you, you are very beautiful, I love you very much, I love you! Shehnaaz said – are you mad, I am your sister. Do you think like this about your sister? I said – Shehnaaz please you become my girlfriend please. I will make you very happy.

On this Shehnaaz left from there. Then that night I slept in my room. Woke up early in the morning and went outside to smoke. Then when he came home at one o’clock in the afternoon, Shehnaaz asked – where had he gone? I didn’t say anything and went to my room.

Shehnaaz also came to my room and said – Asif you are my brother, how can I become your girlfriend. What would outsiders think? So I said – how would you know from outside, I will not speak to anyone… will you tell anyone? So you said – am I mad, what will I say?

I said – then become it! Shehnaaz said- No Asif, you are my brother, don’t tell me all this. Then I got angry and sat facing the other side. After some time Shehnaaz said – Asif looks at me. When I turned around, Shehnaaz said – Ok, I am ready to be your girlfriend, but no one should ever know that I am your girlfriend.

I said – I swear to you, no one will know. Shehnaaz said- It’s okay, after all, you are my brother. You do everything for me, so all I can do is suck my brother’s cock. When she talked about sucking cocks, I understood that she is also eager to fuck her brother.

Now we both laughed. Just now brother sister fuck was about to start. I said to you – you become my life now. Shehnaaz said- Be patient till the night, my dear brother, now understand that I have become your life, have some patience.

I said – you don’t have patience. Have patience my brother, the fruit of patience is sweet. Me- Ok Shehnaaz, when you are saying so much that the fruit of patience is sweet, then I stay till night. Shehnaaz- By the way Asif, what did you see in me, that you started loving me so much and thought of making me your girlfriend?

Me- Shehnaaz, your crazy figure makes me crazy about you. Seeing your 34-inch boobs and 36-inch ass, I have started loving you. Shehnaaz- don’t say crazy boobs, say tit… Boobs don’t have those feelings, which are there in saying it. Me- ok. Shehnaaz, your boobs are very cool. Now may I also ask you one thing?

Shehnaaz- yes ask. ‘Have you enjoyed the fuck?’ No, I am still a virgin. My pussy is sealed.’ Me- Then should I fuck you with a condom or without a condom? Shehnaaz- Without a condom… because I had read on the net that without a condom it is more fun.

Me- ok my shehnaaz darling. Shehnaaz- Come on, let’s talk later, it’s evening, now I have to cook and then take a bath. Till then you take a clean bath now, understood my dear? I said – Yes you, you also clean up. We both understood that there is talk of clearing the forest that has grown near dick pussy.

Then it was night. We both sat down to eat. At that time, Shehnaaz was wearing a white shirt and a pink short skirt after taking a bath. Shehnaaz used to wear similar clothes at home but today she was looking even hotter. We both went to Shehnaaz’s room together after having dinner.

Then you locked the door of the room. Although there was no one at home, still it was locked. You sat on the bed. Shehnaaz- Come, my love, now let’s start the game of love. Me- Yes my dear. Do not speak for yourself, now I have become yours. You speak, speak darling. Now you are only for the world and only for the name.

I am only yours and no one else’s. I will also marry you only. You are my foodie. Then I came to you. He started kissing her lips and Shehnaaz was also giving full support. After kissing for a long time, I started rubbing one of my nipples.

Then slowly unbuttoned Shehnaaz’s shirt and removed her shirt.  Shehnaaz wore a black bra inside. What a wonderful-looking prostitute. Sister big tits were imprisoned in the bra. You said – Asif dear, free my boobs from this bra and suck them a lot. Ah, today for the first time a boy has seen me like this, and that too my younger brother… Aaah brother suck your sister’s teat… Aaah aaah hahaha.

I started sucking one nipple of my real sister, then sucked the other. She also happily made her brother suck her milk. After sucking both the milk of my sister for about twenty minutes, I started kissing ‘s belly. Then to her navel, then slowly came near the pussy.

I was caressing my sister’s pussy from the top of her lehenga. She said – remove this too. I took off Shehnaaz’s lehenga. She was wearing red colored panty inside. I tore it up in excitement. laughed at this and said – Why did you tear my panty dear?

I said – now only panty is torn, after some time I will tear your pussy too. said on this – Good brother, tear whatever you want. Now I am only yours. Then I saw your pussy, very clean and smooth! I asked you – darling, when did you do this?

Shehnaaz said- When my life went to bathe in the evening, then I thought that I will give everything fresh to my brother. Everything clear. I had asked you to clean the fringes too, didn’t you? I said- Oh I love you darling. I have also cleaned the cocks.

Shehnaaz also said – I love you to my brother. I started moving my finger in her pussy. Shehnaaz said- Now will you lick the pussy too or will you keep heating it like this? I started licking my sister’s pussy. Intoxicated sobs started coming out of Shehnaaz’s mouth.

‘Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Asif bhai lick and lick and sharpen…’ After licking pussy for a few minutes, she lost her temper and became cold. Then Shehnaaz said – Asif, will you not get your cock licked by your Shehnaaz? Who will now become your wife? I removed all my clothes and became naked in front of my sister.

Now both of us brothers and sisters were completely naked. Shehnaaz looked at my cock and said – Wow my brother, what a cool cock you have. I always used to think that I should get a husband with a big cock and that dream came true today.

Then I put my cock in Shehnaaz’s mouth. Shehnaaz licked the cock for a long time. I fell in your mouth and you drank all the juice. We both lay down exhausted. Clinging to my temper, I lay down. After some time both of us started kissing again. We both got hot. Shehnaaz said- Asif darling my love, let’s get into the position of 69.

We both came in the position of 69. The sucking game went on again for a few minutes. Now you said – Asif darling my darling, my husband, now fuck your sister by making her your wife. Put your cock in your sister’s sealed pussy. No going now, quickly inter cock in my pussy.

I made Shehnaaz lie down straight on the bed and Shehnaaz opened both her legs. I put my cock on your hole and started rubbing the betel nut of your cock in your hole. Little sighs started coming out of Shehnaaz’s mouth. Then slowly I started licking cocks. Half of my cock went to your hole.

Shehnaaz’s condition was getting worse, tears welled up in his eyes. But she was very brave. My cucumber-like dick was being taken in her little sealed-pack pussy. Then I gave a strong blow and my whole cock entered in Shehnaaz’s pussy. Blood started coming out of Shehnaaz’s pussy and Shehnaaz shouted very loudly – Hi brother is dead, get out brother, please.

But I did not stop; I hit one more blow. Shehnaaz shouted again. I was scared of what happened. My life has dried up. I stopped. That’s why you said in a moaning – Brother, I got torn… Oh dear, don’t have mercy on your sister. Keep rolling… my pain will subside. You fuck your sister with all your might, ahh cock till inside.

I increased my speed again and the push started. Then slowly Shehnaaz also started enjoying and she started muttering- Ah hahah ummah hahah hahah… fuck brother… fuck and fuck fast… fuck your sister! Fuck me… fuck me hard brother… and fuck fast, tear your sister, tear my pussy and make your mistress a prostitute

After fucking for a long time, you lost your temper but I was still fucking you. While fucking my sister’s pussy, I was saying – take your brother’s cock. I was pushing too hard. My cock was kicking your uterus.

Shehnaaz sensuous hisses were being taken – aah bhai … fast aah aah it is a lot of fun getting fucked by my brother … Ammi swears bhai. I fucked Shehnaaz for more than twenty minutes and said- Ah darling, I am about to fall, speak quickly… Where can I extract the juice from the penis?

Shehnaaz said- Now I am your sister later… I am a wife first. Husbands fall in their wife’s pussy only. You take out all your juice in my pussy. I said – ok my love. Then I dropped all my money in Shehnaaz’s pussy while giving 10-12 pushes. And only then Shehnaaz once again released water from her pussy.

We both lay down hugging each other and started kissing. After some time, Shehnaaz said – Asif my dear, my husband… I really enjoyed getting my pussy fucked by you. Ammi Kasam, Asif you have made me happy. You said you’d make me happy… and you really made me happy.

Asif Darling, until Ammi comes, we will remain naked in the house. I said ok. Then when did you make my cock stand again in just words, I didn’t even know anything. I asked you – do you intend to get fucked again? So Shehnaaz said- Yes and not only today, I will fuck you for my whole life, that too after marrying you, I will become your wife and enjoy being fucked by your cock.

I started fucking you once again and enjoyed sister fuck. That night I fucked Shehnaaz several times, then both of us slept naked after getting tired. Friends, how did you like the elder sister’s sex story? Send your feedback by email. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

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