A young man fucked me passionately and fulfilled my desires!

A young man fucked me passionately and fulfilled my desires!

Hello, my name is Ayushi Khanna. I am married. Today I will tell you about an incident after one year of marriage. In this sex story, I will tell you about how a young man fucked me passionately when I was alone at home. I lived with my husband. Only two of us lived in the house. Well, I am very sexy but was happy with my husband. He is also good at sex.
One day after reading a letter, he said, Ayushi, a cousin of mine who lives in a small village nearby, his s.s.c. The center of the exam has come to this city. So he is coming to this city to study and give exams. Don’t mind if you stay here for a few days? I said, what will I object to.. your brother is there. Ankit was his name. Will be around 18 years old. He had a height of 5-8 and a strong stature. Not fat but had a tight body. There was also a slight backlash.

We all used to have breakfast together in the morning, husband and Ankit. After going to her office, she used to be alone in the house earlier. Now the Ankit was also there. He used to study diligently throughout the day. I didn’t disturb him too much. Let her read. But we used to have lunch and afternoon tea together. When I woke up in the afternoon, she would go to her room and ask how are her studies going. She says she is getting better… and I would ask; Will you have tea? He would say, yes… and then I would go to make tea. We both used to talk while drinking tea.

But that day when I got over early in the afternoon slept. When I went to his room, the door was locked and some sound was coming from the room. I stopped and started listening. The sound of a..a.. was coming. I didn’t understand what was happening. I was about to knock on the door when I thought, let me see through the window. A window of that room used to fall in the hall. It was also closed, but it was not fully engaged. I pushed a little and opened it a little. When I saw the view of the room, I just kept looking. The Ankit stood completely naked, taking off all his clothes. His cock was full taut.

He was holding the cock in his hand and was playing with it loudly. I forgot to blink my eyes, and my heart rate increased. In front of me, an 18-year-old young man was masturbating with a taut cock in his hand. I had heard about male masturbation, but today I was seeing it with my own eyes. Oh, what a scene!!! A young man who had come in his youth, with a gymnastic body, stood naked in front of me. His open chest was enough to make a girl upset. Here even his thighs were in front of his eyes. , Wow!! And in the middle of it, his cock was raised loudly !!!!! Oh !!! My heartbeat quickened.

My sanskars were saying, I should get out of there immediately. But the mind did not agree. I stopped and kept looking at the beautiful sight. The window was only slightly open, so he didn’t notice. He was engrossed in his work and was engaged. His face was also made to be seen. The yearning for sex was clearly spilling. His cock was getting thicker and harder. After a while, the water got released from his cock and he became loose. When I left there, I thought, my panties were also wet. I went and changed it. That sight did not even leave my mind. Even when I went to sleep with Patideva at night, this was still hovering in my mind. That night I got very hot and turned on my husband. Kissed him a lot. He also said, what happened to you today? Have you seen any blue films? what shall I say??? What’s a bigger blue movie than this??? I said, no, you are going to go on a 10-day tour from tomorrow, isn’t it, so… he laughed… the next day he left in the morning.

My soul was now stuck in the Ankit. My body was yearning to kiss him. I started dreaming of a young man fucked me in a closed room. But how can I tell him? There was danger in that. He was a smart man. Will reject me and my reputation will be in danger. So I thought, something has to be done so that he only yearns to fuck me. I thought it appropriate to act patiently. When I came out after taking a bath, I had a plan in my mind. I started changing my clothes. Removed my old wedding time blouse with a low cut. By that time, now my bobs were grown. (Who used to go to the issue by Patideva every day!) By the way, I put on that blouse by pressing the bobs. If the cut was low then the line was visible and by pressing the bobs, they were also visible outside.

The sari was also worn in such a way that it should remain open, it should not be hidden behind the aanchal. I saw myself in the mirror and was satisfied. Prepared breakfast. Everything was planned on the dining table. Called the Ankit for breakfast. He came and sat but did not notice. He was busy with the thoughts of his studies. I had given all the items only a little. He ate that much and asked for it. Now I smiled in my heart and stood up on my plan. went near him to serve it. I was on his right side and all the items were on his left side. So I stood there and leaned forward and started lifting the items. Naturally, my bobs came very close to his mouth. Now his eyes fell on them, and he kept looking. Raised blond bobs….and the line visible from the low cut…. His eyes remained fixed. I was behaving like I didn’t even know. I took a deep breath and let it out lightly.

When the chest came full, the movement of bobs also happened. He did not even notice that I have served his plate. I told him, dear, have breakfast, right? He was startled and started eating with his eyes removed. But my eyes were fixed on him. He was looking at my breast again and again. I was successful in my plan. I sowed the seed in his mind. From the second day onwards, I started going a step further in my clothes every day. From the second day onwards, I wore a similar low-cut yet sleeveless blouse. Now he could even see my fair arms. On the third day, I put on a very transparent blouse, from which my black bra was clearly visible. Now he used to secretly look at my breast every day.

From the fourth day onwards I stopped wearing a bra. The blouse was transparent and low cut. On that night, I shaped the blouse from the side as well and made it so that apart from the line, the side of the bobs was also visible. Wore it on the fifth day. Now when I used to serve her, she would bend so much to pick up the other items that her hot mother-in-law would touch my breast. Sometimes her face would touch my bobs, she used to bow down so much. Now there was pity in his eyes. I knew that I was succeeding. On the sixth day, I also put on the sari at the very bottom. I also got well prepared. As usual, he kept looking at both my raised bobs.

I kept on taking him up and down with a long mother-in-law. I had loosened the hook of the blouse, which broke after taking a breath. My suppressed breasts jumped up and came to the fore. I pretended to be shy and went back to my room with the hook fitted properly. His condition had become like watching. In the afternoon of the same day, I slept in the hall itself. I had brought a book which was on the illegitimate relationship of brother-in-law. Where there were open details of the sex relationship of both of them, till then the page was opened and kept in vomit. As I have fallen asleep while studying there. I lay down pretending to be gold. The sari was kept till the knees.

It was time for daily tea, but I did not wake up consciously. After waiting for a while, Ankit came out to tell him for tea. He came and saw that I was sleeping. He came closer and picked up the book. As he started reading, he started getting excited. In that book, there was only open detail of sex between brother-in-law. His lust flared up. In that, I pretended to change direction. Changing, I also raised my left leg above the knees. The sari which was till the knees now fell till the waist. My fair thigh was now fully visible. I slightly opened my eyes. Then he saw that his cock was completely erect. She was wearing tights. He was holding a book in one hand. Now he put the other hand in his tights from below and held the standing cock firmly. Reading for a while and looking at my thighs and bobs. Then I saw that he took out his other hand and extended it towards me. I was happy and closed my eyes and waited. But nothing happened.

When he opened his eyes then he was not there. He didn’t have the courage. He had gone to the room. Took the book. I got up and went to his room. He was masturbating again by closing the door. Today he was cocked like a horse. I was feeling very sorry. Which should have been in my pussy, that cock was in his hands. But I also did not want to open. She kept looking at him compulsively. After a while, the fountain blew from his cock and he calmed down. That night I made a plan for the seventh day. I had already awakened the lust in his heart. Now all I had to do was dare.

On the morning of the seventh day, I pulled out the fuse in my room. And by saying that the geyser is bad, he made a plan to take a bath in his bathroom. I went inside with my clothes. When she came out after a while, only a towel was wrapped around her body. Starting from my nipple above, the body was covered with a towel till the pussy. The part of the breast above the nipple and the legs below the pussy were all open. The hair on my head was wet and water was pouring down my white body. I must be looking very sexy. It was very hot, so he was standing under the fan wearing only tights. When he saw me, he just kept looking. He saw me so naked today. I just stood there. He too was looking at me leaving all shame.

When I saw that book lying on his bed, I asked; How was this story? He said it is very interesting… But this happens only in stories, right… I said, stories also meet with society, don’t you… and Mahesh had dared to found Hansa… (Mahesh and Hansa in that book the names of brother-in-law’s sister-in-law) Were). After all, only the man has to start. Hansa also had the same desire, but when Mahesh started, he did not support… he understood the point… and came closer. I understand, now my work is done. Coming closer, he raised both his hands and, spreading my spread wet hair, put his hands on both ears. and raised my face. I too was looking at him with lustful eyes. He bent over and placed his lips on my lips. I got thrilled.

I let him suck my lips. No one protested. His courage grew and pulled me closer. I also slid closer to him, but before moving, I opened the towel cleanly with one hand. The towel fell as soon as it was opened. Now I was completely naked and he was wearing only tights. I got closer and stuck to him. He kissed a little faster, but it was new, so it did not come up to par. So now I also started work. He responded with his lips and tongue. He was fast to learn. Got it immediately and both got lost in a long good kiss. Lip to lip and tongue to tongue met. We kept drinking juice. I put my arms around his neck. His arms were resting on my back. I told him, don’t move both the hands just like this, press me towards you with them… he increased the emphasis. Now my breasts and nipples were stuck to his chest.

He also enjoyed it and increased the emphasis. I started drowning. He also started enjoying it. I said, my Ankit, I.. he increased his emphasis…. Aa… my breasts were pressed to his chest as if they had been devastated. The nipple was also pinching now. But it was great fun…..ahaha…. Anyway, I like this a lot. Only a woman can understand the intoxication of being crushed in the arms of a man. He kept on licking me and kept licking my lips. After loosening the grip a little, he started coming down leaving the lips. On my pussy, started kissing. Now he didn’t need to learn anything. The man in him had woken up and he knew his work. He got down and started kissing my places. He used to caress her, press, rubbed, played, sucked, pressed the nipples, and finally took one nipple in the mouth and started sucking hard and started rubbing the other breast badly…..ouch…..me The pain started and I also gave my hiss of pain.

But he was about to hear something said now. Even if I stop, do not stop. With great ruthlessness, he muscled both my bobs……. There was a fire in my limbs. The body got hot and started loving her. Now he started kissing and coming down, but the hands were kept on the bobs only. While kissing my waist, and touching my thighs, he reached near my pussy. Going there got a little confused and stopped. This was a new thing for him. I lovingly put my hand on her head, spread my legs and held her head, and put her lips on my pussy. He started kissing… For a while, I gestured and we both went to bed. Now I could spread my legs completely. He went to the pussy again. I told him, to work with the tongue, not with the lips… that much gesture was enough. It started.

Started licking my pussy. I spread my pussy lips a little with my hand and put his tongue inside. He learned and removed my hands and took over the reins again. Now he was being licked cleanly inside the pussy. I was already hot, but now it is completely over. My body was now yearning for him. I wanted his cock, inside the pussy. … a current was rising in the body. I took a stiff thumb and removed his mouth from there. Told him now it’s my turn. And I, who was lying till now, got up and took off her tights. And wow…..His full-stature cock jumped out like spring……

I started kissing him, then kissed him from all four sides. Then reached her head. Then took his cock between both palms and rubbed it, like we rotate while making lassi. This makes the cock ready very quickly…… and I too was in a hurry to kiss now. (Otherwise, I would have been sucking his cock comfortably) His cock got bigger. I removed the top skin and took her pink head in my mouth. Sucked for a while and saw that there is no need for it, then pushed it down towards the pussy. I lay back.

Pulled him over me. I widened my legs and put his cock on my pussy. He gave a push and the cock went inside. Come!!!! That’s why it was the whole game….. He started fucking. The cock was huge and hot. I was feeling something different inside… the pain was also happening and the fun was also happening. His speed increased. I started shouting, Ankit Chod me badly today, tore this scoundrel pussy… Chod Ankit Chod…
He was surprised to hear such words from my mouth, but then he smiled and said, don’t worry, I will not leave today. Keep on fucking, and keep on fucking. Fucked hard. Both had great fun and lay down after the fuck.

After that, we had three more days. And now it was not a matter of patting. We spent all the time together. I don’t know how many times he fucked me. So this was my Desi Sex Story. For more sex stories, visit wildfantasystory.com and enjoy.

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